Corset Crazy!!!!!

I have a new idea for a series of drawings. I haven't done any black and whites for such a long while. I love sensuality and romance. Well, illustrated in books. I have read so many historical novels over the past few years that my mind has finally softened with touchy feelings of sinful pleasure and delicious decadence.
Ideas just came into fruition after rereading this softly erotic novel by Virgina Henley. This old woman (not to be mean! It's cool that she is still doing what she loves and I only hope to do the same in when I get up there) is notorious for her scandalous sex scenes and passionately worded love play. I thought wow! I love corsets. They push the boobies up nicely and give an illusion of the tiny waist. I started thinking of beautiful African American woman with huge afros or sleek back, huge decorated hair buns and they're all wearing these richly adorned gowns with those corsets and shifts and whatnot.
Would this manifested idea somehow be a part of my thesis next spring?
Technically, we're not supposed to be thinking about our senior shows at all. It is too early to fill the mind the atrocity called Senior Thesis Show. Though it gets my bones rattling with excitement, I really have no desire to think about that right now. I also have these horrible nightmares that the day of show there will be nothing on the wall. There's a blank and white empty space with my name tag on it and a piece of paper that contains no artist statement. I stand there naked and horrified as I am literally beaten with ugly, brutal words from the faculty.
Yep. Awful.
Anyways. I would like to explore my African-American women in corset. Maybe this will be something I can stick with comfortably for a while. Hopefully, I can upload my progress soon.
Oh, I just googled black women in corsets and African American women in corsets and came up with nothing inspirational. Here's this instead.

Sexy!!!!!! Heeheee.


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