Almost Finished!!!

For seven hours, I was in the studio jamming to my new fave artist Melanie Fiona as well as some Bob Marley, Tegan and Sarah, Tool, Bic Runga, and some other artists!!! LOL, I hope there were no students about, listening to some girl in the studio strongly singing off key!
Still, it was fun to actually get some work done.
I brightened the face, highlighted the teddy bear, added shadows underneath the box and duck. Then, finally, I inserted the chocolates (oil pastels with chocolate syrup layered and drizzled over top) and drew in the TV remote control. I added a smudge of chocolate syrup to the lips, making it look like my alter ego was having a messy, sweet time!
I've inserted an image of an African landscape into the background in Photoshop. I'm still trying to figure out how I want this to be shown. It would cost a lot to print out a high resolution images just so I could adhere the drawings onto them.
Well, no time for thinking! I have two self-portraits to finish, some romantic linoleum prints to make, and hilarious Soap Opera Digest drawings to sketch! :D


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