Thursday, December 31, 2009

Goodbye 2009

I was thinking about the pros and cons of 2009 today, on the end of the year of course. I guess what I am thinking about mostly are the cons.
Right now, I realize that I haven't done much work since the semester ended or started rewriting thesis draft number 3. It's due in mid January anyways, but still... it would have been beneficial to start writing or at least making some work to gather ideas about what the writing IS about. But the problem is that I am spending much time at Tien''s house and it's all fun and games here. I've been mostly watching TV, movies (we saw "Avatar" in 3D today), playing Wii Fit, eating to my heart's content (how much pumpkin pie have I eaten so far?), Internet surfing (my laptop has since crashed and burned! At home, I am computerless until school starts), and reading a lot of romance novels! (Hell, I have a new favorite author, Julianne MacLean, having just read just two of her books in 4 1/2 hours each!) I guess it is okay to be a little lazy, I am on break after all!
Yesterday, Tien said I should be a teacher. I was startled by that admission. Of course, I didn't outright say that that is not what I'm interested in doing at the moment. I kept imagining my life as an instructor, settled in Dayton, Ohio and having and teaching kids, but I saw no happiness. In fact, I saw dullness and tedious boredom. My spirit is hungry for adventure. I imagine after receiving my BFA in May that I am going to go places! I wanna travel! Write books and screenplays! Heck! Is it slightly narcissistic to wanna grace the covers of Essence, Art News, and Time Magazines? I'm sure it is! But that's what I want. I crave it everyday!
So my resolutions are to......
1. Find my creativity. Even at Tien's house, lol. Such a bad thing to say that I can't seem to make work. Then again, I like making big pieces (18x24 and up)and I'm going to have to find a suitable space. Maybe I can rent a studio for a while in Dayton. Who knows? I need to find a place by next summer. That's for sure!
2. Make art that I am passionate about. I have been given lots and lots and lots of feedback from my romance novel appropriations. Teachers and fellow students have given me advice like making celebrities as the characters, give the characters a particular European period like Rococo, Baroque, or Neoclassicism, make facial portraits of the characters instead of full figurative work, make the characters even more abstract and less realistic, and keep drawing and stop painting. Heck! Now people just want me to draw self-portraits and steer away from my original concept altogether. Well, I'm not. I'm continuing doing what I'm passionate about. With all of this time, I'll make the work stronger and better because I care about it. I will probably lose every competition, but I no longer care about that. Screw what everyone else says! This is my final semester and for once, I'm taking charge. :)
3. Research art schools for grad school. I wanted to start applying next year, but I realize that application fees range from $50-$70 each and most of the applications are due in January. That leaves little time for proper research and no one wants to throw their money away on a school that turns out to be a two year mistake.
4. Corn syrup or no corn syrup. By the end of this year, I had fully decided to stop consuming foods containing CS or HFCS ( high fructose corn syrup). I stopped eating ketchup, a lot of specific chocolate bars (as of now I can only eat certain Hershey Bars and Raisinets), ice cream, certain breads, and a lot of other things. But when holidays came around, I made some instances. I've decided that this behavior is a no can do! I am rather passionate about this and can no longer go half-way.
5. Finish stories and send them out there. This is the scariest one of all and I admit, I make it every year. The fear of rejection is horrible, but I realize that I am 26. I've always wanted to write and publish novels before I die. I might as well start. Everyday, I keep having new ideas and the thought of forgetting them is just as terrifying as never publishing them.
That's my story and I'm sticking with it.
But let's not forget about the year's pros!!!!!


What will 2010 bring?

Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Time!!!!

Lol!!! Tien was like, "I got you this, but I know you have all of these songs!" Not "3" though!!!!!

I got the set with the blue soap and yellow rubber duckie inspired Hello Kitty of course!!!! :D
It's so compact this dryer turns into a mini case with handle!!!!!

Something Tan gave me!!!!! So sweet!!!! I <3 Burt's Bees!!!
As well as attending my first Vo family Christmas Dinner yesterday. It was more fun than I had anticipated. They had red lobster on every plate, but Tien's mom made a delicious veggie noodle stir fry, fresh asparagus, and red and golden potatoes. Lol, I had some of those leftovers with my Christmas dinner of macaroni & cheese with soy ground and a side of broccoli-carrot medley.
Today I spent the morning with Tien having eaten a wonderfully prepared breakfast and opening wonderful presents. I gave him some little, humorous gifts and of course, he has to be bigger and better than last year. He always outdoes himself every year in the gift department, but I am just so thankful that we're still together and that things are finally working out in a much healthier, happier way.
I also spent some time with my mom (she got me these beautiful silver duck earrings), Patrick (who made a card and gave me $5, lol), and though Robert wasn't home, I certainly was overwhelmed by the huge red hat of chocolate goodies and candy canes!!!!!
We watched the Cavs-Lakers game and boy was I enthralled at the way Lebron and hos team kicked Kobe's ass!!!!! Yay!!!!!! That was a great Christmas treasure!!!!!
Plus, the pumpkin pie topped with Ben & Jerry's Limited Edition Pumpkin Cheesecake Icecream and Cool Whip wasn't a bad holiday treat either.
Hopefully everyone else's X-Mas was just as sweet. <3333333

Monday, November 30, 2009

New Work!!! Sweeet!!!!!!

