Tuesday, October 23, 2012

President Barack Obama & Vice President Joe Biden's Dayton Visit

"Vote Early" was just one agenda on the menu today.
With fickle autumn morning drifting between warm, chilly, and hot and crisp, beautifully colored leaves raining from wind blustered trees, it set an idyllic preparatory tone for President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden's joint campaign visit to little Dayton, Ohio.
At eleven A.M., I sat on the very first charter bus making its way towards Triangle Park, face staring out at the season's rich earthy loveliness, excitement filling entire body amongst cozy, cushioned rainbow seats.
Yesterday on a normal walk from drawing class, ran into old friend, Latoria King who pointed me into destiny- acquiring that coveted blue "golden" ticket straight from the democratic headquarters in the Oregon District!
That joyous elation continued building into a stronger anticipation well into last night's cheer induced slumber.
It was really happening.
I was going to see the President, live and in living color!
Even as stomach cried over the rush to leave home without breakfast, even as trembling feet stood in a line for two hours, and even while waiting another three hours for the gentlemen to arrive, this experience would be far different than anything ever expected- greater than any concert, theatrical play, or phenomenal poetry reading, my whole life waited for this defining moment of pure clarity.

President Barack Obama encouraging the engaged crowd to listen to wisdom & vote.
After five, tumultuous hours of desperation, hunger, and glee, the event kicked off straightaway at four P.M. with everyone in the crowd reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, the national anthem sung with graceful eloquence by an amazing vocalist, and a bittersweet introduction by an Obama campaign volunteer.
Vice President Joe Biden came out first, filled with fiery spirit and hilarity, making light of last evening's final presidential debates between President Obama and rival, Governor Mitt Romney and getting the campaign trail kicking by chatting about lies and seeing through facades.   
Once President Obama arrived on stage, my ears and eyes went numb.
This wasn't some swoon worthy, drool infested lapse in time.
This was special and rare- an event meant to be savored.
He exuded such a charismatic presence, speaking heartily to the boasting crowd like one does an old, familiar friend, talking of plans for another four years of burgeoning hope ripening into replenished fruit, of creating more employment implanted here in glorious America not shipped overseas, and of making the commitment to being an honest politician, keeping his promises.
Yet stating in firmly passionate conviction that love shouldn't be hidden in secret closeted shame, especially amongst the troops fighting to protect our country, President Obama caused mistiness blurring vision and renewed vigorous belief that anyone should be married if they chose to be regardless of gender roles.
There are far more disgusting circumstances in this ugly, hypocritical world, a lot of unnecessary hatred and callous judgement. A life is too short and perilous for certain individuals condoning and refusing the bonds of marriage to those choosing to want that certification, that piece of acknowledgement that their love is acceptable.
Other than articulating tender and sentimental prose, he fulfilled the gift of his visit, evoking his devoted followers with fire in their hearts. As he waved goodbye to the crowded sea of chants and screams, amongst the alluring wonder of poignant nature, I would never forget this experience, being in the same vicinity with the most powerful man in the country who energetically inspires millions of individuals to propel onward to better opportunities, to a brighter, promising future than they ever thought to deserve.
So as I've learned at the end of this glorious day, of standing in the awarding fall heat, listening to the gospel of a remarkable leader, not to label myself as an artist, writer, advocate, vegan, feminist, black woman.
I am only just a full blooded American through and through.

 From teacher loving to "Romnesia," President Barack Obama gets the audience pumping with humor, intelligence, and escalating desire to remain the chief! 
*Sorry it's mostly cameras in the air & not enough pres, but you can hear his messages loud & clear!
Latoria & I meet after the speeches!
Such a great time!
And there goes Air Force One.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Formal AfroVeganChick Blog Introduction

