This is the original novel. It's So in Love by Karen Ranney. There's that insinuation that it is more than a man simply putting on a necklace for a woman. He is shirtless and though she is fully clothed, the decolletage is happily displayed!!!! She is sensuously blissful and expecting the inevitable. He is honing in on her, close and breathing in the intoxication of her scent, her femininity. Yep, they're about to.......
I read this twice by the way, lol!!!! I guess I'm showing some kind of appreciation.

These are almost finished!!!! I'm so proud!!!!!!
I mean, I feel like I have accomplished something with these drawings/paintings that the others didn't. They're not realistic, but they are rendered to my satisfaction. I realize that I can't impress everyone at school, especially the ones who want art to be in a classically, masterful skill.
The first, I have to finish polishing up her braided hairstyle, the fabric of her dress, and I'm still trying to figure out if it needs text. Tien says that it works with out it, but I really like the idea. I'm sticking with it.
The second one, I just started yesterday morning. I was having fun with the thought of priest and nun. These romance novels are always about innocent, white women trying to ignore their desire for a dominant male figure. Of course, they always fail towards the middle of the story. Wouldn't be a true romance novel if they didn't right?
So I thought why not make these African-Americans pure too. Like in a literal sense. The caption is going to say something like...." what is she willing to give up for love?" Hahahaha, cheesy as heck!!!!
I'm anxious to do more. I am actually gesso-ing over the other two paintings to do the same process. The blowing up and tracing the cover is so much easier. It's faster, convenient, and much more fun!!!!


  1. Holy Moly Janyce these are SO cool!!

    Oh my gosh...the nun and priest are so hysterical!!!! I LOVE that idea..! And the caption!!! HAHAHA! That fits so perfectly! I love how he's putting a cross necklace on her too, such a cool touch!

    The first one is so so so beautiful as well...I think the text sounds like a good idea after all. I'd just be careful about how you apply it and the way it looks, since adding text to artwork can be a very tricky thing.

    I am so excited to see what you'll do next...these are looking great and most of all they're fun but still thought provoking!


  2. Oh so fun, thanks for sharing. Your blog is a joy.
    All the very best.


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