Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Project is Doing Great!!!!

Well, I'm officially excited about this historical romance project now!!!! One of the faculty members suggested that I actually blow up the image of one of my novels and trace it onto the canvas just so I could get the proportions exactly right. The two acrylic paintings that I have been working on are looking so disproportionate that it's not even funny! I showed them at the in progress crit on Tuesday alongside a large scale litho crayon drawing. It seems like everyone likes the drawing more. Hmmmmm........I don't know what to think about that. I love it myself, but painting is very fun, especially mixing colors and imagining what these fancy clothes will look like in the end.
I guess, we'll see what develops over the weekend.......

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

New Layout is All Kinds of Sweetness

Thanks, Jels. I love it. Really, really love it!!! Funny how this is so much more personal and unique to me than its shabby predecessor!!!!! The purple dots are very chic and the duckie under the umbrella is such a riot!!!!! OMG!!!!!! I'm just not over how insanely cute it is. It's the best pre-birthday gift ever!!!!!
Thank you. Thank you. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Heda!!!!!

Happy birthday to my dear friend, Heather Caulfield!!!!! You're one of my bestest friends and one of the most talented painters that I've ever had the gracious opportunity of meeting. I enjoy your humor, your warmth, and your delightful personality!!!! I hope you're having a wonderful, spoiled time in California, but I do miss you immensely!!!!

Love ya much,
Janyce <333333

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Monday, September 21, 2009

Whoever Got Me Sick, I Will Pay You Back! I Swear!

(actual image of me and my tissue piles)

I am sick as a dog. My throat is sore, my voice sounds horrible, and my nose is red from the constant wiping. The minute my nose runs, I feel a tingly sensation above my lip. (What is that area called anyways? The roof?) I greedily drank all of Tien's orange juice. Sadly, I still need more!!!!
I missed two important school appointments because of this sudden affliction. I was supposed to meet with Emily to discuss internship possibilities (I have her for Fine Art Internship and it's week 5, I have yet to find a place to intern) and a studio visit from Matt D. @ 5:00 PM. But due to this sudden nastiness, I was forced to reschedule. Ugh!!!!
But this email from Emily had me in high spirits today.

You have been selected to be in a group crit with this year's Lightborne Resident Artist, Hank Willis Thomas. You can find out about his work at Thomas is in the International Center for Photography's Triennial right now. He has shown at PS1, The National Museum in Harlem, Orange County Museum of Art and others. Thomas is represented by the Jack Shainman Gallery in NY and Roberts and Tilton in LA. He received the Aperture book prize and a Rockefeller Foundation Fellowship. It is quite an honor to have him at the AAC and to look at your work.

You were selected because of the type (either medium, genre or subject matter) of work you make. Your adviser or a faculty member thought you would benefit from Mr. Thomas' insight. Each student will be critiqued for 10-15 minutes.

Date: Friday, October 9th

Time: work set up by 12:45. The crit will end at 3pm

Where: S563

What: Bring several pieces you want feedback on and any support material you think is necessary.

Please RSVP to me by Thursday, September 24th. If you will need any technology, such as a computer or projector, please let me know at that time.



Like wow. I know a good opportunity when I see it. Me and seven other chosen students for a special crit. Though my work isn't particularly that interesting to me right now and that this news surprised me, it did lift my spirits immensely.

I pray that I won't be sick that day!!!!! That date just so happens to be two days after my birthday too. Hahahaha. So the chances are very slim that I'll be missing out on this important event. :D