Brown rice topped with carrots, broccoli, tofu, & avocado.
Where are my manners???
My 2nd blog, AfroVeganChick started off as a New Year's Resolution in January.
After being a vegetarian for 14 years, I finally wanted to graduate to the full fledged step veganism which means to exclude all animal related products from diet altogether- milk, cheese, eggs, and honey.
2012 is almost over and the blog is still documenting the challenging journey, but somehow I forgot to add the link and talk further about this newfound kitchen creativity and unlike Sugarygingersnap, it has an About Me page which introduces a very goofy, often updated pictorial bio story of yours truly.
I love creating with words on Microsoft Word and in many journals and experimenting in the artist studio with a variety of mediums and surfaces, but in the kitchen, it's all about using the pantry, the fridge, and freezer in another unique relationship via stove, oven, or without heat.
In these ten months, I've made horribly atrocious food and very wonderful, deliciously addictive food.
Thanks to various vegan blogs, helpful reading material focusing on getting proper nutrients especially finding protein in tasty items such as tofu, tempeh, quinoa, kale, and nuts, and an inspiring documentary called Forks Over Knives, I have enriched my eyes, ears, and tongue, further crafting recipes and engaging in making the kitchen another "studio" space where every meal is an attempt at innovative, yummy masterpieces on a plate. 
I highly doubt that I'll return to dairy.
Veganism sensuously sexy enjoyment- inside and out, is officially the longest running, most dedicated New Year's Resolution ever made and I love every last, appetizing moment.
The below 5 are some of my favorite recipes with the links added, but I admit comforting foods such as macaroni & cheese and various kinds of pizza are also featured on the blog.
I commend Daiya and nutritional yeast for making that possible.

Fried Tofu Strips Over Basmati Rice & Broccoli
Vegan Chocolate Raspberry Cupcakes
Frozen Chocolate Black Bean Walnut Brownie Sandwiches With Strawberry Banana Icecream Filling
Black Bean Burger With Cauliflower "Cheese" Sauce
Baked Pretzels Topped With Nutritional Yeast & Italian Seasonings
The blog isn't just about cooking, sharing recipes, and product/restaurant reviews, I link inspiring future Hair Ideas, showcase thrifty fashion advice, share homemade beauty product recipes, have little celebrity encounters that bring out the inner crazy fangirl, and reveal the progress of my afro, which sadly enough is still covered territory unless inside the safety of home.
The purpose is to inspire and hope that someone else sees the progress of these "travels," yearning to do the same.
Why does it always take a new year to take a chance?
I'm taking the plunge by being me and not ever looking back...
In the world's most adorable bathroom, about to take off the security blanket. But it's all revealed here & your eyes will never be the same: OMG The Afro!
Is there some kind of art related to all this mumbo jumbo????
Why yes! Of course! A vegan bespeckled lady holding a bowl of salad with a yellow rubber ducky in her afro.


Monday, October 15, 2012

A Year Of Olivia

Olivia doing what she does best- sleeping & purring simultaneously!
A whole year of kittiness!
Olivia, my infectious, wonderful, happy, purrfect calico companion is a year and 2 months old or 16.7 in human years. A lot could be said about being a female artistic cat owner living near the hip downtown scene, enjoying the good quiet life, but pictures speak more volumes than a renowned babbler ever could.
Here are the sweet, precious treasures my baby girl doles out daily:

She is too cute when sleeping & is often vulnerable to belly rubs & shameless paw holding!
Sometimes I cannot help adding her into art..
I wish this could really happen...
I am investing in kitty glasses so we could look further alike...
An avid hide and seek enthusiast, she often hides underneath expensive, high quality drawing paper.
She's always on the other side of a closed door.
She jumps on the kitchen counter every night, impatiently waiting for her dinner.
She's brimming with intelligence and isn't obsessed with her outward fluffy beauty &  irresistible cuteness.
She sleeps anywhere, but lightly. Always aware of the constant danger surrounding her world like vampire puppets.
She makes a new home out of anything. Cardboard boxes especially.
On the steps, she likes to play dangerously.
She adores pink tissue paper.
Obviously I have taught her well- she draws up her dream cat in her spare time.
Striking a model pose atop of my backpack. Without permission of course.
As I'm drawing at the desk....
...she always jumps on my lap though grouchy.
Always sleeping.
Can't tell whether or not she likes yoga.
Nothing matters more to me than my precious Olivia.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Figure Drawing 101 Part 1: Idealization Reflective Essay

