Thursday, December 16, 2010

Holiday Card Design

In designing my holiday card, I decided along something different and special this year. Fun, funky and personal, we have an afro chick gal with a pick at her shoulder, and her cute orange cat beside her, holiday lights and ornaments in her hair, including a ball with a rubber duck center. Colorful and stylized, I happily pressed those Prismacolor pencils down for their intensity! How could I have lived without their brilliance? They sooooo rock!
I can't wait to print these and send them out! I hope my friends will get a real kick out of taking this card out of their mailboxes! :D

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

An Ode to Chocolate

"Chocolate, Will You Marry Me?"

Matte shades of velvety brown
Makes head spin round and round
Rich, erotic, warm, and sweet,
Stealing thunderous heartbeat

Bitter dark, sugared milk, or velvety white
Any enticing flavor seems so right
Valentines, Christmas, any day, my dear
For I want you at every passing hour of the year

So soft against finger tips
Ready to be in between opened lips
Buds of tongue await, eager and wet
Anticipation desperately hungry to be met

Mystified by pleasurably stirred love bites
Delicious desire is taken to great soaring heights
Tastes like arousing, poignant sin
Little death arriving faster than being with men

Center filled with caramels, fruits, and nuts
But purely naked is where it cuts
Addicted to sweetened drug craved all of the time
I would move heaven and earth to forever make you mine

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

New Etsy Shop!

Yay! I'm officially opened for artistic business!
So far there are some prints, drawings, and paintings, but I will be also selling one of a kind cards, shrink art, and other works. I am very super excited about this and hope to build lots of networking opportunities on etsy.
It's a rather exciting venture!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Birthday Presence

I feel so overjoyed by the day having received almost 200 happy birthday wishes from my family, friends, and my fellow FL'ers, even Days of Our Lives treats- a "happy birthday" tweet from Alison Sweeney (Samantha Brady) and a "happy birthday" FB wall post from Mark Hapka (Nathan Horton). The weather was just phenomenal for celebration! This afternoon I was greeted by the yellow green eyes of frightened grey kitty cat. So pleased I was to give chase, wanting nothing more to give it a loving home, but unfortunately it disappeared in the light of day. I pray that Meano did not get to it. It was too small and innocent to be given such a torturous death from a dog. :(
I had lunch with my friend, Erica who I hadn't seen since first grade ended. There was a chance meeting with my artist friend, Scott Gibbs at the library where I was greeted with a "happy birthday" hug and peck. Oh, that man, I just adore! I truly do! As I walked back home my bus driver friend waved and threw up two fingers at me from across the street, looking as sweet faced and gorgeous as ever!
Tien and I hung out for the rest of the evening. We ate dinner at the vegan restaurant Lovin' Hut, enjoyed birthday cake (red velvet yum!) and of course the singing meow birthday song card was a real hoot! Yay!!! I finally got some speakers for my iPod!!!! Studio time is going to be awesome and rocking from now on. That is until the studio is actually cleaned and organized. :)
27 is going to be a great age! I can feel it in my bones......

Birthday Eve: the Poem

Twas the day before her birthday, all through her apartment,
No gifts could be seen, not even a hint.
Early Facebook messages, emails, and tweets she had received,
But a new age was drawing near, that had her aggrieved

She refused to remove herself from her warm, comfortable bed,
For visions of chocolaty goodness twirled in her head
She forever in a bandanna and a Buffy tee,
Wanted to settle in for a long autumn time z.

She awakened to a rude kind of noise,
Hoots, hollers, and whistles from the neighborhood boys.
Groaning aloud, she went to shut them up as to continue her sleep,
But in the lot, she was surprised to see her name upon a pretty purple jeep.

The sun light reflected on the automobile made for her,
Sudden tears shone in her brown eyes, making it all a blur.
Staring with wonder on how such a thing could appear,
Though she had no license, she was filled with great cheer.

