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Chocolate Black: A Sneak Peak At My Illustrated Fairy Tale

“Mirror, mirror on the wall, Who is the most intelligent, most enthralling woman of them all?”
“My jealous, vile queen it is not you, For there is another lady is brighter, charming and new. With skin as brown as chocolate silk, Softer than satin, smoother than milk. Innocent doe eyes darker than charcoal smoke,       Hair cropped and curled hidden under cloak. Red, full and plump are bow tipped lips Stealing smiles and making entire kingdom’s heart flips Matching perfectly carved, heart shaped face, Gently curved, selfless compassion, and lithe grace.           It is the divine princess Chocolate Black, And she has many fine qualities that of which you lack.”

This is only a draft.
With all of the live action Snow White movies coming out (even a Disney cancellation), an idea just popped into brain to create a version of this fairy tale that not only showcases the beauty of minority, but strength of character and attributes that go beyond this idea of jealousy over a "pretty f…