President Barack Obama & Vice President Joe Biden's Dayton Visit

"Vote Early" was just one agenda on the menu today.
With fickle autumn morning drifting between warm, chilly, and hot and crisp, beautifully colored leaves raining from wind blustered trees, it set an idyllic preparatory tone for President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden's joint campaign visit to little Dayton, Ohio.
At eleven A.M., I sat on the very first charter bus making its way towards Triangle Park, face staring out at the season's rich earthy loveliness, excitement filling entire body amongst cozy, cushioned rainbow seats.
Yesterday on a normal walk from drawing class, ran into old friend, Latoria King who pointed me into destiny- acquiring that coveted blue "golden" ticket straight from the democratic headquarters in the Oregon District!
That joyous elation continued building into a stronger anticipation well into last night's cheer induced slumber.
It was really happening.
I was going to see the President, live and in living color!
Even as stomach cried over the rush to leave home without breakfast, even as trembling feet stood in a line for two hours, and even while waiting another three hours for the gentlemen to arrive, this experience would be far different than anything ever expected- greater than any concert, theatrical play, or phenomenal poetry reading, my whole life waited for this defining moment of pure clarity.

President Barack Obama encouraging the engaged crowd to listen to wisdom & vote.
After five, tumultuous hours of desperation, hunger, and glee, the event kicked off straightaway at four P.M. with everyone in the crowd reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, the national anthem sung with graceful eloquence by an amazing vocalist, and a bittersweet introduction by an Obama campaign volunteer.
Vice President Joe Biden came out first, filled with fiery spirit and hilarity, making light of last evening's final presidential debates between President Obama and rival, Governor Mitt Romney and getting the campaign trail kicking by chatting about lies and seeing through facades.   
Once President Obama arrived on stage, my ears and eyes went numb.
This wasn't some swoon worthy, drool infested lapse in time.
This was special and rare- an event meant to be savored.
He exuded such a charismatic presence, speaking heartily to the boasting crowd like one does an old, familiar friend, talking of plans for another four years of burgeoning hope ripening into replenished fruit, of creating more employment implanted here in glorious America not shipped overseas, and of making the commitment to being an honest politician, keeping his promises.
Yet stating in firmly passionate conviction that love shouldn't be hidden in secret closeted shame, especially amongst the troops fighting to protect our country, President Obama caused mistiness blurring vision and renewed vigorous belief that anyone should be married if they chose to be regardless of gender roles.
There are far more disgusting circumstances in this ugly, hypocritical world, a lot of unnecessary hatred and callous judgement. A life is too short and perilous for certain individuals condoning and refusing the bonds of marriage to those choosing to want that certification, that piece of acknowledgement that their love is acceptable.
Other than articulating tender and sentimental prose, he fulfilled the gift of his visit, evoking his devoted followers with fire in their hearts. As he waved goodbye to the crowded sea of chants and screams, amongst the alluring wonder of poignant nature, I would never forget this experience, being in the same vicinity with the most powerful man in the country who energetically inspires millions of individuals to propel onward to better opportunities, to a brighter, promising future than they ever thought to deserve.
So as I've learned at the end of this glorious day, of standing in the awarding fall heat, listening to the gospel of a remarkable leader, not to label myself as an artist, writer, advocate, vegan, feminist, black woman.
I am only just a full blooded American through and through.

 From teacher loving to "Romnesia," President Barack Obama gets the audience pumping with humor, intelligence, and escalating desire to remain the chief! 
*Sorry it's mostly cameras in the air & not enough pres, but you can hear his messages loud & clear!
Latoria & I meet after the speeches!
Such a great time!
And there goes Air Force One.


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