Smelly Presentation

I'm not good with these things.
Of course our three instructors would say that that the most confident students go first. That statement is very true. Except well, I went last and I must say that though I showed much enthusiasm, I had none. I was nervous as hell and sprouting incomplete sentences left and right. Plus I wasn't looking at my notes correctly. I kept making sure to look at the audience, smile/laugh, and tell the wacky tale of what happened at the Days of Our Lives Charity Event. I made sure to talk about crazy women who cried, sweated a lot, and nearly fainted at the sights of the celebrities (I gained a lot of laughs when I said I was one of them). I received a lot of flack for not talking directly about my work and putting it far away from view. I was cursing myself because I knew that the best idea was to pass that small painting of James around, but I didn't. Big mistake.
The way the teachers scored us was by numbered cards. Each of them had a pad from zero to 10. After everyone's presentations, they rose their cards and showed everyone what they deserved. Yes, I sat through some very scholarly oral reports, but even they were mundane, uninteresting, and kind of lifeless. I smiled when a student said that she did not care for people who read their papers in an uptight, rigidity manner. She would have much preferred it better if they had given her their papers to read. I agreed because those students seemed to me like they were void of excitement and energy. When we have to sit through presentations, you have to at least make your peers in anticipation and in joy of what your art will communicate. Not have us rolling our heads in boredom or try to figure out what that huge word meant. I'm not saying that an artist should be less intelligent. They just have pique and intrigue the viewers to desire to learn more about them and their art.
Hence, I got 4, 4, and a 7. I am highly enthused, but I need talk about my art and process more. The experience is important, but the product speaks volumes. I also have to try not to be so darn nervous and scared. I could not shaking when I got up to the podium.


  1. Ugh, Janyce, I hear you. LOL. But as nervous as you were you got upthere and you did it, and I'm proud of you! You're right for going for the laughs. I put a random, meaningess graph in my powerpoint presentation and made people laugh which helped me relieve my own nervousness.

    I definitely agree with the student who mentioned that people who read directly from papers make for dull presentations. It's exactly true that when you're talking about something so close to you, then the love and passion you have for what you do should be reflected in how you speak about it.

    I find it really uncomfortable that your teachers held up cards to score the presentations. That's kind of I'd feel embarassed if I was "graded" in front of everyone.

    Congratulations though for doing well, and it's over with!! Isn't that a relief?? LOL



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