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This is my first large scale litho crayon drawing from my series. It's about 20" by 24" or something like that. I'll have to measure it later, lol. This is an Afrocentric woman all ready to be in the throes of love with her shirtless beau. I'm still working on this one, wanting to push the values even more and wanting to figure out how to incorporate text. One person suggested that I take the actual novels and cross out words like "pale white skin," "rosy apple cheeks," and other phases. But how would that correlate with the drawings?
Most people favor the drawings when comparing them to the paintings. I think its due to the textural quality of the Arches paper. The format reminds them of novel pages. My instructor and another student agreed that the drawing seems much more thought out and organized.
I'm looking and researching the Marie Antoinette period (heck no! I'm not watching the Kirsten Dunst film at all) to inspire the fashions of my characters. The ostentatiously rich, Rococo seems like the ideal place to start.

This is unfinished obviously.
Here is this beautiful woman with these flowing dreadlocks anticipating the kiss of her handsome African soldier. My hands were growing tired with the litho crayon at this point. The pencils go down way too fast. Unpeeling the paper to uncover more pencil was getting extremely tedious, especially when the lead just falls right out. Keep in mind that it was almost midnight and I was also doing this drawing right after that first one.
Hahahaha!!!! Look, that picture of me and James is up on my studio wall. On some days, by looking at it gives me inspiration when I'm feeling blue, defeated or at a loss. :D

Painting number one is very colorful, but in desperate need of a lot of work. Her knee looks to be way too long. Hahahahahaha!!!!! It was so funny when my instructor said that her breasts were going out of the wrong direction in her extremely tight corset. My man's hand is crippled, but I swear it'll be repaired. I'm not good with hands so I asked a drawing teacher's advice. She said that I could give the girl a hanky and have the man put his hands in his pockets. Wow!
I think I should definitely do that.

I hate this painting!!!!! Grr!!!!!! It didn't come out the way I had hoped and prayed for. Not that I was doing this as I painted. Yet I could have since I had no easel and this was propped against the floor. Then again, I did all of these artworks on the floor. It's the best place for me to work!
No one seemed to like this one either. The first one was applauded for the color usage. This one not so much. It needs a lot of surgery. That's for sure. I loved the hairstyle I was trying to create though. She has this dreadlock updo with feathers in there. The man's face and his left shoulder are also the most interesting aspects of the painting. Other than that, a total bomb.

This is the most successful painting so far. I'm enjoying this one the most. Blowing up the novel cover and tracing it was much better and less time consuming than freehanded painting. I look at the other two, dreading to go back to fix all of the inaccuracies. With this painting, I'm having her have a large, regal braided hairstyle with lots of flowers woven in the do. Unfortunately, I ran out of brown and black paint, but I will darken up his skin, create more fuzzy texture in his hair, and finish the background.
And I had better finish these five pieces plus another drawing by next Thursday's small group critique. That is the outrageous goal I have set for myself. And I don't think I'll have sleep until winter break starts.
Six weeks down. Nine more to go.


  1. Oh wow Janyce!! It is so great to see more of your work!!

    I'll comment on them one by one ok? :)!

    The first one, the texture is very cool! But sometimes I think the texture overpowers the actual you're almost paying more attention to the texture than what's going on. I think you're right on about adjusting the values further. A cool tidbit I learned in drawing classes was to be very selective of the areas you use your blackest black. IE, if you observe objects, squint and you'll see that black is usually only in very certain areas (deepest shadows). This tip helped me A LOT! Also your blacks can be used to help lead the eye around the page. sneaky sneaky! :) I don't really like the idea of having the crossed-out words. I think that student was being way too literal in trying to help you push your idea of featuring african americans in the roles that you'd traditionally see white people in. I guess a challenge would be how to really push that idea without going overboard literal.The composition of this one is REALLY cool!

    This one is REALLY cool. I like how you have it horizontal. I think that creates a bit of a problem though....because you assume as the viewer that they are lying down, and you wonder if one of them is perhaps dead? Because their eyes are closed this one is really tricky! I'd suggest amping up their expressions....maybe happy ones of reuinion....maybe their eyes are half-open? I'm not sure. I think it's such a beautiful moment though.....:) aw...heehee

    OMG that picture is so so cute!! Right on for having inspiration!! That picture on the bottom right corner kind of looks like Abe by the way! LOL...!

    I've gotta agree about the first painting...the colours are really great and they draw your eye in! Aside from some of those small anatomical issues, I really like this one, to be honest it'd be pretty easy to fix! I think his hand just looks a bit like a maybe if you find a reference photo of a hand in the position you like, just draw from that. Or have Tien model his hand for you! I used to make my mom model for me. LOL! I wouldn't put his hand in his pocket though....that would look like he's being standoffish. I Lovelovelove that there's a lion in the background...oh my!

    I think the trouble with the green one is that the green is so so bright. You can use bright colours but add some gray or brown to it in areas to create resting areas for the eyes. This bright green kind of makes the figures look like they're placed on top of the background. I like this one though!

    Oh wow...that last one is a stunner. Looks like the tracing idea worked out well. This way you can get to work on the big hard part (painting everything!) without having to worry about the technical issues of anatomy and stuff.

    Overall I think your work is really cool! You've done some trial and error. I don't think you should worry about reworking everything completely. It's enough that you know what needs improving, and maybe just improve on a couple of them, know what I mean? you learn from it but this way you don't spend alot of time when you've got a new method to move forward with.

    Good on you for setting a big goal. I find that when I do that I really work hard to try to achieve it. and if I don't I'm still happy cause I produced alot! Good luck with all of your work and don't forget to take lots of breaks and stretch!!!

    <3!! <3 Jels


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