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Soapy Hair Stories: Appropriations of Roy Lichtenstein

It's quite an over dramatic notion- the way women obsess about beauty- whether it's makeup, body image, and age. It has gotten to the point of shallow ridiculousness due to media ploy. Yet hair roots are another story entirely nowadays, especially African Americans fighting a raging battle between staying naturally beautiful or getting the sleek, kink stripping perm.
Keep in mind, men never have to obsess with image as much as women do. They're allowed to keep their hair in any way, in any style while women resort to spending tons on weaves, relaxers, perms, and extensions to appear "attractive" and in turn, cruelly punishing natural sisters for not following suit.
Based on true accounts of a turbulent upbringing (was given the ugly nickname "Carpet" in school), the tragedy of African American women despising free style wearers and going as far as publicly criticizing and embarrassing them is a sickened hatred has always confused me. This destru…


With April being National Poetry Month, Parish picked a convenient time to come to The Neon Movies. An astounding, vibrant piece of finely weaved storytelling and thoughtfully spoken artistry, this independent film centers on Brooklyn high school teen, Alike (pronounced ah-lik-e) an exceptionally good student and aspiring poet from a hard working middle class family. In her underground world, the shy girl hangs out with bold, outspoken, Laura, who has already proudly come out and lives with her sister. Alike, however, is much too afraid of such honesty and chooses to entrap herself with dual identities- switching from hood gear to chic fashion, she is trying to do right by parents, Arthur and Audrey, but it's her little sister, Sharonda that begins suspecting the truth first. Filled with hilarity, wit, and compassion, viewers follow Alike’s course of adolescence as she tries unsuccessfully talking to women, tests out her first strap on with Laurie’s aide, writes poetry in a c…

The Yellow Trolley Chronicles: Synopsis Update

The Yellow Trolley Chronicles

Set in fictional Montgomery, Ohio, The Good Girl is about shy artist, dreamer, library aide, devout church goer, and avid bus rider, Josephine Huffman, a young, African American woman destined to go places. With low self esteem, a horrible upbringing, and addictive thirst for living vicariously in romance novels, her world takes a downward spin just as she’s on the brink of discovering her true worth and enjoying a sweet, blossoming companionship with Mick, a trolley bus driver who sees something special in her.

The Bad Seed has Josephine taking art to places she always dreamed of. Finally attending art school in a new city and learning refreshing aspects about her beloved subject, she finds herself torn and isolated from peers and faculty while struggling to find creative identity. With studies not being difficult enough, commitment to an abusive, tumultuous relationship has her tasting darker sides of life, but a fiercely determined heart cannot let …