Damn! My Life is Only Worth 26 Cents!
Bad things happen to people.
Pennies are supposedly worthless, one cent wonders that no one cares about. Sometimes I see people toss them to the ground or keep walking as a penny sits on the street, waiting for someone to pick it up for their savings bank. I even tell the cashiers to keep that one extra cent because I personally feel like I don't need it.
I constructed this acrylic painting and collected pennies from the date of my birth to last year. Memories in a way are like pennies. We wanna forget that the awful memories are there, but we can't help but remember. They are supposed to be just as worthless, but it's those events that make us feel that way. I have the worse short term memory ever, I forget where my keys are almost everyday!!!!
So for each year, I wrote something good or bad that occurred in Sharpie marker. Like the beginning for October 7th, 1983, "I was born in a USAF Air Force Base Hospital in South Carolina, fatherless......." Yet all of the memories are like wounds to me, never healing scars. Pennies get old and tarnish, but what happens to memories? They fade and disappear as of they never happened. My mom would often tell me things that I forgot and she would say, "how can you forget that? I'm older than you and I remember."
The body is an instrument here, the glue that holds these memories together. But why not the painting of a head? Of a brain? Why a half naked body? Why bloody red? I'm using my own self, my own haunting thoughts, I feel like the body is where most of these memories take place. My boobs have caused me a lot of pain and grief either from menstrual cramping, the men who can't look at my face, or the other weirdo things. The red slashes on the stomach represent my many childhood belt lashings and the ugly stretchmarks that maw me. It's an indication that just because some scars have seemed to go away, they never truly disappear from one's existence.

Love in the Afternoon Series
The first two drawings are one whole piece that have conversation with each other. The first part is a self-portrait of me indulging in chocolates that have a romantic cover. They are called, And Then He Kissed Her Chocolates (insert breathy sigh). I have this thoroughly engaged face, lured in by what is on the TV screen and by the very piece of chocolate about to consumed. The world outside of TV is mundane, monotone, and kind of lifeless (that is if the chocolates weren't there) and inside of the TV is vibrant, lively color. It's like I'm saying, "I wish I was inside of that Life's Good flat screen instead of out here in this seemingly empty b&w room?" There's a sense of hopelessness and the longing to escape from real-life.
The technical errors!!!!! Hands, shirt fabric, and the faces all need work, but I'm almost finished. Hahahahahaha!!!!
Funny, Tien and I watched "The Incredible Mr. Limpet," a half- live action, animation movie. So very cute and sad. A simple man made a wish. He wished to be a fish.

So I was drawing the "Birth of Romance," a large scale oil pastel drawing of a couple standing in a romantic pose on top of a shell with African land animals on both sides of them instead of the angels and the woman holding a robe in the real Botticelli "Birth of Venus" painting. I decided to make a small drawing for Secret Artworks reusing my favorite Botticelli painting as well, to take take a break from the large work. This colored pencil drawing entitled, "Birth of the Negress" is 5x7 inches and quite simple, a fully hipped, Afrocentric woman standing on the shell, but not looking modestly humble. There is an elegant allure about her, an assurance and powerful authority that her beauty is not just on the outside, but is inward. She is intelligent, wise, and even a little sad.
Okay, I definitely need to make something a little more uplifting in the studio, lol!!!!! :D

Saturday, November 28, 2009

After I finish eating everything, it really is back to work!!!!! These last few weeks have been quite busy and stressful, but thanks to that wonderful holiday called Thanksgiving, I was able to pig out for a few days and forget about all the bad things going wrong with school and the studio.
So tomorrow a few new colored pencil romance sketches will be revealed. Whoo hoo!!!!!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Happy 27th birthday Robert!!!
Best older brother ever.

