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Christmas Card 2.0

Mailing these babies out today! :D

Holiday Card Design

In designing my holiday card, I decided along something different and special this year. Fun, funky and personal, we have an afro chick gal with a pick at her shoulder, and her cute orange cat beside her, holiday lights and ornaments in her hair, including a ball with a rubber duck center. Colorful and stylized, I happily pressed those Prismacolor pencils down for their intensity! How could I have lived without their brilliance? They sooooo rock!
I can't wait to print these and send them out! I hope my friends will get a real kick out of taking this card out of their mailboxes! :D

An Ode to Chocolate

"Chocolate, Will You Marry Me?"

Matte shades of velvety brown
Makes head spin round and round
Rich, erotic, warm, and sweet,
Stealing thunderous heartbeat

Bitter dark, sugared milk, or velvety white
Any enticing flavor seems so right
Valentines, Christmas, any day, my dear
For I want you at every passing hour of the year

So soft against finger tips
Ready to be in between opened lips
Buds of tongue await, eager and wet
Anticipation desperately hungry to be met

Mystified by pleasurably stirred love bites
Delicious desire is taken to great soaring heights
Tastes like arousing, poignant sin
Little death arriving faster than being with men

Center filled with caramels, fruits, and nuts
But purely naked is where it cuts
Addicted to sweetened drug craved all of the time
I would move heaven and earth to forever make you mine

New Etsy Shop!

Yay! I'm officially opened for artistic business!
So far there are some prints, drawings, and paintings, but I will be also selling one of a kind cards, shrink art, and other works. I am very super excited about this and hope to build lots of networking opportunities on etsy.
It's a rather exciting venture!