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Bringing the Sweet & Sexy Back to the Studio

Party Time!!!!!!

In celebration of completing the first week of school and moving in a lot of my art supplies and drawers into the studio, it's time to pantry shop for sugary inspiration. Well, the healthy sugar inspiration. The ones that don't feature corn syrup. It still isn't good to pop them in your mouth like a crazy binger! Moderation is the key here. (But it's so darn tough!) That would be all kinds of nuts. But I burns my calories by painting and staring at all kinds of cool art on the Net.

The Sweet Side of the Studio Pantry

1. My new sweet thang. Yummy!!!! Eat it on top of toasted blueberry waffles, on cinnamon sprinkled apple slices or as frosting for cake. Really good out of the jar though!!!! Have to have one at home and the studio. It's so good. Perfect gift for chocoholics!!!!!Tastes so luxurious and rich that your buds are thinking that you've died and went to chocolate induced heaven!

2. These are just divine!!!!! I know they may be animal cracker…

Doggie Commissions!!!!

Jaime, a friend of a friend had commissioned me to do portraits of the bride and groom's respective dogs. Their wedding just so happens to be today. I finished these on Wednesday at Tien's house on 12"x12" canvases that were very nice (especially at $18.99 original price) with acrylic paints, oil pastels, and a thin coat of glossy mod podge. It was ten hours of mind numbing labor (the fun sort of course!!!) and the kiddies came by to "help." I'd also like to thank Tien for bringing that Butterfinger milkshake from Steak & Shake. I didn't need it at all, but that sugar had me buzzed and ready to deliver.

She liked the top one more. That was understandable. Retto, second doggie, was one I had major problems with during my initial black and white sketch process. It all worked out (fast and quick!) in the end. I was very grateful that she chose me to do this project. I do hope that the bride and groom love their gifts and hang them either in their ho…

Shrinky Dinks!!!!!

I made these last semester as a part of my final Drawing VI project. This time I'm ready to explore doing more of them. So my studio is armed with various paints and a box of oil pastels. As well as the Almighty Toaster Oven. That's how these babies are made. I acrylic paint on 4 1/2" by 8" plastic sheets and oil pastels go on top. A few hot seconds in the oven make them melt, distort, and take on interesting forms. I'll move on from the half supermodel, half cat faces to something else now. Not sure what, but at this point I'm loving shrink art and the chance operations that come with it. It is usually a kiddie craft, but I think that some amazing results have came through for me. I'll continue my exploration and see where this takes me.

Things I Need Indeed!

My new apartment is all moved in. All moved in. Yay!!!!
Well, except that I haven't opened up a single box, my frig is still empty, and my bed has yet been constructed. I have a lot of things to shop for. In fact, here is my list.
1.) Blender (I need to make my fruit and yogurt smoothies! They help me start the day right)
2.) Dish rack (A pretty one that helps me dishes dry)
3.) Couch (saw some nice ones on craigslist, but Tien wants me to get that blue couch. Yuck!)

(above: antique couch for $65, left: couch selling for pull apart blue couch for $60 and right: 5 piece floral imprinted bamboo furniture for $300)

4.) TV (flatscreen would be nice)
5.) Blu Ray Player (I'm just being fancy, lol. No way I'll end with one!)
6.) Nintiendo Wii (again, a nice thing to have, but so unlikely...)
7.) Hair dryer (Preferably one that you sit under. Gotta keep that frizz at bay!)
8.) A mini frig for my studio. ( When the nights are long, it's good to have healthy snacks on chill)
9.) Curtain…

Silkscreens Part 1

This is the progress of my design so far. I can't wait to finish painting them with acrylics and maybe some oil pastels before iron setting them. I was inspired by the above picture of James and Ali portraying the Days couple- EJ and Sami, lol!!!!!! Kinda looks abstract and I like the look of it.

Boston, Massachusetts Here We Come!!!!

Hi James and Ali!!!!! (Okay Ali won't be there, but hey!!!! She looks so lovely next to him).

Well, well, well. Looks like Boston is nine days away. Tomorrow I start painting on the screen and getting ready to make some prints on tops of t-shirts for the Days Charity Event. I'm thinking maybe sell a couple as well as give some to the charity itself. The money that they donate goes towards Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) which I think is a wonderful cause.
I'll make some sketches and post them up later.
Then I'm going to find some great quality t-shirts to print on. I'm thinking either American Apparel or Target. (Heck, maybe even Walmart). I want some white ones as well as different girly colors (pink, purple, cerulean, lime green). We all know that mostly women watch soap operas. Not to be stereotypical. I'm just looking at the facts, lol.

Sign This Oh Mighty Emma Caulfield!!!!

Tien and I am gearing up for Wizard World this weekend. I must say that I am so excited about the line-up. There's famed artists like Mark Millar who is creator of the hit comic, Image's Kick Ass and also writes for Marvel's Fantastic Four, . Celebs that are showing up are Michelle Rodriguez, the girl that kicks butt in the Fast and the Furious, Gary Coleman (I am at a loss of words right now), Lou Ferringo (the original Incredible Hulk), Margot Kidder ("Lois Lane" with Christopher Reeves as "Clark Kent" in the classic Superman movies), Todd Bridges, Billy Dee Williams, Doug Jones (that scary one eyed Cyclops in Pan's Labyrinth that gave me the heebie jeebies), and a host of other names. I must say that I am very, very excited for this year.
But being a big Buffy, the Vampire Slayer fan and an avid collector of all things Slayer, I am so happy to see that Emma Caulfield will be gracing Chicago with her presence. I don't know what she's suppo…