Historical Romance Revisited

LOL!!!!! These are so anatomically incorrect, but I'll fix them eventually.
These are the first three I'm doing on a series based on historical romance (I read a lot of them!). I have appropriated some romance covers and have drawn Africans in the sensuous roles of virgin and master. I thought that it would be interesting to see "skin dark as coal with eyes the color of midnight" illustrated instead of "creamy milk white skin with wide-eyed blue eyes of clear blue water." The backgrounds are in the beginning stages, but they will be set in Africa with a significant animal, plant, or tree (or all) in the area.
I imagined what the African world would be like if slavery hadn't been introduced. What if the English and Spanish invaders had taught them their language, their behavioral ways of eating, drinking, political thinking, socialization/romance, and of course clothing/fashion design? What if these conquerors let the Africans remain in their beautiful continent? How would history be changed by this revolution? Someday I hope this newfound project will answer these questions.
I wanted to treat Africans with decency and respect. There are no fast women (well, except for conceited ones who love breaking up couples in a it of jealous rage! Believe me these women/men always exist) or dumbfounded peoples. They can wear their hair in regal braids, huge, waving afros, or have it pressed and wear colorful corsets on their naturally thick hips. They know English words and speak articulately. Worldly men can be pirates, aristocratic, titled gentlemen with lots of acquired treasures, riches, and wisdom while women dream of love and read books to pass away the time. However, these roles can be reversal at any given time.
I can see my vivid interest in writing seeping through and wonder if I can add text to make this even more special. It is just an idea, but I can see something deeper coming out of this project.......


  1. Janyce!

    This is a very cool idea! I love the idea of taking these romantic figures and imparting your own ideas onto them to give them a twist.

    Romance novel covers tend to be so funny and almost ludicrous when you look at them...settings of wineries and colonial houses, shirtless men (Matthew mcconaughey!). Its interesting to have these people who are typically portrayed white and standard blue eyed people with africans instead. I think that is really cool and it reminds me of the postcard you sent me that talks about us in fancy gowns :)

    I'm wondering how the black and white fits into your theme though. Because romance novels tend to be thickly-painted and bright garish colours. It's interesting that you don't want to actually paint these. I think if you did then they wouldn't stand out as much, but at the same time there is a lot you can play with regarding what happens if it looks like a romance cover but something's different?

    You've definitely got something going here, and I'm interested in seeing where you take these concepts :)

    By the way, I started my email to you last nite. Then Opera crashed....everything I wrote was gone. I have to start over but I promise you will have a nice new email from me in the next 2 days!!!

    <3 lots of love

  2. Thanks Jels!
    I agree. Colors are much more fascinating, especially when it comes to the romance novels. They are so overly dramatic to the point of ridiculousness!!!! LOL!!!!
    I have already begun the grand ole task of oil painting them on large canvas and slowly the fun is dwindling. Though I still like the original idea, I'm thinking that I would love to stick with the textured Arches paper. Maybe I'll experiment with watercolors and see what comes out of that. My goal, however, is to have two paintings done by Thursday big walk around which is where peers, faculty, and some office staff see what we seniors have all been doing for the past four weeks. (eeek!!!! They're even involving freshman! Like do we really need their input, lol!!!!)
    Oh, I'm sorry about your computer crashing, Jels. (insert hug). Believe me, I know how it feels. My laptop seems to be on the verge of dying. It doesn't wanna shut down anymore, programs are running slowly, and it freezes up the minute I try to open up the Internet. Hence, why I'll probably be on the school computer 24/7 now. :( I have got to get all of my stories, novels, assorted papers, music files (Tien thinks this is pointless, but I'm not about to redownload all of what I've collected), videos, and pictures off the laptop though. Looks like I'll need about 50 discs!!!!
    So I definitely look forward to the email!!!!! I love reading what's going in Jel's wacky Aussie world and the adventures with Sammie, the cutest penguin on earth!!!!!


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