Happy 27th birthday Robert!!!
Best older brother ever.

School was a bust. I missed my internship, forgot my keys in the apartment, and forwent breakfast all for the sake of the thesis paper. Then I was extra late to class because the printer was jammed. Had I known we were going to be exchanging papers with students, I would not have worked so hard.


  1. UGH that sounds like such a drag! I hate when you work so hard , clawing your way through an assignment just to find that it wasn't necessary or they changed the due date. Gives me the rage!!

    I got your lovely package the other day!! It was sitting at the post office and I wasn't able to pick it up to do crazy lots of work to be done at school prepping for our final assessment. I LOVE it so much though....!! and the chocolate didn't last long!!! Oh my gosh it was so tasty! I was never a huge fan of dark chocolate but the raspberry one has just about converted me I think!

    Oh my gosh Janyce, the Abe postcard made me laugh so hard! I giggled like a fiend! the little figureines are so cute too and they're sitting on my dvd shelf!

    Thank you so, so much for sending that to me...it was so sweet, and really made me smile!!


  2. I'm soooooooo glad that you got the package!!!!! Makes me feel great!!!!! Hahahahaha!!!! Abe can make anyone smile, but I knew he would make you especially happy. Well, I'm already working on my holiday cards and packages as well as preparing myself to put up my pink Christmas tree this week. I have been at Target an awful lot lately. *wink* *wink* Who knows what chocolate goodies would be flying out to good ole Aussie for the holidays!!!! :D


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