Soap Opera Digest: The Drawing Version

I was making litho crayon drawings from two different Days of Our Lives centered covers a few weeks ago from the Soap Opera Digest lot that I bought from eBay last month. It was quite fun and I was actually laughing a lot as I created these. Someone even said that my rendering style is very interesting, that these could easily transform into comic books based on fictional Salem. I inserted myself as this character, Harlottamen who starts trouble between couples and it's funny that I pick the ones who are currently not together (but should be!). She is a feisty, very cutesy cupid, so to speak. She is at the right of the couple, not in the middle because she is not trying to get in between them. She just wants to help.

EJ (James Scott) and Samantha (Alison Sweeney) are my favorite non-couple that should be a couple on the show!!!! Then Harlottamen is off to the side smiling with excitement. Actually all three of them are looking pretty happy!
This is actually going to be a Litho print for my printmaking class. I will draw out the letters on the bottom which says "DAYS DRAMA" in caps and "Harlottamen Causes Trouble for EJ and Sami!" in lower case underneath. Soap Opera Digest will be xeroxed on the litho stone.
I am planning on framing two individual prints and giving them as gifts to Ali and James when I meet them both in L.A. June 3rd.

This is Hope (Kristian Alfonso), Bo (Peter Reckell) and Harlottamen. She is once again off to the side looking conspicuous. None of these folks are smiling, but there is something humorous about the look in Bo's face and how Hope's lips are wanting to turn up. Do they even know where their story goes?
If I have any time, I would probably want to make a stone print out of this one as well or at least start the comic book idea! that could be fun!!!! :D


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