"Come now Birthday Eve Girl, tomorrow is your day,
But now is the time to celebrate, the candles are on their way!"
The man shouted, in her driver's seat, looking straight up at her, happy and sweet,
She fled the room and out of her door, not missing a beat!

She stood in front of him, eager to appraise,
For the man had given her a gift better than all her other birthdays.
"I don't know how or why but thank you for the wheels,
Are you also going to pay for the insurance, registration, and the other bills?"

The man stepped out of the jeep and laughed at her greed,
"Come now, Birthday Eve Girl, this should be all that you need."
She shook her head, but knew she better stay polite,
He could take it away in a flash and she would be in a plight.

He was short, round, and brown, an orange pick in black afro hair,
Strangely dressed in funky 70's style wear,
A tweed blazer, matching pants, and loafers,
Smelling like home-cooked dinner made by Stouffer's.

"Well, who are you?" She asked. "Some kind of a Birthday Santa Claus?"
"No, I am a kind philanthropist. I'm Mister Jerry Butterballs."
She almost burst into giggles at such an odd name,
But he bowed and winked, smiling at her shame.

"I have to go, but enjoy tomorrow's ice cream and cake,
I have other people to see and other presents to forsake."
Off he rode in and out of sight, but not before bellowing,
"Happy birthday to all and to all a good mellowing!"

She stood outside in her robe, confused as can be,
But don't worry everyone this was all a weird, silly dream.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Birthday Eve

My birthday is in t-minus thirty minutes.
Though technically I did not escape the womb until 11:35 A.M.
I'm reflecting on the good things about 26. It was a rather good age for I graduated from college, received some wheels as a gift (though I still have no driver's license, lol), spent a beautiful summer in Denver house and cat sitting for a friend.....
But the hardest thing for me still is finding a great job and sticking with it. There is nothing beneficial about staying in a small town that seems to be losing thousands of employment opportunities a month, but I am determined.
It's also high time to make some brilliant work! Well, not brilliant persay, can we just say of the excellent equation. I'm writing more stories, including some shorts for I am entering a handful of writing contests. Art needs to be made for the grad school brochures are arriving and I need to be well prepared before sending off applications to my chosen destinations.
Anyways, I must say 26 was golden, but what 365 days will 27 bring me?

Monday, May 31, 2010

Sketches Coming Soon

I had a huge itch to scratch during my writing session today. I've started thinking about drawing the covers of my novels in litho crayon for sketch purposes. I need to find some eager models desperately. Though they do have nude model sessions at some art galleries, it is almost always rare to have an ethnic one coming in. I guess I shall take my chances!
We'll see how it works out, but in the mean time here's some inspirartional images for me to look at. I wish I knew who the artist was. Perhaps Beverly Jenkins knows?

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Romance Novels?

I'm not really making any art work right now. Perhaps not until I go to Denver for my two month house sitting gig!
In the meantime, I am simultaneously working on a three romance novel trilogy set in the 19th Century period. These are a combination of a love for Beverly Jenkins (a writer who specializes in African American historical fiction) and Virginia Henley (who uses such concrete description in her Caucasian centered ones, plus my penchant for British history (due to art pf course!), and the long Shakespearean tradition of forbidden opposites attracted by each other.
That is whenever I'm not disturbed and plus, it's very, very hot at Tien's house. I try not to be bothered by the constant sweat on my forehead. I keep telling myself it's the result of hard, brain operated labor! :)

Book 1
Captain Branson Gray is a free slave and notorious pirate of the sea. A womanizing rake and cheroot smoking man with an unforgivable past, he travels with his partner and ally, Thomas Crawford, Earl of Helford.
On a journey from the sugarcane fields of Savannah, Georgia back to the throes of splendid London, England, Branson finds himself in a strange predicament when he finds the nearly drowned body of a runaway slave next to his ship.
Anesthetic Maya cannot remember who she is or anything about her life, but finds herself intrigued by her handsome rescuer. Though she tries to be kind, she doesn’t understand his cold, hostile behavior towards her.
What will Maya remember? Will that jeopardize the love that she feels for Branson? And what of Branson…..what is the shady pirate hiding from her?