School was a bust. I missed my internship, forgot my keys in the apartment, and forwent breakfast all for the sake of the thesis paper. Then I was extra late to class because the printer was jammed. Had I known we were going to be exchanging papers with students, I would not have worked so hard.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Thesis Savvy today.
It's already November!!! And I'm writing a first draft!!!! It contains issues on race, finding my identity amongst my passion for pop culture, and my love for romance genre, especially in historical fiction novels and Days of Our Lives.
Yes, writing is is fun. (sarcasm).
And tomorrow Robert and I are no longer "twins." :(

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!!!!
Tien and I are on a scary movie binge tonight. A lot of films were missing from the video rental shelf. The ones I really wanted to watch were classics like Freddy Krueger, Casper, Addams Family and such. We're watching "Friday the 13th," the first "Halloween," "Twitches" ( a cute Tia and Tamara Mowry film), and "Goosebumps." It's a mixture of the terrifying, frightening, and humorous fun.
No candy or costume. I guess that's next year for me. I'm definitely going to be a duck.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I've decided on making a "Days of Our Lives Bites" cereal commercial for the Bonnie Hunt contest. My friend Alex is going to help me with editing. Lord knows I'm so bad at that.
So the premise is simple- very cheesy and bright.
First it opens in a seemingly empty art studio with the cheesy music of "Days of Our Lives."
Cheerios is pushed aside, slamming to the ground as the box of "Days of Our Lives Bites" is brought into focus.
"Oh, the studio is my home away from home! Yeah! I eat my breakfast here as well as make art," exclaims the lonely artist, hungry for breakfast.
The camera pans towards the decorated desk that contains an odd bowl of cereal that contains marshmallow hourglasses, a plate of toast, and a glass of orange juice.
The woman looks at the box, exclaiming her excitement over the new cereal, "Days of Our Lives Bites," a non-nutritional cereal high in sugar and calories. The slogan says, "it can be your best friend or your worst enemy that you've ever poured into a bowl." It even comes with a free cardboard, shirtless hunk guaranteed to make anyone's day even more pleasant than the rest of their lives. The box also features fun filled Days facts on the back! Enough to make the biggest Days fan feel empowered in the morning.
She reads out some of the fun facts about Days.
After one bite of cereal, the empty studio transforms into a "Days of Our Lives" shrine. Our woman is suddenly munching on her cereal while proudly showing off her Days watching from her laptop!!!!
"Darn baby switch!" She keeps screaming, obviously amped on a sugar high from her cereal.
She starts going through hallways, bouncing up and down in complete induced joy.
And then she interviews faculty at random, discussing the cereal and asking them how would they feel if she made art about her love for the TV Show.
The woman is back in her studio screaming in delight as she finds the shirtless cardboard hunk. "Another James!" She beams excitedly.
She puts her new "toy" next to to other five cutouts of James.
The announcer says, "Days of Our Lives Bites is almost as good as sands through the hourglass...."

Sunday, October 18, 2009

This is the original novel. It's So in Love by Karen Ranney. There's that insinuation that it is more than a man simply putting on a necklace for a woman. He is shirtless and though she is fully clothed, the decolletage is happily displayed!!!! She is sensuously blissful and expecting the inevitable. He is honing in on her, close and breathing in the intoxication of her scent, her femininity. Yep, they're about to.......
I read this twice by the way, lol!!!! I guess I'm showing some kind of appreciation.

These are almost finished!!!! I'm so proud!!!!!!
I mean, I feel like I have accomplished something with these drawings/paintings that the others didn't. They're not realistic, but they are rendered to my satisfaction. I realize that I can't impress everyone at school, especially the ones who want art to be in a classically, masterful skill.
The first, I have to finish polishing up her braided hairstyle, the fabric of her dress, and I'm still trying to figure out if it needs text. Tien says that it works with out it, but I really like the idea. I'm sticking with it.
The second one, I just started yesterday morning. I was having fun with the thought of priest and nun. These romance novels are always about innocent, white women trying to ignore their desire for a dominant male figure. Of course, they always fail towards the middle of the story. Wouldn't be a true romance novel if they didn't right?
So I thought why not make these African-Americans pure too. Like in a literal sense. The caption is going to say something like...." what is she willing to give up for love?" Hahahaha, cheesy as heck!!!!
I'm anxious to do more. I am actually gesso-ing over the other two paintings to do the same process. The blowing up and tracing the cover is so much easier. It's faster, convenient, and much more fun!!!!

