First Friday & Catch Up Babble

Though my awesome t-shirt arrived months ago, I still love it to death! For contributing $100 to the Alice Walker Film Project, this and the below postcard were incredible incentives!
"Expect nothing. Live frugally on surprise." - Alice Malsenior Walker, author, poet, activist, & inspiration
It's been a while.
So sorry.
However, I've not been entirely M.I.A. in the bloggersphere- working quite hard on afroveganchick.blogspot.coma New Year's resolution into veganism that has transformed into a shared experience of a remarkable journey. Since eating a strict plant based diet ten months ago (wow!), an ardent passion for food and kitchen has emerged and blossomed into a vigorously enjoyable process so eerily similar to creating art and writing. It taps into that desire to be innovative, but instead of using just eyes and hands, nose and taste buds are the most ample part in deciding which flavor combinations effectively work together. So much like which two paints make the best color or which words best complete a sentence....
Obviously, I could yammer on and on about my cooking addiction, but anywho, let's see what has been happening in merry old Dayton, shall we?
Last week, my eyes took in the paintings, prints, drawings, and photography of the Sinclair art department faculty exhibit  held at Sinclair Community College. But in the Burnell R. Roberts Triangle Gallery, the magnetic, all powerful Curtis Barnes Sr's thick, layered textures and bold colored oil painted brushstrokes took over the space with vibrancy and captivating depth.With a wide breadth of work ranging from stylized African influenced narrative to paying a respectful nod to past artists such as French Post Impressionist painter Paul C├ęzanne and Abstract Expressionist Jackson Pollack, Barnes Sr showcases a phenomenal, quite physical engagement with the canvas that is impossible to ignore.

Homage To Jackson Pollack.
"This is breathtaking. Just wanted to tell you how much I love it."
Good news, African Fin Mermaid Goddess sold last week on the Sugarygingersnap's Official Etsy Store to a very sweet person who sent me that above anecdote. Here the Art Nouveau inspired Prismacolor and litho pencil drawing is wrapped in tissue paper, bowed with lovely green ribbon treatment and paper clipped business card attachment.

African Fin Mermaid Goddess, 9x12, Strathmore Bristol Vellum, 2012.
Ready for shipping.
In love with Front and back of colorful new business cards printed on recycled cardstock. Yay indeed! 
Gaile, owner of downtown Dayton's Cachet G! Boutique & Art Gallery & me clutching handpainted canvas clutches designed by Dayton artist Marilyn.
Made the most of a rained out First Friday, ignoring the horrid weather and skipping along downtown Dayton in retro cat print dress and 1 inch brown heels.
Dayton Visual Arts Center's latest show, In Vivo: Erin Holscher Almazan, Francis Schanberger and Diane Stemper is an organic flow of precise detail and earthy flare that gives viewers a refreshing perspective on realism and natural elegance.
At the reception, I spoke briefly with Schanberger who gave insight on the Van Dyke printing process, established as early as 1820's, the photography/printmaking process includes a step using the sunlight to give the paper that beautiful rich brown hue and apparently this technique could easily be translated to drawing.
Now that is worth exploring, I enjoy testing out new mediums!
Also, I appreciated his assistance in help me find fine quality artist paper, which is rare and hard to find in our little city since McCallister's closed down so long ago. No longer stuck with mediocre shops Michael's and Hobby Lobby, but now is the place to go everybody.
FYI: the gallery talk featuring these three artists is Thursday, October 11th at 6:15 PM and yours truly will be there to learn more about their individual creative processes.

From Tethers series, Erin Holscher Almazan's large scale ethereal drawings reveal poignant, visceral poetry that moves the viewer by the sheer yet quiet intensity of each female portrait's beguiling quixotic presence.