Book 2
Chastity Gregory, an innocent brown skinned maid and companion to her friend, Hannah Gregory Crawford, narrowly escaped the ravenous clutches of Hannah’s determined husband, Roscoe Crawford, Duke of Ashford.
Disguised as a boy, Chastity sneaks on board of Captain Douglas “Dark Dragon” Gray’s ship headed for places unknown. Falling in love with him in the midst of adventure wasn’t what she planned, but she wouldn’t dare expose the terrible secrets that she carried.
Douglas, Branson's younger brother, uses the sea as a means to forget his own dark past. He cannot understand his fascination with the seemingly innocent, soot faced Chase. Taking “him” under his protection, Douglas introduces Chase to the seductive world of pirating, cheroot smoking, and brothels. However, once he sees through Chase’s disguise, he does everything in his power to seduce her.
Hannah hurt that she has discovered that she is barren and that Roscoe is in a heavily obsessive pursuit of Chastity is easily influenced by her mother and vicious young sister and wants revenge.

Book 3
Jasmine, a free spirited, very wise, Southern belle is thankful that her sister, Maya has helped her escape from American slavery, but she carries a terrifying secret. The baby she carries is that of Thomas Crawford, Earl of Helford, and a result of their forbidden summer tryst.
Thomas, Roscoe's cousin, is a man who shirks his duty to play secondhand command to Pirate Branson Gray. When Thomas's father suddenly dies, he is bound by duty to return to London at once. Betrothed to the cold, calculating Anne Marie Gregory, he is torn by the honor to do what is right, but cannot deny the woman who has his heart.
Society would surely frown upon and destroy a man in love with an ex-slave, especially one he helped rescue!

Yes, I hope to make the painted covers for these books, but I highly doubt the novels will be finished this year. That could be my goal though......

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Her skin is dark as charcoal dust
Her skin also soft like silken red rose petals
Her face is the shape of man’s true heart
Her brows are arched graces of intelligence
Her eyes are liquid pools of cacao beans
Her nose is broad and flat as desert
Her full lips are ripe and plump strawberries
Her kiss is sweet, honey drenched wine
Her body’s curves are from the Nile
Her voice is rich, husky like an exotic
Her walk is agile and graceful, so panther like
And her name was Chocolate Beauty

Thursday, April 29, 2010


Well, I am soon to have a BFA degree in drawing, but I still don't have a job- like a real job. I haven't worked in 3 years. It really sucks because everything has just been awful since then. I've had five interviews, a non-flexible schedule, and many long hours in the studio that got in the way of paycheck opportunity.
Now I think there's a possibility for change! I'm going to throw myself out there harder (even though that rejection from Polaris Undergraduate Journal hurt a big deal!). It's time to live out my dreams and not let things pass me by in the dust!
I realize I just can't just sit here growing a beard and pot belly like a man! I'm a female gosh darn it! It's time to giddy up on the horse and put this meager talent to work! Otherwise I am going to have the worse life ever. And no creative person wants that!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Installation of Mix Up Senior Thesis Exhibit

Finally! It's all over!
The show is up and finished!!!! Whew!!!!! *wipes blood, sweat, and tears from face*

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Pop Awesomeness!!!!

Memory, 2006
30" x 40"