It's been an eye opening six weeks.
Each life anatomy drawing class at Sinclair Community College offers fascinating insight into the interior and exterior structures of figurative study- how bones and muscles operate together underneath the body's largest organ.
However, this class's purpose involves a much deeper analysis than making realistic, technically savvy art in traditionalist fashion and is considered an intrusive, very intimidating psychological awakening.
Each homework assignment must be from life and if a model is unavailable or unfounded, which in most cases they are, students must use themselves as composition and though allowed undergarments, it is imperative to showcase bones and muscles accurately to frame.
By using our personal bodies, it can at times create a conflict no one is prepared to tackle.
"Now we only have a few people in the class so there's no reason to be uncomfortable with revealing yourselves," said instructor, Mark Echtner. "In fact, I've had students in the past who have made discoveries that at first they were overly critical of, but eventually learned to accept those 'flaws' and highlight them in their drawings."
At first, I laughed at the notion, having drawn my form sans clothes several times and only revealing that art to a select few, but slowly pieces of my timid personality unraveled from using the mirror in ways never used.
Examples of course homework:
First assignment- drawing face with skeletal structure.
Second- draw face with a hand.
Third- arm and shoulder attachment.
Fourth- twisted torso.
Fifth- foreshortened torso view...
Now as the homework became more complicated and the mirror started focusing on depressing avenues,
inner questions rose on suppressed issues pertaining to aesthetics and perception.
What was considered a beautiful body and who has one?
Why do I always exclude myself as a part of the latter answer?
For years, I've been obsessively compulsive about media's representation, that rail thin phenomenon of the idealistic perfect figure: long straight hair, thin face, perky breasts, tightly muscled stomach, and long lean legs. My burning curiosity ventured as far as Google searching Hollywood actresses/models weight/measurement profiles and wondered why heavy amounts of excruciating exercise and healthy eating can't my overly trained body look the ideal, crying over not being thinner.
In this particular drawing class, addressing what the TV, the movies, high school peers, and strangers on the street have obviously taught, not only does the weekly female model represent coveted beauty so does the figures showcased in required book, Atlas Of Human Anatomy for the Artist by Stephen Rogers Peck and these weekly assignments forced confronting long hindered mental issues about that view.
The horror story of sitting naked alone in a dark room with charcoal, a large piece of paper, and a small lamp brightening imperfections brought about fear and enhanced that "ugly girl syndrome" mindset and gave realization that ethnicity and genetics factor into this extreme face and body hatred.
I am a black girl with thick, ethnic features and body programmed to dislike.
In the process of looking in the honest mirror without cringing and drawing down that miserable thick hourglass form, the mirror revealed the startling shapes lacking the waifish supermodel ideal, I cannot stop being judgmental. That gnawing, negative predictable hate eats away as charcoal smears the paper and I keep comparing myself to other women, who are not minorities, and ultimately seeing that abstract notions of unorthodox yearning are completely unbalanced.
As I continued searching my body for beauty, criticizing everything from head to toe, and disliking my teacher for making me dig deeper into this uncharted territory while still being in the artist role, it becomes easy to not be genuine, to create fictional marks, disheartened that no pleasure can be derived in the experience.
The dread rose to a feverish pitch at this week's next unveiled homework assignment- getting the entire figure down on the paper in a box format- head, feet, and everything in between.
Very, very frightening....
Since turning vegan, dropping an astonishing twenty-five pounds and taking ample note of scary mental image of a fit woman still desiring to be a little skinnier, when staring in the mirror, I feel utterly torn between disgust and claustrophobic in rectangular prison.
But that mindset pattern is slowly fading.
Each week, growing better accustomed to my body and the challenge a refreshing assignment presents, I am a motivational cheerleader- telling myself to stop being afraid, trash hateful criticism, and think like a good visual artist trying to master capturing the human body in creative prowess. 
An emerging presence comes to the forefront- focused, softened light revealing curve in brilliance and hiding shape in darkened shadow and seeing that beautiful encouragement 
A short time ago, I wouldn't even want to conduct a full body self-portrait drawing, especially nude.
"This is about seeing the structure and getting it down in a masterful, realistic manner so that it appears to a photo," Ecktner explains as students looked appalled. "But in reality drawing is just another way of creative abstraction."
Perhaps due to reaching a maturing, accepting stage, I'm finally learning to accept reflection and see that the teacher isn't the enemy.
That he was right all along.
This complex class isn't just about figurative anatomy, it allows opportunity to break free from shy, insecure box, appreciate unearthed uniqueness, value every inch of unclothed skin, and not cringe or wish to vanish into a darkened corner or smash formerly deceptive, villainous mirror into smithereens.
Shifted in unimaginable ways, my relationship with the rectangular glass is developing into a positive circumstance, giving this powerful bravery to move forward, shut off waging self-doubt, and close the mind to past vulnerability.
I feel radiant sometimes, even a bit happy at what the visage entails. 
So what if my coarse, nappy hair doesn't grow straight from scalp, my chest has these two large mounds of fleshy skin, no six pack emerges on the surface of my stomach, my thighs are thicker than most, and my chicken legs are short, muscled stomps?
I actually quite like my peculiar exterior.
In fact, I'm almost in love, but promise not to be narcissistic, artificial, or conceited about it. 

