Things I Need Indeed!

My new apartment is all moved in. All moved in. Yay!!!!
Well, except that I haven't opened up a single box, my frig is still empty, and my bed has yet been constructed. I have a lot of things to shop for. In fact, here is my list.
1.) Blender (I need to make my fruit and yogurt smoothies! They help me start the day right)
2.) Dish rack (A pretty one that helps me dishes dry)
3.) Couch (saw some nice ones on craigslist, but Tien wants me to get that blue couch. Yuck!)

(above: antique couch for $65, left: couch selling for pull apart blue couch for $60 and right: 5 piece floral imprinted bamboo furniture for $300)

4.) TV (flatscreen would be nice)
5.) Blu Ray Player (I'm just being fancy, lol. No way I'll end with one!)
6.) Nintiendo Wii (again, a nice thing to have, but so unlikely...)
7.) Hair dryer (Preferably one that you sit under. Gotta keep that frizz at bay!)
8.) A mini frig for my studio. ( When the nights are long, it's good to have healthy snacks on chill)
9.) Curtain rods to hang my glow in the dark constellation curtains (A must need!!!!)
10.) Food for the fridge!!!! Duh!!! (How could I forget subsistence?)
11.) A job to buy all of the stuff mentioned above. :D

Yep, I think that's about it for now! School starts August 24, 2009.
Would it be a bad time to ask to be shot?
Just kidding!!! Looking forward to getting down and dirty this senior year!!!!!


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