Birthday Eve

My birthday is in t-minus thirty minutes.
Though technically I did not escape the womb until 11:35 A.M.
I'm reflecting on the good things about 26. It was a rather good age for I graduated from college, received some wheels as a gift (though I still have no driver's license, lol), spent a beautiful summer in Denver house and cat sitting for a friend.....
But the hardest thing for me still is finding a great job and sticking with it. There is nothing beneficial about staying in a small town that seems to be losing thousands of employment opportunities a month, but I am determined.
It's also high time to make some brilliant work! Well, not brilliant persay, can we just say of the excellent equation. I'm writing more stories, including some shorts for I am entering a handful of writing contests. Art needs to be made for the grad school brochures are arriving and I need to be well prepared before sending off applications to my chosen destinations.
Anyways, I must say 26 was golden, but what 365 days will 27 bring me?


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