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Well, I am soon to have a BFA degree in drawing, but I still don't have a job- like a real job. I haven't worked in 3 years. It really sucks because everything has just been awful since then. I've had five interviews, a non-flexible schedule, and many long hours in the studio that got in the way of paycheck opportunity.
Now I think there's a possibility for change! I'm going to throw myself out there harder (even though that rejection from Polaris Undergraduate Journal hurt a big deal!). It's time to live out my dreams and not let things pass me by in the dust!
I realize I just can't just sit here growing a beard and pot belly like a man! I'm a female gosh darn it! It's time to giddy up on the horse and put this meager talent to work! Otherwise I am going to have the worse life ever. And no creative person wants that!

The Installation of Mix Up Senior Thesis Exhibit

Finally! It's all over!
The show is up and finished!!!! Whew!!!!! *wipes blood, sweat, and tears from face*

Pop Awesomeness!!!!

Memory, 2006
30" x 40"

I'm becoming a huge fan of creating Photoshop images, especially with the upcoming Mise-en-Scènic Show which is opening on Friday night. It features the three 26"x36" Soap Opera Digest covers. It;s so strange that my instructor tells me that that is the best work that he has ever seen me done. I'm still a painter at heart, even though this upcoming show and my senior thesis exhibit have no paintings on view at all. :(
Memory was one of the first from my freshman year at art school. It was fun combining a range of different pictures from family to friends to celebrities to art work. This is more of a biography of growth than anything else and of course how pop culture has influenced my life. In the left segment features things like cartoons, a McDonald's Happymeal (a rare, but happily accepted treat), an old family picture, and me in this horrid 4th grade ensemble (thanks Mom).
The center is how art was inspiring me in high s…
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