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A Tale Of Two Libras: A Birthday Card Post To Bestie

"Librans are sensitive to the needs of others and have the gift, sometimes to an almost psychic extent, of understanding the emotional needs of their companions and meeting them with their own innate optimism - they are the kind of people of whom it is said, "They always make you feel better for having been with them."- All About Libra
Wishing a happy 30th birthday to Libran pal since our hellish Colonel White High School for the Arts days.

Today seems appropriate for a reflective, stroll down memory lane journey.
About thirteen years ago, on the outdoor grounds of torturous high school, I was introduced to fellow creative free spirited, quiet yet humorous, Asia Aneka Anderson, whom prior to meeting, Stephanie Bramel had quoted, "You have got to meet this girl. She's a lot like you."
And indeed we have much in common.
Taste in widened kaleidoscope of music. Quirky, unique fashion style. Appreciation for creative writing, books, and poetry. Love for autumn and October brilliance. Working at the library because one cannot spell library without "Libra!"
And yes, most importantly, our birthdays are two days apart.
She is an intelligent, talented, gifted, observant, beautiful, funny lady and I'm glad to call her a friend!
Back in the day, afternoons spent in Mrs. Rogers' crowded art room, letting creativity roam free, bonding over Justin Timberlake's attractiveness while outside during the lunch hour amongst our selective band of misfits, we attempted the easy peasy, hand waving, stomp your feet as you twirl in a circle "Bye, Bye, Bye" dance. Just two brown, alternative, quiet girls excitedly crushing on late 90's early 2000's pop revival. Though she hated Britney, I loved her.
We weren't obsessed with narcissistic high school peers- the jocks, the cheerleaders, the in-betweens.
Asia and I were true visionaries.
Our explored imaginative worlds often starred intriguing people worth admiring and our life goals planned seeking independence from workforce and waving artistic freedom flags- Asia dreams of becoming a Rolling Stone music journalist while I want to become a traveling artist/fiction writer.
There's still ample time to put those seeds into fruition...
The first film we saw together was 2002's Josh Hartnett's 40 Days and 40 Nights, a story about a sex addict who takes on a vow of chastity and on his last climatic day, he has this strange creepy dream about flying through a sea of boobs. Talk about awkward...
Other big screen pictures we both enjoyed- Lord Of The Rings, just about every Elijah Wood movie ever created even Happy Feet, Harry Potter, independent genre, and so much more. Heck, we adore some of the same actors, but with her living in opportunistic Chicago (she moved away so long ago *sobs*), often she meets and poses with them (coughs Tyrese Gibson & Josh Duhamel), but I feel more happiness than envy because of this spiritual connection quality.
Weird, but it's real and genuine.
She has been to Australia. I visited Paris.
But of course one of these days, we'll venture to another foreign country- perhaps at the same time, on the same airplane. Maybe have a London adventure that involves stalking Harry Potter actors or J.K. Rowling while having tea and biscuits and photographing landmarks.
A Libra can dream right?
It's rare nowadays to have friends or a friend that truly get who you are and what you aspire to be and make a pact to stay in contact with that individual, especially when they move far away. Thanks to the wonderful Internet, connected by the threads Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and now Instagram provides, I can still chat with my bosom buddy whenever possible. She understands me and I feel the same way about her.
That kind of camaraderie is a rewarding treat!

