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Never Gonna Taste The Rainbow Again!


The Hedgehog

Pretty glad that I spent a breezy afternoon to see the last showing of Mona Achache's "The Hedgehog" at the Neon Movies. A most delightful viewing treasure!
Two seemingly different female protagonists center this French indie feature- Paloma, an intelligent, very gifted eleven-year-old planning suicide before her next birthday and there's Renée Michel, the fifty-year-old apartment super who when not cleaning up the mess of her aristocratic tenants devours chocolates and reads an illustrious world of classical books alongside a lazy fat cat.
Feeling like the richly shallow life is as boring as a water filled goldfish bowl, Paloma's chaos includes an annoyed father who sweeps a secret cigarette habit under the rug, a neurotic mother who cries so often its pathetic, and a wickedly snobbish sister, Columbe while Ms. Michel enjoys solitary pleasure.
Both women are seeking refuge- Paloma makes it her business to hide anywhere in the apartment, filming every bit of t…