Chocolate Scented Love

I have been doing a lot of work for the upcoming senior thesis show. It happens to be the week of April 19th-23rd. That's just 13 weeks away!!!!
I've retained my interest in romantic themes and appropriating romance novel covers. My idea is that there will be small litho crayon drawings of woman (no longer will there be portrayed female/male relationships) on a digital background of different African landscapes. The idea is that there is a lure about my unrequited love about traveling to Africa and making art that centers on that fixation. These pieces are about my own wanting to go into the unknown, explore an innocent, untested passion and not listening to the terrifying fears of my brain, but the longing in my heart. Africa is the male and I am the pure, unadulterated woman.
Plus I will be working on a two large scale self-portrait drawings installation about the engaging in the act of enjoying the genre- one is watching television and the other is reading a novel. These self portraits will be surrounded by six chocolate syrup (exploring new media, lol!) on paper paintings. In the self-portraits is me with a box of chocolates (which of course will be chocolates painted out of chocolate). The TV one is originally to be surrounded by soap stars and the reading a book portrait is to be surrounded by women appropriated from romance novel covers.

Some of these were done with a paintbrush and some were finger painted (sticky, but not messy!). I love the message that this will send out! Seduction by chocolate, novels, and soap operas is a very winning combination! Plus, this installation smells a lot better than the ones I've done in the past! Hahahahahaha!!!!


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