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Sketches Coming Soon

I had a huge itch to scratch during my writing session today. I've started thinking about drawing the covers of my novels in litho crayon for sketch purposes. I need to find some eager models desperately. Though they do have nude model sessions at some art galleries, it is almost always rare to have an ethnic one coming in. I guess I shall take my chances!
We'll see how it works out, but in the mean time here's some inspirartional images for me to look at. I wish I knew who the artist was. Perhaps Beverly Jenkins knows?

Romance Novels?

I'm not really making any art work right now. Perhaps not until I go to Denver for my two month house sitting gig!
In the meantime, I am simultaneously working on a three romance novel trilogy set in the 19th Century period. These are a combination of a love for Beverly Jenkins (a writer who specializes in African American historical fiction) and Virginia Henley (who uses such concrete description in her Caucasian centered ones, plus my penchant for British history (due to art pf course!), and the long Shakespearean tradition of forbidden opposites attracted by each other.
That is whenever I'm not disturbed and plus, it's very, very hot at Tien's house. I try not to be bothered by the constant sweat on my forehead. I keep telling myself it's the result of hard, brain operated labor! :)

Book 1
Captain Branson Gray is a free slave and notorious pirate of the sea. A womanizing rake and cheroot smoking man with an unforgivable past, he travels with his partner and ally, T…
Her skin is dark as charcoal dust
Her skin also soft like silken red rose petals
Her face is the shape of man’s true heart
Her brows are arched graces of intelligence
Her eyes are liquid pools of cacao beans
Her nose is broad and flat as desert
Her full lips are ripe and plump strawberries
Her kiss is sweet, honey drenched wine
Her body’s curves are from the Nile
Her voice is rich, husky like an exotic
Her walk is agile and graceful, so panther like
And her name was Chocolate Beauty