Friday, October 9, 2009

I'm making new celebrity portraits tonight!!!!
Taking a small break from the historical romance appropriation. I think it's confusing me so much, these hurtful comments about rendering. I don't have a classical technique or have such precise attention to detail. In fact, I'm bad at this as I keep saying, but it's what I got out of the special Hank Willis Thomas critique today.
The visiting artist said that the drawings were more successful than the paintings due to their boxiness, harshness, and brutality. That the line work was strong and angular which in turn added to the texture. Then he mentioned that perhaps I should explore other materials, especially color ones on the textured paper as opposed to canvas. The weaknesses were of course the rendering (romance novels are traditionally successfully realistic and very glossy), to clarify what I want the audience to feel (is it humorous, celebratory, or loneliness?), that the background takes away, and that the content needs to be pushed.
Good feedback, I know, but I'll go back to the drawing board.
I'll stick to what I love- which is painting portraits! I'm already set in motion who I would like to paint- Dorothy Dandridge, Ossie Davis, and Michael Jackson. I'm very interested in idealizing them. Yet I don't know if I want to use their imagery by appropriating famous paintings or doing Warhol inspired blowups with incorporated text.
Hmmm...... we'll see what happens.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Debbie Downer

Crit was so damn horrible today.
And I had two of them. One for my Figuration class and one for Advanced Tutorial.
My school definitely loves to stress the academic part of its name. I am not the best rendering artist in the world and my drawing isn't classically correct. It's stylized and expressionistic which I don't like to keep stressing over and over again.
I hate critiques anyways. I don't like to talk about art at all. I'm sorry. I just don't. Heck, from my badly written "art" papers, I can't even comprehend the language of articulating what my work is about. Geeeeesssss!!!!!! I feel so much doubt right now, so in the dumps.
I think I may have to take up painting celebrity portraits again!
I am almost wanting to quit. I hate having to suffer through harshness. Sure, I do get some positive feedback, but it just isn't enough. I feel like my heart is not into this semester at all. I'm not going to be surprised by what grades I'll be receiving at midterms.
I better step up my game or face some bad, bad consequences.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Hello 26!!!!!

It was the best birthday yet!!!!
It started off with a great interview at Artworks, a nonprofit arts organization. I got the internship! I'm very excited about it because I get to do all sorts of things like deinstallation, prep work, helping my new boss Amanda put up the big SecretArtworks Show, and I get to see what goes on in Monday meetings as well as help Artworks move into their new offices very close by the Art Academy. I think this may aide me into figuring out what I want to do after graduation which is a big blank at this point.
Of course I took a nap. Birthday girls deserve naps.
Tien left his shop early to pamper me, lol!!!! We had dinner at Shanghai Mama's sharing vegetarian potstickers and vegan spinach raviolis. I had the fried rice with added broccoli and Tien had chicken pad thai. Yummy yum yum!!!! We played a quick game of Trivial Pursuit. LOL!!!! Umm.... we really don't know much alright!!!!!
I was surprised with Bob Evans pumpkin bread!!!! (Now, I gotta call my mom back and tell her not to buy me that chocolate-chocolate cake) OMG!!!! This is definitely the "cake" I prefer every year from now on, heeeheeeee!!!! Inside of a bag of chocolates (studio candy!!! yay!!!) was a store bought card, but Tien personalized and adorned it with all kinds of sweetness. From Muppet cutouts, to Meano stickers, and a Michael Jackson tribute, I was nearly moved to tears. The best gift out of the bunch I must say.

Here are just some of the awesome things received from the best bf in the city!!!!!!

We didn't get to watch it last night, but super psyched that it's in my movie collection!!!!

This is so freaking cute!!!! Tien knows how much I love the Muppets, especially Miss P. :)
Buffy #29 just so happened to be released today!!!! Thanks Joss Whedon. :)

Hogwarts Express Bookends. That was surprising yet cool!!!! :D

Last, but certainly not least- web cam!!!!! Yay!!!!!! I'm super, super geeked to try it out!!!!

The presents were nice, but there's nothing like spending the day with the ones you love and I love everyone else for calling or giving shoutouts on Facebook. Quite a lovely birthday indeed.

Now it's off to make some art! Yeah!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

25 Moments with Age 25

We had some fun times together. Remember?
How could I forget? 25 was a helluva ride!!!!!

