Final Pieces for Show

These three drawings serve as a break from the Chocolate Self Portrait Series. They will be in the same room, but on a separate wall. Still on the romantic inspiration trail, these are appropriations of beautifully lavished Marie Antoinette oil paintings. These are colored pencil drawings on blue Bugra paper. I have replaced Marie in these compositions with the idea of creating a false, rich ancestor that is African American decorated as an object of desire. There is no male presence of course, but she is constantly looking off the canvas, perhaps seeing and meeting a special someone in secret......

This was the first drawing. I'm almost finished, though I do wish I didn't make the arms so long. That is hard to fix and erase, Bugra is too thin a paper to keep layering and attempting to erase. Plus, I press hard on the colored pencils. I just need to add the ears, fix the hands, and darken other areas.

This drawing is my favorite because of the red dress. It is provocative as well as the other ones. Well, back them the bosoms had to be pushed up, lol. I would like to add something to the plain purple background and I'm thinking of golden roses. Just something pretty and patterned would add more romantic flair to the round frame of this drawing. I will finish the hair piece, which includes adding more flowers and feathers. I guess Marie really enjoyed those kinds of fashion. It is kind of a sophisticated glamour, right?
I wonder if she attracted any birds and bugs with her elaborate head decor. Ha!

This one needs the most finishing up. The Braids as well as the big feather hair ornaments. The dress is going to look very elaborate. It looks plain now, but by night's end it will become a splendid, ostentatious masterpiece, lol! :D
OMg! Did I sound too optimistic and just a little too confident for my liking......?
After the drawings are done, I will be layering them with a thin coat of turpentine to give them that painterly finish. Prismacolors are awesome for that particular reason! Then I will be checking out nice golden frames for them. :)


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