Chilling in Mrs. Rogers' art room on my 17th birthday with Stephanie & Asia- one dollar bills pinned to my shirt.
The front of Asia's senior picture. Calm, cool, collected. Very, very classy. Heavy alliteration use....
"Never let anyone tell you that you can't accomplish your dreams cuz you can."- Asia "Timberlake" Anderson, 2001
My Justin Timberlake marionette! Ugh. Why did I throw him & JC away??? :(
Our stance. But who is that person in the back trying to steal Libran thunder?
A take in between Asia's Youtube documentary filmed at the Dayton Metro Library starring Asia, Sabrina, & me! Alas the only feature I would ever be caught dead in. Unless she has plans for another...
Our karaoke night of Justin Timberlake/Timbaland's "Sexyback" & Carrie Underwood's "Before He Cheats" at Therapy Cafe in downtown Dayton.
The Windy City meetup over drinks & rich men hunting.
Outside the bar looking like superstar winners after two sweet fruity drinks each!
"Two Libras are so much better than one," says the green pea in the pod!
Again, happy birthday Asia, my friend! Hoping that you are celebrating this wonderful milestone Tuesday in a gracious, spoiled manner and that you're treated to chocolate, a day off work, relaxation, train rides, Windy City madness, and getting into all kinds of shameless shenanigans.
That's what you're supposed to do!
FYI: Looking for an online place to truly appreciate Asia's writing style? Look no further than Tumblr.  Please read her prose Moonwalking To Heaven, an inspirational, moving story about the spiritual adventures of beloved singer Michael Jackson as he copes with death and the afterlife. Hopefully, it'll open up blurry eyes, give encouraging strength to continue life's earthy journey, and provide sweet conclusion that it's best to be humbled and be thankful to all that warms the heart.
One could always be less fortuitous...

Monday, October 8, 2012

First Friday & Catch Up Babble

Though my awesome t-shirt arrived months ago, I still love it to death! For contributing $100 to the Alice Walker Film Project, this and the below postcard were incredible incentives!
"Expect nothing. Live frugally on surprise." - Alice Malsenior Walker, author, poet, activist, & inspiration
It's been a while.
So sorry.
However, I've not been entirely M.I.A. in the bloggersphere- working quite hard on afroveganchick.blogspot.coma New Year's resolution into veganism that has transformed into a shared experience of a remarkable journey. Since eating a strict plant based diet ten months ago (wow!), an ardent passion for food and kitchen has emerged and blossomed into a vigorously enjoyable process so eerily similar to creating art and writing. It taps into that desire to be innovative, but instead of using just eyes and hands, nose and taste buds are the most ample part in deciding which flavor combinations effectively work together. So much like which two paints make the best color or which words best complete a sentence....
Obviously, I could yammer on and on about my cooking addiction, but anywho, let's see what has been happening in merry old Dayton, shall we?
Last week, my eyes took in the paintings, prints, drawings, and photography of the Sinclair art department faculty exhibit  held at Sinclair Community College. But in the Burnell R. Roberts Triangle Gallery, the magnetic, all powerful Curtis Barnes Sr's thick, layered textures and bold colored oil painted brushstrokes took over the space with vibrancy and captivating depth.With a wide breadth of work ranging from stylized African influenced narrative to paying a respectful nod to past artists such as French Post Impressionist painter Paul C├ęzanne and Abstract Expressionist Jackson Pollack, Barnes Sr showcases a phenomenal, quite physical engagement with the canvas that is impossible to ignore.

Homage To Jackson Pollack.
"This is breathtaking. Just wanted to tell you how much I love it."
Good news, African Fin Mermaid Goddess sold last week on the Sugarygingersnap's Official Etsy Store to a very sweet person who sent me that above anecdote. Here the Art Nouveau inspired Prismacolor and litho pencil drawing is wrapped in tissue paper, bowed with lovely green ribbon treatment and paper clipped business card attachment.

African Fin Mermaid Goddess, 9x12, Strathmore Bristol Vellum, 2012.
Ready for shipping.
In love with moo.com. Front and back of colorful new business cards printed on recycled cardstock. Yay indeed! 
Gaile, owner of downtown Dayton's Cachet G! Boutique & Art Gallery & me clutching handpainted canvas clutches designed by Dayton artist Marilyn.
Made the most of a rained out First Friday, ignoring the horrid weather and skipping along downtown Dayton in retro cat print dress and 1 inch brown heels.
Dayton Visual Arts Center's latest show, In Vivo: Erin Holscher Almazan, Francis Schanberger and Diane Stemper is an organic flow of precise detail and earthy flare that gives viewers a refreshing perspective on realism and natural elegance.
At the reception, I spoke briefly with Schanberger who gave insight on the Van Dyke printing process, established as early as 1820's, the photography/printmaking process includes a step using the sunlight to give the paper that beautiful rich brown hue and apparently this technique could easily be translated to drawing.
Now that is worth exploring, I enjoy testing out new mediums!
Also, I appreciated his assistance in help me find fine quality artist paper, which is rare and hard to find in our little city since McCallister's closed down so long ago. No longer stuck with mediocre shops Michael's and Hobby Lobby, but now PaperConnection.com is the place to go everybody.
FYI: the gallery talk featuring these three artists is Thursday, October 11th at 6:15 PM and yours truly will be there to learn more about their individual creative processes.