I'm becoming a huge fan of creating Photoshop images, especially with the upcoming Mise-en-Scènic Show which is opening on Friday night. It features the three 26"x36" Soap Opera Digest covers. It;s so strange that my instructor tells me that that is the best work that he has ever seen me done. I'm still a painter at heart, even though this upcoming show and my senior thesis exhibit have no paintings on view at all. :(
Memory was one of the first from my freshman year at art school. It was fun combining a range of different pictures from family to friends to celebrities to art work. This is more of a biography of growth than anything else and of course how pop culture has influenced my life. In the left segment features things like cartoons, a McDonald's Happymeal (a rare, but happily accepted treat), an old family picture, and me in this horrid 4th grade ensemble (thanks Mom).
The center is how art was inspiring me in high school, how escapist it was. Most of the time my drawings and paintings were celebrity portraits. Halle Berry had the hair style that I loved and emulated. She was unbelievably gorgeous, such an idol to me even though I knew I could never be that glamorous, that kind of beauty that stood upon a pedestal. Buffy the Vampire Slayer was my favorite show because it focused on real life issues of an outsider and her group of unusual friends. People thought it was a joke of a show, but I saw depth in the writing, the acting, and the overall message of what the show was illustrating. It captured my essence of high school life perfectly. So I was creating a lot of Buffy inspired pieces as well as carrying around the Buffy obsession with me, like literally. In high school for comforting purposes, I always carried around a hot pink box of Buffy mementos like lollipops (nasty, but the wrappers were cool!), trading cards, found Internet images, comic books (that of which I am still collecting!), and other things.
The third and final side of Memory is about how my art has evolved. The work starts to become less about celebrity, but about values. I began drawing on personal life experiences and dreams of visiting Africa. This also showcases this new relationship between me and a man, which is quite fascinating. There is a humorous side that is shown, but it is unique and altogether a refreshing experience to understand love, to comprehend differences, and to make sacrifices in order for it to work successfully.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Final Pieces for Show

These three drawings serve as a break from the Chocolate Self Portrait Series. They will be in the same room, but on a separate wall. Still on the romantic inspiration trail, these are appropriations of beautifully lavished Marie Antoinette oil paintings. These are colored pencil drawings on blue Bugra paper. I have replaced Marie in these compositions with the idea of creating a false, rich ancestor that is African American decorated as an object of desire. There is no male presence of course, but she is constantly looking off the canvas, perhaps seeing and meeting a special someone in secret......

This was the first drawing. I'm almost finished, though I do wish I didn't make the arms so long. That is hard to fix and erase, Bugra is too thin a paper to keep layering and attempting to erase. Plus, I press hard on the colored pencils. I just need to add the ears, fix the hands, and darken other areas.

This drawing is my favorite because of the red dress. It is provocative as well as the other ones. Well, back them the bosoms had to be pushed up, lol. I would like to add something to the plain purple background and I'm thinking of golden roses. Just something pretty and patterned would add more romantic flair to the round frame of this drawing. I will finish the hair piece, which includes adding more flowers and feathers. I guess Marie really enjoyed those kinds of fashion. It is kind of a sophisticated glamour, right?
I wonder if she attracted any birds and bugs with her elaborate head decor. Ha!

This one needs the most finishing up. The Braids as well as the big feather hair ornaments. The dress is going to look very elaborate. It looks plain now, but by night's end it will become a splendid, ostentatious masterpiece, lol! :D
OMg! Did I sound too optimistic and just a little too confident for my liking......?
After the drawings are done, I will be layering them with a thin coat of turpentine to give them that painterly finish. Prismacolors are awesome for that particular reason! Then I will be checking out nice golden frames for them. :)

Monday, March 29, 2010

Throwback Photo/Article Taken June 5, 2008

I found this goodie today! For two years I've tried to open up the email my friend Jerri sent me from Pamela Dillion, a Dayton Daily Newspaper writer. All of this time, I could have opened it up at school on the Mac instead of struggling to open it on the PC. Hmmmmmmm.......

Artist Profile

By Pamela Dillon
Contributing Writer

Janyce Glasper

(937) 838-1999

Current News
The 24-year-old artist will be teaching a workshop at K12 Gallery for Young People this summer. In Self Portraits and Hollywood Collages, students will paint a bust-sized self portrait in acrylic paints and oil pastels. Participants will also create a collage of their favorite Hollywood actor. Hours are 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. on July 7-11 at 510 E. Third Street. Bring a lunch. Cost is $160 for members of K12, and $225 for non-members. Call the gallery at (937) 461-5149 to register.