Monday, September 14, 2009

Historical Romance Revisited

LOL!!!!! These are so anatomically incorrect, but I'll fix them eventually.
These are the first three I'm doing on a series based on historical romance (I read a lot of them!). I have appropriated some romance covers and have drawn Africans in the sensuous roles of virgin and master. I thought that it would be interesting to see "skin dark as coal with eyes the color of midnight" illustrated instead of "creamy milk white skin with wide-eyed blue eyes of clear blue water." The backgrounds are in the beginning stages, but they will be set in Africa with a significant animal, plant, or tree (or all) in the area.
I imagined what the African world would be like if slavery hadn't been introduced. What if the English and Spanish invaders had taught them their language, their behavioral ways of eating, drinking, political thinking, socialization/romance, and of course clothing/fashion design? What if these conquerors let the Africans remain in their beautiful continent? How would history be changed by this revolution? Someday I hope this newfound project will answer these questions.
I wanted to treat Africans with decency and respect. There are no fast women (well, except for conceited ones who love breaking up couples in a it of jealous rage! Believe me these women/men always exist) or dumbfounded peoples. They can wear their hair in regal braids, huge, waving afros, or have it pressed and wear colorful corsets on their naturally thick hips. They know English words and speak articulately. Worldly men can be pirates, aristocratic, titled gentlemen with lots of acquired treasures, riches, and wisdom while women dream of love and read books to pass away the time. However, these roles can be reversal at any given time.
I can see my vivid interest in writing seeping through and wonder if I can add text to make this even more special. It is just an idea, but I can see something deeper coming out of this project.......

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Corset Crazy!!!!!

I have a new idea for a series of drawings. I haven't done any black and whites for such a long while. I love sensuality and romance. Well, illustrated in books. I have read so many historical novels over the past few years that my mind has finally softened with touchy feelings of sinful pleasure and delicious decadence.
Ideas just came into fruition after rereading this softly erotic novel by Virgina Henley. This old woman (not to be mean! It's cool that she is still doing what she loves and I only hope to do the same in when I get up there) is notorious for her scandalous sex scenes and passionately worded love play. I thought wow! I love corsets. They push the boobies up nicely and give an illusion of the tiny waist. I started thinking of beautiful African American woman with huge afros or sleek back, huge decorated hair buns and they're all wearing these richly adorned gowns with those corsets and shifts and whatnot.
Would this manifested idea somehow be a part of my thesis next spring?
Technically, we're not supposed to be thinking about our senior shows at all. It is too early to fill the mind the atrocity called Senior Thesis Show. Though it gets my bones rattling with excitement, I really have no desire to think about that right now. I also have these horrible nightmares that the day of show there will be nothing on the wall. There's a blank and white empty space with my name tag on it and a piece of paper that contains no artist statement. I stand there naked and horrified as I am literally beaten with ugly, brutal words from the faculty.
Yep. Awful.
Anyways. I would like to explore my African-American women in corset. Maybe this will be something I can stick with comfortably for a while. Hopefully, I can upload my progress soon.
Oh, I just googled black women in corsets and African American women in corsets and came up with nothing inspirational. Here's this instead.

Sexy!!!!!! Heeheee.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Smelly Presentation

I'm not good with these things.
Of course our three instructors would say that that the most confident students go first. That statement is very true. Except well, I went last and I must say that though I showed much enthusiasm, I had none. I was nervous as hell and sprouting incomplete sentences left and right. Plus I wasn't looking at my notes correctly. I kept making sure to look at the audience, smile/laugh, and tell the wacky tale of what happened at the Days of Our Lives Charity Event. I made sure to talk about crazy women who cried, sweated a lot, and nearly fainted at the sights of the celebrities (I gained a lot of laughs when I said I was one of them). I received a lot of flack for not talking directly about my work and putting it far away from view. I was cursing myself because I knew that the best idea was to pass that small painting of James around, but I didn't. Big mistake.
The way the teachers scored us was by numbered cards. Each of them had a pad from zero to 10. After everyone's presentations, they rose their cards and showed everyone what they deserved. Yes, I sat through some very scholarly oral reports, but even they were mundane, uninteresting, and kind of lifeless. I smiled when a student said that she did not care for people who read their papers in an uptight, rigidity manner. She would have much preferred it better if they had given her their papers to read. I agreed because those students seemed to me like they were void of excitement and energy. When we have to sit through presentations, you have to at least make your peers in anticipation and in joy of what your art will communicate. Not have us rolling our heads in boredom or try to figure out what that huge word meant. I'm not saying that an artist should be less intelligent. They just have pique and intrigue the viewers to desire to learn more about them and their art.
Hence, I got 4, 4, and a 7. I am highly enthused, but I need talk about my art and process more. The experience is important, but the product speaks volumes. I also have to try not to be so darn nervous and scared. I could not shaking when I got up to the podium.