1.) We had Mexican and margaritas the night we met on October 7th of last year.
2.) That Thanksgiving was even the first with no relatives. Just us and Tien on November 20th.
3.) That Christmas, Tien still used the same snow penguin wrapping paper on almost every treasured present we got, lol!!!
4.) We watched the ball drop for 2009 at Tien's house!
5.) We didn't get the million (or thirty) snow days that I wanted in January and February.
6.) But we did travel to Paris from March 5th to the 10th in our first plane ride ever!!!!!
7.) Going to the Louvre on March 9th was just an amazing, awe-inducing experience!
8.) April 16, we signed up as ejsami77 on Forbidden Love website to support the best soap couple in ages- EJ Dimera and Samantha Brady!
9.) We skipped the last day of class to see Britney's "Circus" concert in Columbus!!!! So awesome!!!!
10.) We had our last conversation with Mike on May 2nd on the number 2 bus.
11.) We moved in with Tien for the first time on a rainy May 3oth.
12.) We got our first taste of James Scott when he chatted in a special Forbidden Love Members only chat on June 3rd.
13.) We ate bowls of fruity ice cream with Tien, his delightful niece Anna, and Tien's friend Shane Money on top of the roof on July 3rd.
14.) We toured Times Square in New York City on July 10th.
15.) Grandma sadly passed away a day after her 77th birthday on July 24th.
16.) Yet on her funeral, met people that we hadn't seen in years and found out the names of Grandma's birth parents and added them to the family heritage tree.
17.) We met Emma Caulfield from Buffy the Vampire Slayer on August 8th.
18.) Thanks to me, we all missed Bryan and Tashi's Colorado August 15th wedding because I wanted to go to the Days of Our Lives Charity Event.
19.) We nearly passed out and fainted when we met James Scott and other Days of Our Lives actors in Boston on a nice afternoon on the 22nd of August.
20.) My younger brother, Eric may have turned the same age on September 13th, but my cute little, Winnie-the-Pooh obsessed (okay more like his parents- Robert and Ashley!) nephew Jamari Jaydin Glasper was born on September 11th.
21.) At the start of the school year, we finally figured out a good art project that pertains to my life. I almost have the concept figured out right. Never had I had such high hopes for my work until now.
22.) Jels- the one of the best, most inspiring artistic gals in the world presented us with the newly and adorably decorated Sugary Gingersnap on September 29th!!!! And boy I cannot ever stop singing her praises!!!! This blogsite is wonderful!!!!
23.) Starting October 1, the stupid baby swap storyline on Days of Our Lives is finally going underway. James's wonderful portrayal of EJ these past few days has been addicting to watch, lol.
24.) I loved being a quarter of a century!!!! It's cool to be a quarter or 1/4. Heehee.
25.) But today as we prepare for our last photo shoot. I think fondly on our 365 good and bad days together. It was great, I tell ya!!!! Great!!!!

You were a great friend and spirit, 25.
I'll miss you always. :)

Monday, October 5, 2009

OMG!!!!! Something Not Art Related!!!!!

So The Bonnie Hunt Show is having a colossal competition. They are looking for the biggest Days of Our Lives Fan!!!! The winner will receive two tickets to L.A., including round trip airline tickets, hotel accommodations, food (lol!!!!) and a chance to mingle with ALL of the cast members at the "Day of Days" event as well as interview them for Bonnie's show as a special correspondent!!!!!!
All I would have to do is......
"Send us a more than 2 minutes long explaining why you are the biggest fan of "Days Of Our Lives." We also want to see if you have any reporter skills. Show us how you would interview your favorite soap star from "Days." And you need to show-off your vast knowledge of "Days of Our Lives." You can tell us about the story lines, maybe dress up as a character or have a friend dress-up as one and you interview them...these are just ideas! Have fun with it!"
Videos are judged on creativity, enthusiasm, humor, and knowledge of the soap opera!!!!!
I got 25 days to come up with something!!!!!!
OMG!!!!! OMG!!!!! I have to enter this!!!!!!
I don't know why I'm wasting my time, but I have to do it. My heart is telling this for a reason!!!!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

In Progress Art

This is my first large scale litho crayon drawing from my series. It's about 20" by 24" or something like that. I'll have to measure it later, lol. This is an Afrocentric woman all ready to be in the throes of love with her shirtless beau. I'm still working on this one, wanting to push the values even more and wanting to figure out how to incorporate text. One person suggested that I take the actual novels and cross out words like "pale white skin," "rosy apple cheeks," and other phases. But how would that correlate with the drawings?
Most people favor the drawings when comparing them to the paintings. I think its due to the textural quality of the Arches paper. The format reminds them of novel pages. My instructor and another student agreed that the drawing seems much more thought out and organized.
I'm looking and researching the Marie Antoinette period (heck no! I'm not watching the Kirsten Dunst film at all) to inspire the fashions of my characters. The ostentatiously rich, Rococo seems like the ideal place to start.

