Christmas Time!!!!

Lol!!! Tien was like, "I got you this, but I know you have all of these songs!" Not "3" though!!!!!

I got the set with the blue soap and yellow rubber duckie inspired Hello Kitty of course!!!! :D
It's so compact this dryer turns into a mini case with handle!!!!!

Something Tan gave me!!!!! So sweet!!!! I <3 Burt's Bees!!!
As well as attending my first Vo family Christmas Dinner yesterday. It was more fun than I had anticipated. They had red lobster on every plate, but Tien's mom made a delicious veggie noodle stir fry, fresh asparagus, and red and golden potatoes. Lol, I had some of those leftovers with my Christmas dinner of macaroni & cheese with soy ground and a side of broccoli-carrot medley.
Today I spent the morning with Tien having eaten a wonderfully prepared breakfast and opening wonderful presents. I gave him some little, humorous gifts and of course, he has to be bigger and better than last year. He always outdoes himself every year in the gift department, but I am just so thankful that we're still together and that things are finally working out in a much healthier, happier way.
I also spent some time with my mom (she got me these beautiful silver duck earrings), Patrick (who made a card and gave me $5, lol), and though Robert wasn't home, I certainly was overwhelmed by the huge red hat of chocolate goodies and candy canes!!!!!
We watched the Cavs-Lakers game and boy was I enthralled at the way Lebron and hos team kicked Kobe's ass!!!!! Yay!!!!!! That was a great Christmas treasure!!!!!
Plus, the pumpkin pie topped with Ben & Jerry's Limited Edition Pumpkin Cheesecake Icecream and Cool Whip wasn't a bad holiday treat either.
Hopefully everyone else's X-Mas was just as sweet. <3333333


  1. Janyce!!!! :D!

    Oh my how I've missed you my dear ladyfriend :)!

    I'm so so so glad to hear that you had a wonderful Christmas! Did you enjoy spending time with your family? The hello kitties are so cute! I have never seen those before!

    OK then you got me drooling at the mention of the pumpkin pie with pumpkin pie cheesecake ice cream.....good god woman!

    You should email me if you get the chance! I want to email you but I know sometimes you don't respond (LOL). I'd love to catch up and get back to regular conversings :)

    How good is "3"??? I really love that's just so catchy and happy :D

    so much love <3


  2. Jels!!!!
    I have missed you!!!!
    Sorry, I've been thinking about thesis work and making thesis work and thinking about the thesis work.... It's like a pattern on repeat!!! When I get a free breathless moment, I will email you. I have sooooo much to tell you. And it's been so backed up. You'll probably get a novel, lol!!!
    "3" cracks me up. So funny and fun!!!!
    Janyce :D


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