Bringing the Sweet & Sexy Back to the Studio

Party Time!!!!!!

In celebration of completing the first week of school and moving in a lot of my art supplies and drawers into the studio, it's time to pantry shop for sugary inspiration. Well, the healthy sugar inspiration. The ones that don't feature corn syrup. It still isn't good to pop them in your mouth like a crazy binger! Moderation is the key here. (But it's so darn tough!) That would be all kinds of nuts. But I burns my calories by painting and staring at all kinds of cool art on the Net.

The Sweet Side of the Studio Pantry

1. My new sweet thang. Yummy!!!! Eat it on top of toasted blueberry waffles, on cinnamon sprinkled apple slices or as frosting for cake. Really good out of the jar though!!!! Have to have one at home and the studio. It's so good. Perfect gift for chocoholics!!!!! Tastes so luxurious and rich that your buds are thinking that you've died and went to chocolate induced heaven!

2. These are just divine!!!!! I know they may be animal crackers, but they are so much more. Light, airy, and crispy, these treats are amazing on late night painting fests. Cats may be eager to have one, but like the label says- it's for the people. :D

3. 1/4 of these is half a serving a fruit. What more can I say!!!!! It's not just for the movies anymore, ya'll. Adding walnuts, dried cherries, and toasted coconut inside of the bag add an even sweeter experience. Actually, those items are on the list. Hahahaha.

4. I hope my studio mates can resist the temptation. There are going to be times when we're desperate for carbs and bread provides a lot of that. Apple Danish Bread is good alone or with some Dark Chocolate Wonderful, cream cheese, or Nutella. Plus, it makes a delightful French Toast, one of my favorite breakfast foods. But who has time to make that?

5. And the stuff that isn't allowed and not healthy at all. This I keep at the crib. I kick back and relax after those long fruitful (okay and sometimes fruitless) nights at the studio. Yum!!!! Always keep a cold one of these (or more!!!!) on ice. Never plan on going anywhere after the third or fourth one though.

I can feel my teeth rattling already and my veins are ready to be intoxicated by the sugar rush!


  1. Woaaah that is quite an awesome studio stash!! I sure do miss Trader Joes and especially the Pirate's Booty snacks... YUMmmm..........<3

  2. I never had any of the pirate booty stuff, lol!!!! I should try it!!!! Maybe I'll send you some in your belated birthday package. What's your fave? You must try the dark chocolate peanut butter. It is to die for!!!!! <3333333

  3. OH MY GOD if you did I would squeal with delight!!!! You've gotta try it....especially since you love cheese! The kind that's my favourite is like....these white puffs covered with white cheesy powder. Mmm...cheesy powder....

    The dark chocolate peanut butter sounds so good :-O! the problem with Australia, the most glaring one anyway, is their total lack of chocolate with peanut butter pairings. No chocolate bars with peanut's a crime to humanity and the OZ people don't even know it.


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