At the top, Francis Schanberger's Van Dyke prints consist of organic, free flowing, abstract fibers finessed beautifully by intriguing thin, willowy patterned mark making and softened, penetrable light while below, Diane Stemper's educational, elementally profound bookmaking entails transforming scientific and worldly exploratory classifications using concise knowledge, intricately detailed image, and craft to engage viewers into reading art.
Now Urban Nights (which occurred September 14th) revealed the grand opening of Treasures Boutique, a unique, vintage consignment boutique that was well worth the anticipated wait. Next to its sister store, Treasure 4 U, a hip, urban trove of original art, jewelry, comic books, and more, Treasures Boutique caters to the old school fashion lover. Inside of the large, dimly lit interior, there are dressing rooms located in the back to try on adorable period dresses priced $10 and up, retro styled pumps and flats fit for any occasion, and accessories galore that could add wonders to any costume. (Halloween is coming up!)
It would be easy to become destitute as one pinches pennies together just to buy everything the heart desires....

On 502 Wayne Avenue, lo and behold the chic appeal.
Potential scarves to add to my collection? Hmmm....
Gorgeous ramed noir fashion prints!
Dresses and shoes galore!
Classic jewelry candy.
I have no idea who that woman is....
Meanwhile in the Oregon District.... 
From vintage pillow hats to retro inspired newsboy caps, newly opened hat shop called Brim has treats for everyone of distinctive taste.
A wide range of floral adorned bucket hats & colorful newsboy caps line the shelves.
This dark purple hat with three flowers especially caught my attention.
And the little hats with veils, stripes, and polka dot designs make for amazing conversation starting!
Two doors away and next to Gallery 510, I met Bambi and her gang of misfits at their awesome shop, Eclectic Essentials. They too have nifty gifts of elegance, prestige, and creative spirits for vintage hunters in every nook and cranny hanging or displayed against charming, red-bricked walls. Original art including my friend, Terry Hitt, handmade jewelry, ceramics, weavings, furniture, wearable art, and other awe-amazing eye candy fill the negative spaces with heart and warm, down to earth soul.
With such kind, humorous individuals, I hope this place stays rooted forever in the Oregon!

An adorable owl drawing made my insides "hoot" in a wild flutter.
These framed miniature portraits coordinate effectively against the old, red brick.
I don't know if these actually work, but don't they look terrific?
Cutesy over the shoulder strap bags!
Bambi's adorable bracelet!
Random tidbits...

A few Saturdays ago, I volunteered for the 9th Annual Adopt A Duck Regatta and had an awesome time watching 15,000 yellow rubber ducks wearing black sunglasses race in the Miami River to raise money for the United Rehabilitation Services of Dayton! Volunteer recruiter, Diane Osman sent me a very thoughtful email with these kind sentiments:  "The regatta was a huge success, and we could not have done it without the help of a lot of amazing volunteers like you.  It was so nice to get to know you, you are such a sweet person!"
Also very sad news to report, yesterday a certain someone celebrated her last twenty something birthday & shed actual tears while downing her sorrows in comforting chocolate cake with family.
The very sincere birthday card, Rob gave me! Best brother ever! <3>
29 had an amazing intro.
Mom, Robert, and Patrick came by for an intimate fun filled family party, scarfing down on homemade vegan spinach pesto pizza and cherry preserves, coconut, and almond topped chocolate cake that paired well with Trader Joe's Cherry Chocolate Chip soy milk ice cream. Also we played two hours of Taboo- an intense boys against the girls competition while Olivia came in and out meowing for free belly and back rubs.
Enough with the slacking, I solemnly promise to post figurative drawings from the life anatomy class currently taking at Sinclair Community College and I'm excited to share in class gestures, past homework assignments, sketchbook insight and more. Besides burning off all those calories with my new jumprope, other events to blog about include upcoming pet portrait commissions, new poems/short stories, the Sinclair Community College Student Art Sale starting November 5th, and more...
Complimentary is always nice.
Well, this is the last gratious shoutout- a very special thank you to Starbucks for the free birthday drink that has had me crazily hyper this afternoon.
Maybe I shouldn't have ordered the largest soy hot chocolate....


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