The Yellow Trolley Chronicles: Synopsis Update

The Yellow Trolley Chronicles

Set in fictional Montgomery, Ohio, The Good Girl is about shy artist, dreamer, library aide, devout church goer, and avid bus rider, Josephine Huffman, a young, African American woman destined to go places. With low self esteem, a horrible upbringing, and addictive thirst for living vicariously in romance novels, her world takes a downward spin just as she’s on the brink of discovering her true worth and enjoying a sweet, blossoming companionship with Mick, a trolley bus driver who sees something special in her.

The Bad Seed has Josephine taking art to places she always dreamed of. Finally attending art school in a new city and learning refreshing aspects about her beloved subject, she finds herself torn and isolated from peers and faculty while struggling to find creative identity. With studies not being difficult enough, commitment to an abusive, tumultuous relationship has her tasting darker sides of life, but a fiercely determined heart cannot let go of the simplest truth as her secret friendship to Mick continues deepening.

The Best One concludes Josephine’s poetic journey through art and life. Finally, she bravely emerges away from inflicting abuse and towards Mick, the man she has loved forever, but he has detrimental secrets of his own that could make or break their impending happiness....

Subject to change, of course.
Stay tuned!
Still writing and writing and writing and writing!!!!!


  1. I see that you like Trolleybuses. Your story sounds really interesting. I hope to read it one day when it's finished.

    If you want to use any of my pictures just let me know.

    I have collections at


  2. Omg! Thank you so much!!!! I really appreciate the help. Loved Dayton trolleys for such a long time. :)


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