Doggie Commissions!!!!

Jaime, a friend of a friend had commissioned me to do portraits of the bride and groom's respective dogs. Their wedding just so happens to be today. I finished these on Wednesday at Tien's house on 12"x12" canvases that were very nice (especially at $18.99 original price) with acrylic paints, oil pastels, and a thin coat of glossy mod podge. It was ten hours of mind numbing labor (the fun sort of course!!!) and the kiddies came by to "help." I'd also like to thank Tien for bringing that Butterfinger milkshake from Steak & Shake. I didn't need it at all, but that sugar had me buzzed and ready to deliver.

She liked the top one more. That was understandable. Retto, second doggie, was one I had major problems with during my initial black and white sketch process. It all worked out (fast and quick!) in the end. I was very grateful that she chose me to do this project. I do hope that the bride and groom love their gifts and hang them either in their home or at the workplace. Commission work is just a job to me, but I still take the time to make every piece of art special. My personal art is something else entirely.

Jaime has a dog. There is a slim possibility that I may be in the running to paint that one as well. Lord knows that pets are more fun to paint than expressionless people. :)


  1. These paintings are so great Janyce! I'm not sure why you're unhappy with the bottom seems lovely to me :) You are so gifted, it's wonderful to get to see more of what you do!

    Butterfinger milkshake? Oh GOD that sounds amazing..... adding a blender to my shopping list....LOL

    Can you use modge podge on everything? I love that gloss effect but I'm always scared of using varnishes cause I'm not ever sure how they'll react to my drawings.

  2. Jels!!!!

    Thanks for the compliments, it means a lot coming from a genius such as yourself. <333
    I would have to get back to you on the drawing bit. I have only used the mod podge on canvases. I use that so people won't smear up the oil pastel drawing that is layered on top of the acrylic paint. When I first did it, I really was surprised by the results. It was the definition of a lucky accident, lol.
    I would be very afraid of putting varnishes on drawings too. Maybe I'll do some crappy ones and see how the mod podge lays on it. I don't know how the results will be, but I'll back with you on my experimentations. Heeheee.
    Butterfinger milkshake? Don't even think of getting one. They probably clog your arteries and give you high blood pressure. I myself try to stick to them twice a month. But I admit that I can fail miserably. That sugary sweetness just gets to you. :D

  3. :D!

    You're very welcome!! Hahahaha....I'm no genius though!

    Ahhhhhh I see...... It's definitely a good idea to seal the oil pastels as those can get so messy. Don't worry about the experiments, cause I've got a group tutorial next Monday and I will ask everyone there what sealers would be appropriate on drawings. I wouldn't want you to waste any of your materials and time :) Thank you so much though for offering to try!

    UGHHh damnitt... i don't care to see the current state of my arteries...the butterfinger milkshake is a foul temptress! Even so, 2 times a month is pretty much iron will compared to how often I'd cave in. LOL!


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