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The REACH Conference

It was such an honor to be cordially invited to attend the 19th Annual Reaching For Ethnic Awareness and Cultural Heritage Across Dayton (REACH) Conference at Sinclair Community College on Friday February 24, 2012 and to see friends- Willis "Bing" Davis, Betty Bolton, Leesa Haapapuro, James Pate, Kevin Harris, and others in one room while simultaneously meeting new people!
A collaboration between Sinclair Community College, Ebonia Gallery, and the Dayton Visual Arts Center (DVAC), REACH is a day long event promoting "learning in the arts and humanities by creating an atmosphere that will build respect, knowledge, appreciation, and understanding for the area's culturally diverse populations."
From 8AM to 4PM, this post entails eight hours of rich, implanted seeds that'll likely bear fruit to share.....
After a lovely continental breakfast to fuel the body, REACH's proceedings got started by co-coordinators Tess Little and Willis "Bing&quo…

"Attack" Works on Paper by James Pate

The second part of the ongoing REACH artist series at Sinclair Community College, James Pate's "Attack" charcoal drawing series is an exploration of the tempestuous beauty, alluring grace, and ferocious power in the African American female body. Opposing oppression and weakness, she is bold, brazen, and bare, her nude, voluptuous body a towering strength in every kinetically activated composition.
A stunning companion to Linda Stein's "Fluidity of Gender: Sculpture" exhibit, Pate's sensuously captivating world of sleek, crisp lines and elegantly etched value structures showcase a woman clad not in clothing, but the fiery cloak of awareness in every fiber of her skin, telling the viewer that she needs no hero, no rescuer of the detrimental reality and terrifying peril. On the verge of being attacked and pursued by targeting minute airplanes, she pays the metaphorically crafted danger no mind, averting her gaze away, seeming disinterested, nonchalant, or …