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A Poem for Grandma

Life is short.
It comes at you fast.
So speedingly.
Stop just to breathe,
Smell the flowers.
Engage in the taste.
Lie in the bittersweet.
Hug a true blue friend.
Kiss that one soulmate.
Cherish family.
Just always remember,
Don't take small pleasures,
for granted.
Life is short.

Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice!

Say his name three times fast and he'll appear. I love Tim Burton for making this crazy, outrageous, and monstrously wicked character. Michael Keaton in bizarre makeup, wacky unkempt hair, and funky wardrobe (gotta love that suit!!!) made this film such a gem in my childhood heart. I wish he were living with me. I'd bet we'd have such jolly adventures together as well as have lots of cool stories to tell one another.
Yep, I'm definitely keeping BJ in my thoughts at all times. Maybe he'll actually appear. Does someone have TB's number? He may be good in assisting me in this little matter. Or better yet MK. I'm sure he wouldn't mind donning the outfit for old time's sake.