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President Barack Obama & Vice President Joe Biden's Dayton Visit

With fickle autumn morning drifting between warm, chilly, and hot and crisp, beautifully colored leaves raining from wind blustered trees, it set an idyllic preparatory tone for President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden's joint campaign visit to little Dayton, Ohio.
At eleven A.M., I sat on the very first charter bus making its way towards Triangle Park, face staring out at the season's rich earthy loveliness, excitement filling entire body amongst cozy, cushioned rainbow seats.
Yesterday on a normal walk from drawing class, ran into old friend, Latoria King who pointed me into destiny- acquiring that coveted blue "golden" ticket straight from the democratic headquarters in the Oregon District!
That joyous elation continued building into a stronger anticipation well into last night's cheer induced slumber.
It was really happening.
I was going to see the President, live and in living color!
Even as stomach cried over the rush to leave home without brea…

The Formal AfroVeganChick Blog Introduction

Where are my manners???
My 2nd blog, AfroVeganChick started off as a New Year's Resolution in January.
After being a vegetarian for 14 years, I finally wanted to graduate to the full fledged step veganism which means to exclude all animal related products from diet altogether- milk, cheese, eggs, and honey.
2012 is almost over and the blog is still documenting the challenging journey, but somehow I forgot to add the link and talk further about this newfound kitchen creativity and unlike Sugarygingersnap, it has an About Me page which introduces a very goofy, often updated pictorial bio story of yours truly.
I love creating with words on Microsoft Word and in many journals and experimenting in the artist studio with a variety of mediums and surfaces, but in the kitchen, it's all about using the pantry, the fridge, and freezer in another unique relationship via stove, oven, or without heat.
In these ten months, I've made horribly atrocious food and very wonderful, deliciou…

A Year Of Olivia

A whole year of kittiness!
Olivia, my infectious, wonderful, happy, purrfect calico companion is a year and 2 months old or 16.7 in human years. A lot could be said about being a female artistic cat owner living near the hip downtown scene, enjoying the good quiet life, but pictures speak more volumes than a renowned babbler ever could.
Here are the sweet, precious treasures my baby girl doles out daily:

Figure Drawing 101 Part 1: Idealization Reflective Essay

It's been an eye opening six weeks.
Each life anatomy drawing class at Sinclair Community College offers fascinating insight into the interior and exterior structures of figurative study- how bones and muscles operate together underneath the body's largest organ.
However, this class's purpose involves a much deeper analysis than making realistic, technically savvy art in traditionalist fashion and is considered an intrusive, very intimidating psychological awakening.
Each homework assignment must be from life and if a model is unavailable or unfounded, which in most cases they are, students must use themselves as composition and though allowed undergarments, it is imperative to showcase bones and muscles accurately to frame.
By using our personal bodies, it can at times create a conflict no one is prepared to tackle.
"Now we only have a few people in the class so there's no reason to be uncomfortable with revealing yourselves," said instructor, Mark Echtner.…

A Tale Of Two Libras: A Birthday Card Post To Bestie

"Librans are sensitive to the needs of others and have the gift, sometimes to an almost psychic extent, of understanding the emotional needs of their companions and meeting them with their own innate optimism - they are the kind of people of whom it is said, "They always make you feel better for having been with them."- All About Libra
Today seems appropriate for a reflective, stroll down memory lane journey.
About thirteen years ago, on the outdoor grounds of torturous high school, I was introduced to fellow creative free spirited, quiet yet humorous, Asia Aneka Anderson, whom prior to meeting, Stephanie Bramel had quoted, "You have got to meet this girl. She's a lot like you."
And indeed we have much in common.
Taste in widened kaleidoscope of music. Quirky, unique fashion style. Appreciation for creative writing, books, and poetry. Love for autumn and October brilliance. Working at the library because one cannot spell library without "Libra!…

First Friday & Catch Up Babble

It's been a while. So sorry. However, I've not been entirely M.I.A. in the bloggersphere- working quite hard on, a New Year's resolution into veganism that has transformed into a shared experience of a remarkable journey. Since eating a strict plant based diet ten months ago (wow!), an ardent passion for food and kitchen has emerged and blossomed into a vigorously enjoyable process so eerily similar to creating art and writing. It taps into that desire to be innovative, but instead of using just eyes and hands, nose and taste buds are the most ample part in deciding which flavor combinations effectively work together. So much like which two paints make the best color or which words best complete a sentence.... Obviously, I could yammer on and on about my cooking addiction, but anywho, let's see what has been happening in merry old Dayton, shall we? Last week, my eyes took in the paintings, prints, drawings, and photography of t…