Whoever Got Me Sick, I Will Pay You Back! I Swear!

(actual image of me and my tissue piles)

I am sick as a dog. My throat is sore, my voice sounds horrible, and my nose is red from the constant wiping. The minute my nose runs, I feel a tingly sensation above my lip. (What is that area called anyways? The roof?) I greedily drank all of Tien's orange juice. Sadly, I still need more!!!!
I missed two important school appointments because of this sudden affliction. I was supposed to meet with Emily to discuss internship possibilities (I have her for Fine Art Internship and it's week 5, I have yet to find a place to intern) and a studio visit from Matt D. @ 5:00 PM. But due to this sudden nastiness, I was forced to reschedule. Ugh!!!!
But this email from Emily had me in high spirits today.

You have been selected to be in a group crit with this year's Lightborne Resident Artist, Hank Willis Thomas. You can find out about his work at www.hankwillisthomas.com. Thomas is in the International Center for Photography's Triennial right now. He has shown at PS1, The National Museum in Harlem, Orange County Museum of Art and others. Thomas is represented by the Jack Shainman Gallery in NY and Roberts and Tilton in LA. He received the Aperture book prize and a Rockefeller Foundation Fellowship. It is quite an honor to have him at the AAC and to look at your work.

You were selected because of the type (either medium, genre or subject matter) of work you make. Your adviser or a faculty member thought you would benefit from Mr. Thomas' insight. Each student will be critiqued for 10-15 minutes.

Date: Friday, October 9th

Time: work set up by 12:45. The crit will end at 3pm

Where: S563

What: Bring several pieces you want feedback on and any support material you think is necessary.

Please RSVP to me by Thursday, September 24th. If you will need any technology, such as a computer or projector, please let me know at that time.



Like wow. I know a good opportunity when I see it. Me and seven other chosen students for a special crit. Though my work isn't particularly that interesting to me right now and that this news surprised me, it did lift my spirits immensely.

I pray that I won't be sick that day!!!!! That date just so happens to be two days after my birthday too. Hahahaha. So the chances are very slim that I'll be missing out on this important event. :D


  1. Ohhh no....my poor dear Janyce :O I'm so sorry you're feeling so crappy and sick. It's ok to miss your meetings though as much as it sucks, the best thing for you now is rest and sleep. I'm sure Tien will understand about the orange juice. If not I'll pummel him! :D! lol

    I'm not sure what the area above your lip is called. Do you mean the part between the bottom of your nose and your top lip, or inside? I think I remember reading that allergies can cause the roof of your mouth to itch. It's happened to me. Or maybe you got too much dark choco peanut butter stuck up there??? ;-)

    That sick dog picture is so cute....lol...aw...<3

    Wowwww, congratulations on the invite!! That sounds sweet! You have every right to feel honoured and special :) And now I know your birthday date, hooray!!

  2. Jels!!!!!
    Howdy, girl!!!! I was just stuffing your belated birthday package yesterday, having found some really nice things at The Friends of Library shop. They have so any cool things on clearance table yesterday that just excited me!!!
    Being sick sucks. Tien so does understand my need for drinking all of the juice. My throat still hurts today. Swallowing is awkward business. Coughing hurts and reddens my teary eyes. Believe me I try not to cry because it's so painful I can barely keep an eye open. The area between the nose bottom and the top lip is exactly what I meant. It's all bumpy and slightly red as well as sore. Foundation doesn't cover everything unfortunately. Then again the smell of make-up is nauseating even though it is comprised of rocks and dirt, lol!!!! (Yes, I'm using natural paraben free, crushed rock makeup).
    Thanks for the compliments. I googled images for a sick dog and that was the cutest one that popped up, lol!!!! I do feel really happy to be able to participate in the critique. It's delightful news, especially for a sick person.

  3. Janyce!

    It's been a while since we've talked, I totally forgot to check the comments on this thread of your blog (maybe I was dazzled by the birthday dog??? :D!)

    I wonder if you're feeling any better?? I hope so!

    Oh my ohmy.....you don't need to get me a birthday package....that is so so so sweet of you! I still have yours I need to mail you after I add more to it :)

    Oh man.....the red bumps sound so bad...maybe it was irritated skin because of your nose running or something? or maybe you're just having an allergic reaction to something (rock makeup allergies? that would be annoying!). How are you feeling now?

    I keep meaning to fix up your blog for you. I will try my best to get it up soon! I'm annoying myself that I haven't already, LOL.

    Take care of yourself and I will talk with you soon lovely lady!

    <3 x 56!


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