Shrinky Dinks!!!!!

I made these last semester as a part of my final Drawing VI project. This time I'm ready to explore doing more of them. So my studio is armed with various paints and a box of oil pastels. As well as the Almighty Toaster Oven. That's how these babies are made. I acrylic paint on 4 1/2" by 8" plastic sheets and oil pastels go on top. A few hot seconds in the oven make them melt, distort, and take on interesting forms. I'll move on from the half supermodel, half cat faces to something else now. Not sure what, but at this point I'm loving shrink art and the chance operations that come with it. It is usually a kiddie craft, but I think that some amazing results have came through for me. I'll continue my exploration and see where this takes me.


  1. Janyce, these are so cool! They look like such fun to experiment with! Did the huge sheets shrink down to these tiny sizes, or did you cut these out and then shrink them? I really want to get some to try :D!

    I think the idea of supermodels faces morphing with animals is really interesting..I'm curious as to your reasons for the pairings :)

  2. I cut them into different shapes and watch in fascination as they shrink in the toaster oven.
    I had this idea to do a zoo project. Just drawing lots of animals from observation. Then something else manifested from the idea. Like a bolt of lightning, I was doodling half human half creature faces. Since I really like wild cats a lot, my plan was to do it based on that rather than different species of the animal kingdom. As I was painting on the plastic, I couldn't help noticing the Victoria's Secret magazine beside me. Cats, catwalks, and runways. That was all I was thinking at that point! Plus both have such beauty, power, and ferociousness.
    I was curious to see what would happen. Needless to say, I enjoy the results. :D

  3. Ohhhh that is so cool.....I totally see what you mean!!! I also really love big cats....especially tigers :D I used to dream about tigers all the time..they were so beautiful but powerful and frightening. Just like those models you speak of. I think that's a really cool combination :) Shrinky dinks look like alot of fun to experiment with!


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