This is unfinished obviously.
Here is this beautiful woman with these flowing dreadlocks anticipating the kiss of her handsome African soldier. My hands were growing tired with the litho crayon at this point. The pencils go down way too fast. Unpeeling the paper to uncover more pencil was getting extremely tedious, especially when the lead just falls right out. Keep in mind that it was almost midnight and I was also doing this drawing right after that first one.
Hahahaha!!!! Look, that picture of me and James is up on my studio wall. On some days, by looking at it gives me inspiration when I'm feeling blue, defeated or at a loss. :D

Painting number one is very colorful, but in desperate need of a lot of work. Her knee looks to be way too long. Hahahahahaha!!!!! It was so funny when my instructor said that her breasts were going out of the wrong direction in her extremely tight corset. My man's hand is crippled, but I swear it'll be repaired. I'm not good with hands so I asked a drawing teacher's advice. She said that I could give the girl a hanky and have the man put his hands in his pockets. Wow!
I think I should definitely do that.

I hate this painting!!!!! Grr!!!!!! It didn't come out the way I had hoped and prayed for. Not that I was doing this as I painted. Yet I could have since I had no easel and this was propped against the floor. Then again, I did all of these artworks on the floor. It's the best place for me to work!
No one seemed to like this one either. The first one was applauded for the color usage. This one not so much. It needs a lot of surgery. That's for sure. I loved the hairstyle I was trying to create though. She has this dreadlock updo with feathers in there. The man's face and his left shoulder are also the most interesting aspects of the painting. Other than that, a total bomb.

This is the most successful painting so far. I'm enjoying this one the most. Blowing up the novel cover and tracing it was much better and less time consuming than freehanded painting. I look at the other two, dreading to go back to fix all of the inaccuracies. With this painting, I'm having her have a large, regal braided hairstyle with lots of flowers woven in the do. Unfortunately, I ran out of brown and black paint, but I will darken up his skin, create more fuzzy texture in his hair, and finish the background.
And I had better finish these five pieces plus another drawing by next Thursday's small group critique. That is the outrageous goal I have set for myself. And I don't think I'll have sleep until winter break starts.
Six weeks down. Nine more to go.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Project is Doing Great!!!!

Well, I'm officially excited about this historical romance project now!!!! One of the faculty members suggested that I actually blow up the image of one of my novels and trace it onto the canvas just so I could get the proportions exactly right. The two acrylic paintings that I have been working on are looking so disproportionate that it's not even funny! I showed them at the in progress crit on Tuesday alongside a large scale litho crayon drawing. It seems like everyone likes the drawing more. Hmmmmm........I don't know what to think about that. I love it myself, but painting is very fun, especially mixing colors and imagining what these fancy clothes will look like in the end.
I guess, we'll see what develops over the weekend.......

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

New Layout is All Kinds of Sweetness

Thanks, Jels. I love it. Really, really love it!!! Funny how this is so much more personal and unique to me than its shabby predecessor!!!!! The purple dots are very chic and the duckie under the umbrella is such a riot!!!!! OMG!!!!!! I'm just not over how insanely cute it is. It's the best pre-birthday gift ever!!!!!
Thank you. Thank you. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Heda!!!!!

Happy birthday to my dear friend, Heather Caulfield!!!!! You're one of my bestest friends and one of the most talented painters that I've ever had the gracious opportunity of meeting. I enjoy your humor, your warmth, and your delightful personality!!!! I hope you're having a wonderful, spoiled time in California, but I do miss you immensely!!!!

Love ya much,
Janyce <333333

Images from

Monday, September 21, 2009

Whoever Got Me Sick, I Will Pay You Back! I Swear!

(actual image of me and my tissue piles)

I am sick as a dog. My throat is sore, my voice sounds horrible, and my nose is red from the constant wiping. The minute my nose runs, I feel a tingly sensation above my lip. (What is that area called anyways? The roof?) I greedily drank all of Tien's orange juice. Sadly, I still need more!!!!
I missed two important school appointments because of this sudden affliction. I was supposed to meet with Emily to discuss internship possibilities (I have her for Fine Art Internship and it's week 5, I have yet to find a place to intern) and a studio visit from Matt D. @ 5:00 PM. But due to this sudden nastiness, I was forced to reschedule. Ugh!!!!
But this email from Emily had me in high spirits today.

You have been selected to be in a group crit with this year's Lightborne Resident Artist, Hank Willis Thomas. You can find out about his work at Thomas is in the International Center for Photography's Triennial right now. He has shown at PS1, The National Museum in Harlem, Orange County Museum of Art and others. Thomas is represented by the Jack Shainman Gallery in NY and Roberts and Tilton in LA. He received the Aperture book prize and a Rockefeller Foundation Fellowship. It is quite an honor to have him at the AAC and to look at your work.

You were selected because of the type (either medium, genre or subject matter) of work you make. Your adviser or a faculty member thought you would benefit from Mr. Thomas' insight. Each student will be critiqued for 10-15 minutes.

