Thursday, December 31, 2009

Goodbye 2009

I was thinking about the pros and cons of 2009 today, on the end of the year of course. I guess what I am thinking about mostly are the cons.
Right now, I realize that I haven't done much work since the semester ended or started rewriting thesis draft number 3. It's due in mid January anyways, but still... it would have been beneficial to start writing or at least making some work to gather ideas about what the writing IS about. But the problem is that I am spending much time at Tien''s house and it's all fun and games here. I've been mostly watching TV, movies (we saw "Avatar" in 3D today), playing Wii Fit, eating to my heart's content (how much pumpkin pie have I eaten so far?), Internet surfing (my laptop has since crashed and burned! At home, I am computerless until school starts), and reading a lot of romance novels! (Hell, I have a new favorite author, Julianne MacLean, having just read just two of her books in 4 1/2 hours each!) I guess it is okay to be a little lazy, I am on break after all!
Yesterday, Tien said I should be a teacher. I was startled by that admission. Of course, I didn't outright say that that is not what I'm interested in doing at the moment. I kept imagining my life as an instructor, settled in Dayton, Ohio and having and teaching kids, but I saw no happiness. In fact, I saw dullness and tedious boredom. My spirit is hungry for adventure. I imagine after receiving my BFA in May that I am going to go places! I wanna travel! Write books and screenplays! Heck! Is it slightly narcissistic to wanna grace the covers of Essence, Art News, and Time Magazines? I'm sure it is! But that's what I want. I crave it everyday!
So my resolutions are to......
1. Find my creativity. Even at Tien's house, lol. Such a bad thing to say that I can't seem to make work. Then again, I like making big pieces (18x24 and up)and I'm going to have to find a suitable space. Maybe I can rent a studio for a while in Dayton. Who knows? I need to find a place by next summer. That's for sure!
2. Make art that I am passionate about. I have been given lots and lots and lots of feedback from my romance novel appropriations. Teachers and fellow students have given me advice like making celebrities as the characters, give the characters a particular European period like Rococo, Baroque, or Neoclassicism, make facial portraits of the characters instead of full figurative work, make the characters even more abstract and less realistic, and keep drawing and stop painting. Heck! Now people just want me to draw self-portraits and steer away from my original concept altogether. Well, I'm not. I'm continuing doing what I'm passionate about. With all of this time, I'll make the work stronger and better because I care about it. I will probably lose every competition, but I no longer care about that. Screw what everyone else says! This is my final semester and for once, I'm taking charge. :)
3. Research art schools for grad school. I wanted to start applying next year, but I realize that application fees range from $50-$70 each and most of the applications are due in January. That leaves little time for proper research and no one wants to throw their money away on a school that turns out to be a two year mistake.
4. Corn syrup or no corn syrup. By the end of this year, I had fully decided to stop consuming foods containing CS or HFCS ( high fructose corn syrup). I stopped eating ketchup, a lot of specific chocolate bars (as of now I can only eat certain Hershey Bars and Raisinets), ice cream, certain breads, and a lot of other things. But when holidays came around, I made some instances. I've decided that this behavior is a no can do! I am rather passionate about this and can no longer go half-way.
5. Finish stories and send them out there. This is the scariest one of all and I admit, I make it every year. The fear of rejection is horrible, but I realize that I am 26. I've always wanted to write and publish novels before I die. I might as well start. Everyday, I keep having new ideas and the thought of forgetting them is just as terrifying as never publishing them.
That's my story and I'm sticking with it.
But let's not forget about the year's pros!!!!!


What will 2010 bring?

Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Time!!!!

Lol!!! Tien was like, "I got you this, but I know you have all of these songs!" Not "3" though!!!!!

I got the set with the blue soap and yellow rubber duckie inspired Hello Kitty of course!!!! :D
It's so compact this dryer turns into a mini case with handle!!!!!

Something Tan gave me!!!!! So sweet!!!! I <3 Burt's Bees!!!
As well as attending my first Vo family Christmas Dinner yesterday. It was more fun than I had anticipated. They had red lobster on every plate, but Tien's mom made a delicious veggie noodle stir fry, fresh asparagus, and red and golden potatoes. Lol, I had some of those leftovers with my Christmas dinner of macaroni & cheese with soy ground and a side of broccoli-carrot medley.
Today I spent the morning with Tien having eaten a wonderfully prepared breakfast and opening wonderful presents. I gave him some little, humorous gifts and of course, he has to be bigger and better than last year. He always outdoes himself every year in the gift department, but I am just so thankful that we're still together and that things are finally working out in a much healthier, happier way.
I also spent some time with my mom (she got me these beautiful silver duck earrings), Patrick (who made a card and gave me $5, lol), and though Robert wasn't home, I certainly was overwhelmed by the huge red hat of chocolate goodies and candy canes!!!!!
We watched the Cavs-Lakers game and boy was I enthralled at the way Lebron and hos team kicked Kobe's ass!!!!! Yay!!!!!! That was a great Christmas treasure!!!!!
Plus, the pumpkin pie topped with Ben & Jerry's Limited Edition Pumpkin Cheesecake Icecream and Cool Whip wasn't a bad holiday treat either.
Hopefully everyone else's X-Mas was just as sweet. <3333333