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Art News To Muse

It's been a long time, but there's a score of exciting news to report!!
One of my drawings from the Roy Lichtenstein Appropriation Series, Soapy Hair Stories is being displayed at the Dayton Metro Library in the Support Women Artists Now (SWAN) Exhibit and the Big Event that includes writers, performance artists, and poetry reading is March 30- International Woman's Day.
I have recently accepted the cordial invitation to join the exciting feminist film/TV/media Bitch Flicks blog as a weekly contributing writer starting next month (whoo hoo! such a kudos). So expect Fridays to be put on reading blast of the lady centric point of view variety! ;)
I'm really excited to also announce that there's another social media night at the Dayton Art Institute tomorrow from 5:30PM-8:00PM. The next upcoming blog post will summarize "Storm, Watershed, and Riverbank," photographs and paintings commemorating the 100th anniversary of the 1913 Dayton flood as well as shed h…