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New Work!!! Sweeet!!!!!!

Damn! My Life is Only Worth 26 Cents!
Bad things happen to people.
Pennies are supposedly worthless, one cent wonders that no one cares about. Sometimes I see people toss them to the ground or keep walking as a penny sits on the street, waiting for someone to pick it up for their savings bank. I even tell the cashiers to keep that one extra cent because I personally feel like I don't need it.
I constructed this acrylic painting and collected pennies from the date of my birth to last year. Memories in a way are like pennies. We wanna forget that the awful memories are there, but we can't help but remember. They are supposed to be just as worthless, but it's those events that make us feel that way. I have the worse short term memory ever, I forget where my keys are almost everyday!!!!
So for each year, I wrote something good or bad that occurred in Sharpie marker. Like the beginning for October 7th, 1983, "I was born in a USAF Air Force Base Hospital in South Carolina, fath…
After I finish eating everything, it really is back to work!!!!! These last few weeks have been quite busy and stressful, but thanks to that wonderful holiday called Thanksgiving, I was able to pig out for a few days and forget about all the bad things going wrong with school and the studio.
So tomorrow a few new colored pencil romance sketches will be revealed. Whoo hoo!!!!!
Happy 27th birthday Robert!!!
Best older brother ever.

School was a bust. I missed my internship, forgot my keys in the apartment, and forwent breakfast all for the sake of the thesis paper. Then I was extra late to class because the printer was jammed. Had I known we were going to be exchanging papers with students, I would not have worked so hard.
Thesis Savvy today.
It's already November!!! And I'm writing a first draft!!!! It contains issues on race, finding my identity amongst my passion for pop culture, and my love for romance genre, especially in historical fiction novels and Days of Our Lives.
Yes, writing is is fun. (sarcasm).
And tomorrow Robert and I are no longer "twins." :(