Arts Education
At 15, Glasper started art classes at K12 during an after-school program while attending Colonel White High School for the Arts. She graduated from K12’s artist-in-training program, and then completed a few classes at Sinclair Community College in 2003. For the past two years, she has majored in illustration at The Art Academy of Cincinnati.

“An art teacher friend, Carol Rogers from Colonel White, introduced Janyce to me when she was 15,” said K12 founder and director Jerri Stanard. “Not only was she a very talented artist, she had an incredible sense of humor. I love to see her maturing into this beautiful young lady who is also a great friend.”

Art Awards/Scholarships
Glasper won a National Scholastic silver award in 2002 for a drawing. She received a $5,000 renewable portfolio scholarship to attend The Art Academy of Cincinnati. She loves to write; she recently acquired a one-time $1,250 Bertha Langhorst Werner scholarship award for an essay she wrote.

She exhibited 7 large-scale paintings at the Montgomery County Common Pleas Court as a Colonel White senior. By the time she graduated, she had sold more than $1,200 in artwork. She was part of a group of K12 artists who created the National City Second Street Market mural in November of 2003. She has sold artwork to RTA, Montgomery County Courts and Time Warner Cable. She has shown work at the Know Theatre in Cincinnati. She recently had a solo exhibit at K12.

Future Plans
“I’m hoping to transfer to Parsons School for Design in New York by spring semester. I want to travel. I really enjoy art history, and hopefully that would nurture my work.”

And lol, my future plans didn't exactly pan out! That sucks!!!!! :(

Friday, March 19, 2010

Soap Opera Digest: The Drawing Version

I was making litho crayon drawings from two different Days of Our Lives centered covers a few weeks ago from the Soap Opera Digest lot that I bought from eBay last month. It was quite fun and I was actually laughing a lot as I created these. Someone even said that my rendering style is very interesting, that these could easily transform into comic books based on fictional Salem. I inserted myself as this character, Harlottamen who starts trouble between couples and it's funny that I pick the ones who are currently not together (but should be!). She is a feisty, very cutesy cupid, so to speak. She is at the right of the couple, not in the middle because she is not trying to get in between them. She just wants to help.

EJ (James Scott) and Samantha (Alison Sweeney) are my favorite non-couple that should be a couple on the show!!!! Then Harlottamen is off to the side smiling with excitement. Actually all three of them are looking pretty happy!
This is actually going to be a Litho print for my printmaking class. I will draw out the letters on the bottom which says "DAYS DRAMA" in caps and "Harlottamen Causes Trouble for EJ and Sami!" in lower case underneath. Soap Opera Digest will be xeroxed on the litho stone.
I am planning on framing two individual prints and giving them as gifts to Ali and James when I meet them both in L.A. June 3rd.

This is Hope (Kristian Alfonso), Bo (Peter Reckell) and Harlottamen. She is once again off to the side looking conspicuous. None of these folks are smiling, but there is something humorous about the look in Bo's face and how Hope's lips are wanting to turn up. Do they even know where their story goes?
If I have any time, I would probably want to make a stone print out of this one as well or at least start the comic book idea! that could be fun!!!! :D

Thursday, March 18, 2010

This is the prologue for a novel I'm writing called, "Nobody."

