25 Moments with Age 25

We had some fun times together. Remember?
How could I forget? 25 was a helluva ride!!!!!

1.) We had Mexican and margaritas the night we met on October 7th of last year.
2.) That Thanksgiving was even the first with no relatives. Just us and Tien on November 20th.
3.) That Christmas, Tien still used the same snow penguin wrapping paper on almost every treasured present we got, lol!!!
4.) We watched the ball drop for 2009 at Tien's house!
5.) We didn't get the million (or thirty) snow days that I wanted in January and February.
6.) But we did travel to Paris from March 5th to the 10th in our first plane ride ever!!!!!
7.) Going to the Louvre on March 9th was just an amazing, awe-inducing experience!
8.) April 16, we signed up as ejsami77 on Forbidden Love website to support the best soap couple in ages- EJ Dimera and Samantha Brady!
9.) We skipped the last day of class to see Britney's "Circus" concert in Columbus!!!! So awesome!!!!
10.) We had our last conversation with Mike on May 2nd on the number 2 bus.
11.) We moved in with Tien for the first time on a rainy May 3oth.
12.) We got our first taste of James Scott when he chatted in a special Forbidden Love Members only chat on June 3rd.
13.) We ate bowls of fruity ice cream with Tien, his delightful niece Anna, and Tien's friend Shane Money on top of the roof on July 3rd.
14.) We toured Times Square in New York City on July 10th.
15.) Grandma sadly passed away a day after her 77th birthday on July 24th.
16.) Yet on her funeral, met people that we hadn't seen in years and found out the names of Grandma's birth parents and added them to the family heritage tree.
17.) We met Emma Caulfield from Buffy the Vampire Slayer on August 8th.
18.) Thanks to me, we all missed Bryan and Tashi's Colorado August 15th wedding because I wanted to go to the Days of Our Lives Charity Event.
19.) We nearly passed out and fainted when we met James Scott and other Days of Our Lives actors in Boston on a nice afternoon on the 22nd of August.
20.) My younger brother, Eric may have turned the same age on September 13th, but my cute little, Winnie-the-Pooh obsessed (okay more like his parents- Robert and Ashley!) nephew Jamari Jaydin Glasper was born on September 11th.
21.) At the start of the school year, we finally figured out a good art project that pertains to my life. I almost have the concept figured out right. Never had I had such high hopes for my work until now.
22.) Jels- the one of the best, most inspiring artistic gals in the world presented us with the newly and adorably decorated Sugary Gingersnap on September 29th!!!! And boy I cannot ever stop singing her praises!!!! This blogsite is wonderful!!!!
23.) Starting October 1, the stupid baby swap storyline on Days of Our Lives is finally going underway. James's wonderful portrayal of EJ these past few days has been addicting to watch, lol.
24.) I loved being a quarter of a century!!!! It's cool to be a quarter or 1/4. Heehee.
25.) But today as we prepare for our last photo shoot. I think fondly on our 365 good and bad days together. It was great, I tell ya!!!! Great!!!!

You were a great friend and spirit, 25.
I'll miss you always. :)


  1. Happy Happy Happy Happy birthday dear Janyce!!!! I am so blessed to know you, and thankful for every moment of your friendship! I hope that your birthday is awesome and fun and special and you truly feel treasured and loved! You are all the time of course, but today is especially just for you :D

    What a wonderful year it has been for you :)

    <3<3<3 + 100!

    ps....I'm so glad you really love the layout :3 hee!!!

  2. Awww, thanks Jels!!!!
    It was wonderful.
    I'm so happy and blessed to have a friend such as you. You're such a remarkable and wonderful and completely genuine kindred spirit. I'm blessed to have "met" you.

    P.S. I hope you love your belated birthday package!!!! You should be getting it by the end of next week. :D

  3. You're so welcome my lovely Janyce!!

    I feel just as lucky to know you and have "met" you :D! I can thank Britney for having brought us together! Our friendship is one of the best, positive things to have ever come from exhale (negative cesspit that it is!).

    Oh my gosh...I am sososo excited!!!!! It's so nice of you to send me a birthday package <3I need to send you your package woah it's been sitting here for a while :-O I'll make it my goal to finish it up and send it asap!!!!

    <3<3! I hope you have a sweet weekend :)



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