From Tethers series, Erin Holscher Almazan's large scale ethereal drawings reveal poignant, visceral poetry that moves the viewer by the sheer yet quiet intensity of each female portrait's beguiling quixotic presence.

At the top, Francis Schanberger's Van Dyke prints consist of organic, free flowing, abstract fibers finessed beautifully by intriguing thin, willowy patterned mark making and softened, penetrable light while below, Diane Stemper's educational, elementally profound bookmaking entails transforming scientific and worldly exploratory classifications using concise knowledge, intricately detailed image, and craft to engage viewers into reading art.
Now Urban Nights (which occurred September 14th) revealed the grand opening of Treasures Boutique, a unique, vintage consignment boutique that was well worth the anticipated wait. Next to its sister store, Treasure 4 U, a hip, urban trove of original art, jewelry, comic books, and more, Treasures Boutique caters to the old school fashion lover. Inside of the large, dimly lit interior, there are dressing rooms located in the back to try on adorable period dresses priced $10 and up, retro styled pumps and flats fit for any occasion, and accessories galore that could add wonders to any costume. (Halloween is coming up!)
It would be easy to become destitute as one pinches pennies together just to buy everything the heart desires....

On 502 Wayne Avenue, lo and behold the chic appeal.
Potential scarves to add to my collection? Hmmm....
Gorgeous ramed noir fashion prints!
Dresses and shoes galore!
Classic jewelry candy.
I have no idea who that woman is....
Meanwhile in the Oregon District.... 
From vintage pillow hats to retro inspired newsboy caps, newly opened hat shop called Brim has treats for everyone of distinctive taste.
A wide range of floral adorned bucket hats & colorful newsboy caps line the shelves.
This dark purple hat with three flowers especially caught my attention.
And the little hats with veils, stripes, and polka dot designs make for amazing conversation starting!
Two doors away and next to Gallery 510, I met Bambi and her gang of misfits at their awesome shop, Eclectic Essentials. They too have nifty gifts of elegance, prestige, and creative spirits for vintage hunters in every nook and cranny hanging or displayed against charming, red-bricked walls. Original art including my friend, Terry Hitt, handmade jewelry, ceramics, weavings, furniture, wearable art, and other awe-amazing eye candy fill the negative spaces with heart and warm, down to earth soul.
With such kind, humorous individuals, I hope this place stays rooted forever in the Oregon!

An adorable owl drawing made my insides "hoot" in a wild flutter.
These framed miniature portraits coordinate effectively against the old, red brick.
I don't know if these actually work, but don't they look terrific?
Cutesy over the shoulder strap bags!
Bambi's adorable bracelet!
Random tidbits...

A few Saturdays ago, I volunteered for the 9th Annual Adopt A Duck Regatta and had an awesome time watching 15,000 yellow rubber ducks wearing black sunglasses race in the Miami River to raise money for the United Rehabilitation Services of Dayton! Volunteer recruiter, Diane Osman sent me a very thoughtful email with these kind sentiments:  "The regatta was a huge success, and we could not have done it without the help of a lot of amazing volunteers like you.  It was so nice to get to know you, you are such a sweet person!"
Also very sad news to report, yesterday a certain someone celebrated her last twenty something birthday & shed actual tears while downing her sorrows in comforting chocolate cake with family.
The very sincere birthday card, Rob gave me! Best brother ever! <3>
29 had an amazing intro.
Mom, Robert, and Patrick came by for an intimate fun filled family party, scarfing down on homemade vegan spinach pesto pizza and cherry preserves, coconut, and almond topped chocolate cake that paired well with Trader Joe's Cherry Chocolate Chip soy milk ice cream. Also we played two hours of Taboo- an intense boys against the girls competition while Olivia came in and out meowing for free belly and back rubs.
Enough with the slacking, I solemnly promise to post figurative drawings from the life anatomy class currently taking at Sinclair Community College and I'm excited to share in class gestures, past homework assignments, sketchbook insight and more. Besides burning off all those calories with my new jumprope, other events to blog about include upcoming pet portrait commissions, new poems/short stories, the Sinclair Community College Student Art Sale starting November 5th, and more...
Complimentary is always nice.
Well, this is the last gratious shoutout- a very special thank you to Starbucks for the free birthday drink that has had me crazily hyper this afternoon.
Maybe I shouldn't have ordered the largest soy hot chocolate....