Ma got upset sometimes.
A lot actually.
I just told myself that she didn’t realize what she was saying to me, that her words could be so nasty. Maybe she just didn't know. That's a possibility, right?
And her usual pretty hazel eyes transformed into a sickly green when she spewed her toxic acid.
I would myself she had been in an evil catatonic state, brainwashed by someone who hated me very much.
One particular school morning lays deep in my memory.
“You’re so ugly,” she had viciously spat at me as I passed her bedroom door. "Why did I wind up with a daughter that looks like you?"
That was the door no one ever wanted to pass if she was in vile mood. If the door was opened, she could see and scream the first insult her dark soul could muster. This only happened a few times out of each month; so my young heart tried not to take any of these things seriously.
But the stubborn tears would streak my cheeks at her cruel belittlements, especially the ones she served me with that morning.
I was used to such harsh taunts anyway.
Kids at school called me names and made me feel just like Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. I was simply too unfitting to join in the games at recess or engage in conversation with my classmates.
The only friend I truly had was Tilda who was only at my side, sitting next to me on the bright yellow school bus or eating an energy infused breakfast of warm doughnuts, orange juice, and milk. But since we were in different grades; classes and lunchtimes had caused separation anxiety for me.
I was so utterly alone.
My teachers had looked at me with such concern and compassion.
It was so humiliating, so unbearable inside that they could truly see the isolation and the treatment my peers constantly gave me. I was the quiet child, the docile crybaby; exiled from all who saw me.
I could always be seen standing amongst the trees staring with watery, blurred eyes at the other children at play, longing enviously to be one of them.
The teachers labeled me special, meek, and mild. I had to take all these adjectives with a grain of salt; thinking that this was simply pity and that being on Honor Roll every quarter was a penance, not a reward for intelligence.
The older I got, the more I realized how hard it was to talk to people. Communication was a terrifying, very cruel master that I could not obey properly.
My voice would crack and mutter so incoherently that people perceived me to be dumb and ignorant; especially since I also don’t have good eye contact. I was afraid that they would find out what I lacked.
But they probably already found out the cold, hard, shockingly honest truth.
I wielded no great beauty, no abundant knowledge, or astounding significance.
I was a Nobody.
A Nobody!

Almost Finished Part II

I have finally decided what I would love to do for this show. It took a while, but I'm there. I wish I could say the same for my group members, but I'm sure we'll all come together eventually!
On display, in the Chidlaw Gallery, will be six oil pastel on Bugra paper self-portraits with chocolate syrup strategically placed on them. In a corner a cluster of 1,200 empty chocolate wrappers will be ornately stacked. I'm pondering whether or not that rubber ducks should be included. There's only one yellow duck in each drawing. Would it make sense to have several in person? Probably not.
I also purchased a chocolate scented fragrance on eBay. I'm using it to lightly scent the gallery with it as often as I can to retain the sweet essence.
Chocolates also happen to be on the reception menu as well.

Take it Like a Champion is about engaging in the act of reading the romance novel, placing myself under the quintessential spell of the writer's sophisticated use of language and knowledge of how one feels when they are falling in love. It is as if the reader is also feeling magnetic emotion for the illustrated story. The title has mixed connotations because there are many things one could "take like a champion." But what is important to me is revealing the secret passion for these sultry novels and taking the potential criticism of this particular genre with a brave face.
In this drawing, I just need to fix the fingers on this as well as sculpt out the knees. One of the faculty members said that it reminded her of boobs!!! I have to clear that up right away!!!
I actually don't like the wrappers underneath this one, lol!!!!

Bite the Braid is still continuing on the theme of honest revelation. These romance novels are heavily predictable, especially in the emotional terms of sensuality, provocativeness, and undeniable lust. It would make sense that the reader looks to be enraptured by some heated words and uses that frustration by chewing, gnawing almost on anything. She's likely out of chocolates, but she has this head full of braids. Why not sink her teeth into one? After all, they are calorie and fat free!

Lustful Glance is about the act of watching romance playing out on the TV screen. She looks to be caught unawares, her chocolate smeared fingers at her mouth, her body movement still. Originally, she was facing the viewer, but I changed the eye position with this one because I wanted her to be looking at a TV screen. I did the drawing of the screen, which of course is a scene from Days of Our Lives that I've inserted myself into it, but I think I will leave it out of the show.

