Hello 26!!!!!

It was the best birthday yet!!!!
It started off with a great interview at Artworks, a nonprofit arts organization. I got the internship! I'm very excited about it because I get to do all sorts of things like deinstallation, prep work, helping my new boss Amanda put up the big SecretArtworks Show, and I get to see what goes on in Monday meetings as well as help Artworks move into their new offices very close by the Art Academy. I think this may aide me into figuring out what I want to do after graduation which is a big blank at this point.
Of course I took a nap. Birthday girls deserve naps.
Tien left his shop early to pamper me, lol!!!! We had dinner at Shanghai Mama's sharing vegetarian potstickers and vegan spinach raviolis. I had the fried rice with added broccoli and Tien had chicken pad thai. Yummy yum yum!!!! We played a quick game of Trivial Pursuit. LOL!!!! Umm.... we really don't know much alright!!!!!
I was surprised with Bob Evans pumpkin bread!!!! (Now, I gotta call my mom back and tell her not to buy me that chocolate-chocolate cake) OMG!!!! This is definitely the "cake" I prefer every year from now on, heeeheeeee!!!! Inside of a bag of chocolates (studio candy!!! yay!!!) was a store bought card, but Tien personalized and adorned it with all kinds of sweetness. From Muppet cutouts, to Meano stickers, and a Michael Jackson tribute, I was nearly moved to tears. The best gift out of the bunch I must say.

Here are just some of the awesome things received from the best bf in the city!!!!!!

We didn't get to watch it last night, but super psyched that it's in my movie collection!!!!

This is so freaking cute!!!! Tien knows how much I love the Muppets, especially Miss P. :)
Buffy #29 just so happened to be released today!!!! Thanks Joss Whedon. :)

Hogwarts Express Bookends. That was surprising yet cool!!!! :D

Last, but certainly not least- web cam!!!!! Yay!!!!!! I'm super, super geeked to try it out!!!!

The presents were nice, but there's nothing like spending the day with the ones you love and I love everyone else for calling or giving shoutouts on Facebook. Quite a lovely birthday indeed.

Now it's off to make some art! Yeah!!!!!!


  1. OMG! Hahahaha Muppet Peter Pan?????

    Your gifts look great!!! Tien rules!

    Miss Piggy is so great....! I also love the two critics (the old guys...can never remember their names). :)

  2. The two critics?
    Oh gees, I don't remember them, lol.
    Tien does rule!!! Did I meantion the purple gloves and socks? LMAO!!!! Such a sweetie pie.
    I haven't even opened my comics yet. Been working on papers and art. School takes away the fun of life sometimes. :D
    Miss Piggy is my ideal bff, lol!!!!


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