Date: Friday, October 9th

Time: work set up by 12:45. The crit will end at 3pm

Where: S563

What: Bring several pieces you want feedback on and any support material you think is necessary.

Please RSVP to me by Thursday, September 24th. If you will need any technology, such as a computer or projector, please let me know at that time.



Like wow. I know a good opportunity when I see it. Me and seven other chosen students for a special crit. Though my work isn't particularly that interesting to me right now and that this news surprised me, it did lift my spirits immensely.

I pray that I won't be sick that day!!!!! That date just so happens to be two days after my birthday too. Hahahaha. So the chances are very slim that I'll be missing out on this important event. :D

Monday, September 14, 2009

Historical Romance Revisited

LOL!!!!! These are so anatomically incorrect, but I'll fix them eventually.
These are the first three I'm doing on a series based on historical romance (I read a lot of them!). I have appropriated some romance covers and have drawn Africans in the sensuous roles of virgin and master. I thought that it would be interesting to see "skin dark as coal with eyes the color of midnight" illustrated instead of "creamy milk white skin with wide-eyed blue eyes of clear blue water." The backgrounds are in the beginning stages, but they will be set in Africa with a significant animal, plant, or tree (or all) in the area.
I imagined what the African world would be like if slavery hadn't been introduced. What if the English and Spanish invaders had taught them their language, their behavioral ways of eating, drinking, political thinking, socialization/romance, and of course clothing/fashion design? What if these conquerors let the Africans remain in their beautiful continent? How would history be changed by this revolution? Someday I hope this newfound project will answer these questions.
I wanted to treat Africans with decency and respect. There are no fast women (well, except for conceited ones who love breaking up couples in a it of jealous rage! Believe me these women/men always exist) or dumbfounded peoples. They can wear their hair in regal braids, huge, waving afros, or have it pressed and wear colorful corsets on their naturally thick hips. They know English words and speak articulately. Worldly men can be pirates, aristocratic, titled gentlemen with lots of acquired treasures, riches, and wisdom while women dream of love and read books to pass away the time. However, these roles can be reversal at any given time.
I can see my vivid interest in writing seeping through and wonder if I can add text to make this even more special. It is just an idea, but I can see something deeper coming out of this project.......

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Corset Crazy!!!!!

I have a new idea for a series of drawings. I haven't done any black and whites for such a long while. I love sensuality and romance. Well, illustrated in books. I have read so many historical novels over the past few years that my mind has finally softened with touchy feelings of sinful pleasure and delicious decadence.
Ideas just came into fruition after rereading this softly erotic novel by Virgina Henley. This old woman (not to be mean! It's cool that she is still doing what she loves and I only hope to do the same in when I get up there) is notorious for her scandalous sex scenes and passionately worded love play. I thought wow! I love corsets. They push the boobies up nicely and give an illusion of the tiny waist. I started thinking of beautiful African American woman with huge afros or sleek back, huge decorated hair buns and they're all wearing these richly adorned gowns with those corsets and shifts and whatnot.
Would this manifested idea somehow be a part of my thesis next spring?
Technically, we're not supposed to be thinking about our senior shows at all. It is too early to fill the mind the atrocity called Senior Thesis Show. Though it gets my bones rattling with excitement, I really have no desire to think about that right now. I also have these horrible nightmares that the day of show there will be nothing on the wall. There's a blank and white empty space with my name tag on it and a piece of paper that contains no artist statement. I stand there naked and horrified as I am literally beaten with ugly, brutal words from the faculty.
Yep. Awful.
Anyways. I would like to explore my African-American women in corset. Maybe this will be something I can stick with comfortably for a while. Hopefully, I can upload my progress soon.
Oh, I just googled black women in corsets and African American women in corsets and came up with nothing inspirational. Here's this instead.

Sexy!!!!!! Heeheee.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Smelly Presentation

I'm not good with these things.
Of course our three instructors would say that that the most confident students go first. That statement is very true. Except well, I went last and I must say that though I showed much enthusiasm, I had none. I was nervous as hell and sprouting incomplete sentences left and right. Plus I wasn't looking at my notes correctly. I kept making sure to look at the audience, smile/laugh, and tell the wacky tale of what happened at the Days of Our Lives Charity Event. I made sure to talk about crazy women who cried, sweated a lot, and nearly fainted at the sights of the celebrities (I gained a lot of laughs when I said I was one of them). I received a lot of flack for not talking directly about my work and putting it far away from view. I was cursing myself because I knew that the best idea was to pass that small painting of James around, but I didn't. Big mistake.
The way the teachers scored us was by numbered cards. Each of them had a pad from zero to 10. After everyone's presentations, they rose their cards and showed everyone what they deserved. Yes, I sat through some very scholarly oral reports, but even they were mundane, uninteresting, and kind of lifeless. I smiled when a student said that she did not care for people who read their papers in an uptight, rigidity manner. She would have much preferred it better if they had given her their papers to read. I agreed because those students seemed to me like they were void of excitement and energy. When we have to sit through presentations, you have to at least make your peers in anticipation and in joy of what your art will communicate. Not have us rolling our heads in boredom or try to figure out what that huge word meant. I'm not saying that an artist should be less intelligent. They just have pique and intrigue the viewers to desire to learn more about them and their art.
Hence, I got 4, 4, and a 7. I am highly enthused, but I need talk about my art and process more. The experience is important, but the product speaks volumes. I also have to try not to be so darn nervous and scared. I could not shaking when I got up to the podium.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Bringing the Sweet & Sexy Back to the Studio