This is just the close up of the face which I absolutely enjoy. I tried to make TV light, but it is quite difficult to render perfectly. Still, I think the drawing is successful because of the way the shades of various browns work with yellows, oranges, blues, and reds. Plus the sheen of the chocolate is quite nice,. It gives the drawing an extra bit of texture. :)

The biggest question I face is not why the teddy bear is in the drawing, but why the duck? And what does this mean to me on a personal level? I cannot wait to answer it.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Guess Who's The Big Star Now?

These works are more about placing an African-American identity in the soap opera and putting myself out there as a big Days of Our Lives fan. It was fun to pose and act. Maybe there will be a video installation to go along with these!
I am debating on whether to glue these covers onto the actual magazines themselves and/or going father by inserting myself into the pages.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Almost Finished!!!

For seven hours, I was in the studio jamming to my new fave artist Melanie Fiona as well as some Bob Marley, Tegan and Sarah, Tool, Bic Runga, and some other artists!!! LOL, I hope there were no students about, listening to some girl in the studio strongly singing off key!
Still, it was fun to actually get some work done.
I brightened the face, highlighted the teddy bear, added shadows underneath the box and duck. Then, finally, I inserted the chocolates (oil pastels with chocolate syrup layered and drizzled over top) and drew in the TV remote control. I added a smudge of chocolate syrup to the lips, making it look like my alter ego was having a messy, sweet time!
I've inserted an image of an African landscape into the background in Photoshop. I'm still trying to figure out how I want this to be shown. It would cost a lot to print out a high resolution images just so I could adhere the drawings onto them.
Well, no time for thinking! I have two self-portraits to finish, some romantic linoleum prints to make, and hilarious Soap Opera Digest drawings to sketch! :D

Sunday, January 31, 2010

More Thought

It is the end of January. I'm twelve weeks away from the untitled senior show and was ill-advised to stop with the self-portraits and chocolate syrup paintings on paper. Since my thesis paper is solely on appropriations of romance novels and soap opera obsession, I am going to continue my drawings (maybe some paintings)of those and creating a 45th Anniversary Commemorative Magazine for Days of Our Lives- it will contain stories, drawings, pictures from the fan event, and an essay.
So it's back to the drawing board peoples!!!! :D

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Self-Portraits Part Deux

First was the watching television self-portrait and now here is the in-progress reading one. I am planning on making strawberry syrup paintings to coincide with the television portrait because those chocolate syrup drawings are supposed to be with this reading one. The chocolate syrup is about making fictional characters brown in the historical romance context and the strawberry syrup (they don't sell vanilla syrup, lol!) is about capturing the TV actors who though play a role, they are real people. There are only three African Americans on Days of Our Lives and so there will not be any use for chocolate syrup. Plus, they aren't front burner stories either.
I just have to figure out what this all means in the long run!!!!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Chocolate Scented Love

I have been doing a lot of work for the upcoming senior thesis show. It happens to be the week of April 19th-23rd. That's just 13 weeks away!!!!
I've retained my interest in romantic themes and appropriating romance novel covers. My idea is that there will be small litho crayon drawings of woman (no longer will there be portrayed female/male relationships) on a digital background of different African landscapes. The idea is that there is a lure about my unrequited love about traveling to Africa and making art that centers on that fixation. These pieces are about my own wanting to go into the unknown, explore an innocent, untested passion and not listening to the terrifying fears of my brain, but the longing in my heart. Africa is the male and I am the pure, unadulterated woman.
Plus I will be working on a two large scale self-portrait drawings installation about the engaging in the act of enjoying the genre- one is watching television and the other is reading a novel. These self portraits will be surrounded by six chocolate syrup (exploring new media, lol!) on paper paintings. In the self-portraits is me with a box of chocolates (which of course will be chocolates painted out of chocolate). The TV one is originally to be surrounded by soap stars and the reading a book portrait is to be surrounded by women appropriated from romance novel covers.

Some of these were done with a paintbrush and some were finger painted (sticky, but not messy!). I love the message that this will send out! Seduction by chocolate, novels, and soap operas is a very winning combination! Plus, this installation smells a lot better than the ones I've done in the past! Hahahahahaha!!!!