Almost Finished Part II

I have finally decided what I would love to do for this show. It took a while, but I'm there. I wish I could say the same for my group members, but I'm sure we'll all come together eventually!
On display, in the Chidlaw Gallery, will be six oil pastel on Bugra paper self-portraits with chocolate syrup strategically placed on them. In a corner a cluster of 1,200 empty chocolate wrappers will be ornately stacked. I'm pondering whether or not that rubber ducks should be included. There's only one yellow duck in each drawing. Would it make sense to have several in person? Probably not.
I also purchased a chocolate scented fragrance on eBay. I'm using it to lightly scent the gallery with it as often as I can to retain the sweet essence.
Chocolates also happen to be on the reception menu as well.

Take it Like a Champion is about engaging in the act of reading the romance novel, placing myself under the quintessential spell of the writer's sophisticated use of language and knowledge of how one feels when they are falling in love. It is as if the reader is also feeling magnetic emotion for the illustrated story. The title has mixed connotations because there are many things one could "take like a champion." But what is important to me is revealing the secret passion for these sultry novels and taking the potential criticism of this particular genre with a brave face.
In this drawing, I just need to fix the fingers on this as well as sculpt out the knees. One of the faculty members said that it reminded her of boobs!!! I have to clear that up right away!!!
I actually don't like the wrappers underneath this one, lol!!!!

Bite the Braid is still continuing on the theme of honest revelation. These romance novels are heavily predictable, especially in the emotional terms of sensuality, provocativeness, and undeniable lust. It would make sense that the reader looks to be enraptured by some heated words and uses that frustration by chewing, gnawing almost on anything. She's likely out of chocolates, but she has this head full of braids. Why not sink her teeth into one? After all, they are calorie and fat free!

Lustful Glance is about the act of watching romance playing out on the TV screen. She looks to be caught unawares, her chocolate smeared fingers at her mouth, her body movement still. Originally, she was facing the viewer, but I changed the eye position with this one because I wanted her to be looking at a TV screen. I did the drawing of the screen, which of course is a scene from Days of Our Lives that I've inserted myself into it, but I think I will leave it out of the show.

This is just the close up of the face which I absolutely enjoy. I tried to make TV light, but it is quite difficult to render perfectly. Still, I think the drawing is successful because of the way the shades of various browns work with yellows, oranges, blues, and reds. Plus the sheen of the chocolate is quite nice,. It gives the drawing an extra bit of texture. :)

The biggest question I face is not why the teddy bear is in the drawing, but why the duck? And what does this mean to me on a personal level? I cannot wait to answer it.


  1. Oh Janyce, these are lovely!!

    You know, I thought those wrappers were chocolate chips! Perhaps if you moved the paintings lower to the ground, you could have then pile of wrappers look like they fell down on the floor around you?

    The skill and work behind these paintings is just amazing, I am really impressed and I enjoy them! Just looking at them, there is such an ap-parent sensuousness, richness, melty sort of quality. little bits of chocolate themselves!

    I love the duckies! They make me think of bubble baths, and I think that's what most people will think when they see them. Bubble baths, of course, are associated with luxury, comfort, the duckie being present instantly adds that reference to your work :)


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