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Peace On Fifth's 1st Handmade Dayton Festival: The Experience

It was a lovely Friday morning- not too hot with a a slight modest chill in the air as I walked the twenty minute trek to the Oregon District, feeling confident in 2 1/2 inch heels and purple black heart tights.
At Peace On Fifth, a unique retail shop/boutique selling goods, clothing, and accessories strictly from slave free parts of the world that has been in Dayton for nine months now,  London Coe, the lovely, vibrant shop owner has transformed her store into Handmade Dayton Festival.
Five locally owned shops of art, jewelry, handmade soaps, and more, each vendor is separated by a leisure amount of space, not large enough that one feels divided, but enough so that we all could have conversations and get to know each other and our personal wares.
I had a long wooden table and rolling rack, taking only a few moments to have art displayed and quickly got acquainted with my "neighbor" Nicole of Dirty Chix Soaps. 

Such a wide range of talents on display and unique spirits f…