Project is Doing Great!!!!

Well, I'm officially excited about this historical romance project now!!!! One of the faculty members suggested that I actually blow up the image of one of my novels and trace it onto the canvas just so I could get the proportions exactly right. The two acrylic paintings that I have been working on are looking so disproportionate that it's not even funny! I showed them at the in progress crit on Tuesday alongside a large scale litho crayon drawing. It seems like everyone likes the drawing more. Hmmmmm........I don't know what to think about that. I love it myself, but painting is very fun, especially mixing colors and imagining what these fancy clothes will look like in the end.
I guess, we'll see what develops over the weekend.......


  1. Janyce! :)

    It's great to hear you're excited about your projects! Sometimes nothing feels quite as sweet as excitement over producing work :)

    Did the faculty member suggest you trace from a romance novel you own, or from a drawing you've done? I can see what she means about doing it that way so at least you don't have to waste time trying to get proportions right (that's a whole other bear in and of itself!).

    Sounds like maybe the class liked the litho craying drawing more maybe because of the proportions? I'm not sure. Follow your gut....maybe you can do some more litho explorations, but if you like to paint then go for it. Or maybe a combo of the two....hehe, who knows!

    I watched Interview With the Vampire tonite in class and the period dresses reminded me of you.... the entire feel they give New Orleans, I can totally imagine a romance novel cover of a lady and a man near a bayou with weeping willows and gas lamps.

    <3<3! many loves and hugs!!! <3

  2. He (Matt, not my instructor, but enjoys helping senior students progress on their concepts) wanted me to trace the actual novel. It's such an interesting process and makes painting easier and much more fun. It brings appropriation to full circle now and it's giving me more excitement!!!!!
    Reasons people liked the drawings more was because there seemed to be more effort in it, the scale had the faces larger than life sized, and that textured paper reminded them of books. So she (Paige is my Advanced Tutorial teacher) suggested that I painted on that textured paper and see what my results are. I'm thinking oil pastels and mineral spirits instead of acrylic though. That has the potential of looking painting like.
    I <3333 Interview With a Vampire. LOL!!!! Reminds me of the research paper I did in high school about vampires. I watched that film, read the book (very, very erotic! It would put my romance novels to shame, heehee) and Bram Stoker's Dracula. The costumes were true to the period. I think the idea of the "bayou with weeping willows and gas lamps" gives me a whole new project. That visceral, detailed description was utterly beautiful, Jels.:D


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