Birthday Presence

I feel so overjoyed by the day having received almost 200 happy birthday wishes from my family, friends, and my fellow FL'ers, even Days of Our Lives treats- a "happy birthday" tweet from Alison Sweeney (Samantha Brady) and a "happy birthday" FB wall post from Mark Hapka (Nathan Horton). The weather was just phenomenal for celebration! This afternoon I was greeted by the yellow green eyes of frightened grey kitty cat. So pleased I was to give chase, wanting nothing more to give it a loving home, but unfortunately it disappeared in the light of day. I pray that Meano did not get to it. It was too small and innocent to be given such a torturous death from a dog. :(
I had lunch with my friend, Erica who I hadn't seen since first grade ended. There was a chance meeting with my artist friend, Scott Gibbs at the library where I was greeted with a "happy birthday" hug and peck. Oh, that man, I just adore! I truly do! As I walked back home my bus driver friend waved and threw up two fingers at me from across the street, looking as sweet faced and gorgeous as ever!
Tien and I hung out for the rest of the evening. We ate dinner at the vegan restaurant Lovin' Hut, enjoyed birthday cake (red velvet yum!) and of course the singing meow birthday song card was a real hoot! Yay!!! I finally got some speakers for my iPod!!!! Studio time is going to be awesome and rocking from now on. That is until the studio is actually cleaned and organized. :)
27 is going to be a great age! I can feel it in my bones......


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