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Final Pieces for Show

These three drawings serve as a break from the Chocolate Self Portrait Series. They will be in the same room, but on a separate wall. Still on the romantic inspiration trail, these are appropriations of beautifully lavished Marie Antoinette oil paintings. These are colored pencil drawings on blue Bugra paper. I have replaced Marie in these compositions with the idea of creating a false, rich ancestor that is African American decorated as an object of desire. There is no male presence of course, but she is constantly looking off the canvas, perhaps seeing and meeting a special someone in secret......

This was the first drawing. I'm almost finished, though I do wish I didn't make the arms so long. That is hard to fix and erase, Bugra is too thin a paper to keep layering and attempting to erase. Plus, I press hard on the colored pencils. I just need to add the ears, fix the hands, and darken other areas.

This drawing is my favorite because of the red dress. It is provocative as wel…

Throwback Photo/Article Taken June 5, 2008

I found this goodie today! For two years I've tried to open up the email my friend Jerri sent me from Pamela Dillion, a Dayton Daily Newspaper writer. All of this time, I could have opened it up at school on the Mac instead of struggling to open it on the PC. Hmmmmmmm.......

Artist Profile

By Pamela Dillon
Contributing Writer

Janyce Glasper

(937) 838-1999

Current News
The 24-year-old artist will be teaching a workshop at K12 Gallery for Young People this summer. In Self Portraits and Hollywood Collages, students will paint a bust-sized self portrait in acrylic paints and oil pastels. Participants will also create a collage of their favorite Hollywood actor. Hours are 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. on July 7-11 at 510 E. Third Street. Bring a lunch. Cost is $160 for members of K12, and $225 for non-members. Call the gallery at (937) 461-5149 to register.

Arts Education
At 15, Glasper started art classes at K12 during an after-school program while attending Colonel White High Sch…

Soap Opera Digest: The Drawing Version

I was making litho crayon drawings from two different Days of Our Lives centered covers a few weeks ago from the Soap Opera Digest lot that I bought from eBay last month. It was quite fun and I was actually laughing a lot as I created these. Someone even said that my rendering style is very interesting, that these could easily transform into comic books based on fictional Salem. I inserted myself as this character, Harlottamen who starts trouble between couples and it's funny that I pick the ones who are currently not together (but should be!). She is a feisty, very cutesy cupid, so to speak. She is at the right of the couple, not in the middle because she is not trying to get in between them. She just wants to help.

EJ (James Scott) and Samantha (Alison Sweeney) are my favorite non-couple that should be a couple on the show!!!! Then Harlottamen is off to the side smiling with excitement. Actually all three of them are looking pretty happy!
This is actually going to be a Litho prin…
This is the prologue for a novel I'm writing called, "Nobody."

Ma got upset sometimes.
A lot actually.
I just told myself that she didn’t realize what she was saying to me, that her words could be so nasty. Maybe she just didn't know. That's a possibility, right?
And her usual pretty hazel eyes transformed into a sickly green when she spewed her toxic acid.
I would myself she had been in an evil catatonic state, brainwashed by someone who hated me very much.
One particular school morning lays deep in my memory.
“You’re so ugly,” she had viciously spat at me as I passed her bedroom door. "Why did I wind up with a daughter that looks like you?"
That was the door no one ever wanted to pass if she was in vile mood. If the door was opened, she could see and scream the first insult her dark soul could muster. This only happened a few times out of each month; so my young heart tried not to take any of these things seriously.
But the stubborn tears would streak my ch…

Almost Finished Part II

I have finally decided what I would love to do for this show. It took a while, but I'm there. I wish I could say the same for my group members, but I'm sure we'll all come together eventually!
On display, in the Chidlaw Gallery, will be six oil pastel on Bugra paper self-portraits with chocolate syrup strategically placed on them. In a corner a cluster of 1,200 empty chocolate wrappers will be ornately stacked. I'm pondering whether or not that rubber ducks should be included. There's only one yellow duck in each drawing. Would it make sense to have several in person? Probably not.
I also purchased a chocolate scented fragrance on eBay. I'm using it to lightly scent the gallery with it as often as I can to retain the sweet essence.
Chocolates also happen to be on the reception menu as well.

Take it Like a Champion is about engaging in the act of reading the romance novel, placing myself under the quintessential spell of the writer's sophisticated use of langua…