Party Time!!!!!!

In celebration of completing the first week of school and moving in a lot of my art supplies and drawers into the studio, it's time to pantry shop for sugary inspiration. Well, the healthy sugar inspiration. The ones that don't feature corn syrup. It still isn't good to pop them in your mouth like a crazy binger! Moderation is the key here. (But it's so darn tough!) That would be all kinds of nuts. But I burns my calories by painting and staring at all kinds of cool art on the Net.

The Sweet Side of the Studio Pantry

1. My new sweet thang. Yummy!!!! Eat it on top of toasted blueberry waffles, on cinnamon sprinkled apple slices or as frosting for cake. Really good out of the jar though!!!! Have to have one at home and the studio. It's so good. Perfect gift for chocoholics!!!!! Tastes so luxurious and rich that your buds are thinking that you've died and went to chocolate induced heaven!

2. These are just divine!!!!! I know they may be animal crackers, but they are so much more. Light, airy, and crispy, these treats are amazing on late night painting fests. Cats may be eager to have one, but like the label says- it's for the people. :D

3. 1/4 of these is half a serving a fruit. What more can I say!!!!! It's not just for the movies anymore, ya'll. Adding walnuts, dried cherries, and toasted coconut inside of the bag add an even sweeter experience. Actually, those items are on the list. Hahahaha.

4. I hope my studio mates can resist the temptation. There are going to be times when we're desperate for carbs and bread provides a lot of that. Apple Danish Bread is good alone or with some Dark Chocolate Wonderful, cream cheese, or Nutella. Plus, it makes a delightful French Toast, one of my favorite breakfast foods. But who has time to make that?

5. And the stuff that isn't allowed and not healthy at all. This I keep at the crib. I kick back and relax after those long fruitful (okay and sometimes fruitless) nights at the studio. Yum!!!! Always keep a cold one of these (or more!!!!) on ice. Never plan on going anywhere after the third or fourth one though.

I can feel my teeth rattling already and my veins are ready to be intoxicated by the sugar rush!

Doggie Commissions!!!!

Jaime, a friend of a friend had commissioned me to do portraits of the bride and groom's respective dogs. Their wedding just so happens to be today. I finished these on Wednesday at Tien's house on 12"x12" canvases that were very nice (especially at $18.99 original price) with acrylic paints, oil pastels, and a thin coat of glossy mod podge. It was ten hours of mind numbing labor (the fun sort of course!!!) and the kiddies came by to "help." I'd also like to thank Tien for bringing that Butterfinger milkshake from Steak & Shake. I didn't need it at all, but that sugar had me buzzed and ready to deliver.

She liked the top one more. That was understandable. Retto, second doggie, was one I had major problems with during my initial black and white sketch process. It all worked out (fast and quick!) in the end. I was very grateful that she chose me to do this project. I do hope that the bride and groom love their gifts and hang them either in their home or at the workplace. Commission work is just a job to me, but I still take the time to make every piece of art special. My personal art is something else entirely.

Jaime has a dog. There is a slim possibility that I may be in the running to paint that one as well. Lord knows that pets are more fun to paint than expressionless people. :)

Friday, August 28, 2009

Shrinky Dinks!!!!!

I made these last semester as a part of my final Drawing VI project. This time I'm ready to explore doing more of them. So my studio is armed with various paints and a box of oil pastels. As well as the Almighty Toaster Oven. That's how these babies are made. I acrylic paint on 4 1/2" by 8" plastic sheets and oil pastels go on top. A few hot seconds in the oven make them melt, distort, and take on interesting forms. I'll move on from the half supermodel, half cat faces to something else now. Not sure what, but at this point I'm loving shrink art and the chance operations that come with it. It is usually a kiddie craft, but I think that some amazing results have came through for me. I'll continue my exploration and see where this takes me.