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Goodbye 2009

I was thinking about the pros and cons of 2009 today, on the end of the year of course. I guess what I am thinking about mostly are the cons.
Right now, I realize that I haven't done much work since the semester ended or started rewriting thesis draft number 3. It's due in mid January anyways, but still... it would have been beneficial to start writing or at least making some work to gather ideas about what the writing IS about. But the problem is that I am spending much time at Tien''s house and it's all fun and games here. I've been mostly watching TV, movies (we saw "Avatar" in 3D today), playing Wii Fit, eating to my heart's content (how much pumpkin pie have I eaten so far?), Internet surfing (my laptop has since crashed and burned! At home, I am computerless until school starts), and reading a lot of romance novels! (Hell, I have a new favorite author, Julianne MacLean, having just read just two of her books in 4 1/2 hours each!) I guess it i…

Christmas Time!!!!

Lol!!! Tien was like, "I got you this, but I know you have all of these songs!" Not "3" though!!!!!

I got the set with the blue soap and yellow rubber duckie inspired Hello Kitty of course!!!! :D
It's so compact this dryer turns into a mini case with handle!!!!!

Something Tan gave me!!!!! So sweet!!!! I <3 Burt's Bees!!!
As well as attending my first Vo family Christmas Dinner yesterday. It was more fun than I had anticipated. They had red lobster on every plate, but Tien's mom made a delicious veggie noodle stir fry, fresh asparagus, and red and golden potatoes. Lol, I had some of those leftovers with my Christmas dinner of macaroni & cheese with soy ground and a side of broccoli-carrot medley.
Today I spent the morning with Tien having eaten a wonderfully prepared breakfast and opening wonderful presents. I gave him some little, humorous gifts and of course, he has to be bigger and better than last year. He always outdoes himself every year in …