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The "I *Heart* Larabars!" Project

I haven't worked much in here just yet, but I can say that the studio is finally at a good cleaned up stage. Now that it's more organized with much space and room to draw or paint or doodle (as well as breath and snack on munchies, larabars in fact), I can be a functional artist now! As you can see from these two pics, I think I already have ideas for my next series- larabars? I enjoy the flavor combinations of the actual product as well as the unique colors of the packaging, quite bold and organic at the same time. I don't see why I couldn't make a painting about them- I mean, I'm eating one or two practically everyday (hey! each fruit, nutty, delightful little bar is 1 serving of fruit!)In fact, I'm keeping the wrappers as I go because these might make for interesting sculptures or collages sometime in the distant future.
Funny how I find that food is an inspiration to me and has been for the last recent pieces.