A Year Of Olivia

Olivia doing what she does best- sleeping & purring simultaneously!
A whole year of kittiness!
Olivia, my infectious, wonderful, happy, purrfect calico companion is a year and 2 months old or 16.7 in human years. A lot could be said about being a female artistic cat owner living near the hip downtown scene, enjoying the good quiet life, but pictures speak more volumes than a renowned babbler ever could.
Here are the sweet, precious treasures my baby girl doles out daily:

She is too cute when sleeping & is often vulnerable to belly rubs & shameless paw holding!
Sometimes I cannot help adding her into art..
I wish this could really happen...
I am investing in kitty glasses so we could look further alike...
An avid hide and seek enthusiast, she often hides underneath expensive, high quality drawing paper.
She's always on the other side of a closed door.
She jumps on the kitchen counter every night, impatiently waiting for her dinner.
She's brimming with intelligence and isn't obsessed with her outward fluffy beauty &  irresistible cuteness.
She sleeps anywhere, but lightly. Always aware of the constant danger surrounding her world like vampire puppets.
She makes a new home out of anything. Cardboard boxes especially.
On the steps, she likes to play dangerously.
She adores pink tissue paper.
Obviously I have taught her well- she draws up her dream cat in her spare time.
Striking a model pose atop of my backpack. Without permission of course.
As I'm drawing at the desk....
...she always jumps on my lap though grouchy.
Always sleeping.
Can't tell whether or not she likes yoga.
Nothing matters more to me than my precious Olivia.


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