OMG!!!!! Something Not Art Related!!!!!

So The Bonnie Hunt Show is having a colossal competition. They are looking for the biggest Days of Our Lives Fan!!!! The winner will receive two tickets to L.A., including round trip airline tickets, hotel accommodations, food (lol!!!!) and a chance to mingle with ALL of the cast members at the "Day of Days" event as well as interview them for Bonnie's show as a special correspondent!!!!!!
All I would have to do is......
"Send us a more than 2 minutes long explaining why you are the biggest fan of "Days Of Our Lives." We also want to see if you have any reporter skills. Show us how you would interview your favorite soap star from "Days." And you need to show-off your vast knowledge of "Days of Our Lives." You can tell us about the story lines, maybe dress up as a character or have a friend dress-up as one and you interview them...these are just ideas! Have fun with it!"
Videos are judged on creativity, enthusiasm, humor, and knowledge of the soap opera!!!!!
I got 25 days to come up with something!!!!!!
OMG!!!!! OMG!!!!! I have to enter this!!!!!!
I don't know why I'm wasting my time, but I have to do it. My heart is telling this for a reason!!!!


  1. Hahahaha!! This sounds cool!! I'd go for it if I were you! You've definitely got the creativity! Maybe you can recreate a scene from the show? Make Tien dress as the female lead or something.....hahahaha!

  2. Thanks Jels!
    It's a super exciting contest!!!!
    Recreating a scene is an excellent idea!!!!
    I just wish we had more than two minutes. Three to five would have been super perfect!!! I was going to incorporate my studio, some animation, and a small report in all of that alloted time. LOL!!! I don't think even for a million dollars that Tien wouldn't dress like a chick!!! That would require shaving!!!! :D


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