I've decided on making a "Days of Our Lives Bites" cereal commercial for the Bonnie Hunt contest. My friend Alex is going to help me with editing. Lord knows I'm so bad at that.
So the premise is simple- very cheesy and bright.
First it opens in a seemingly empty art studio with the cheesy music of "Days of Our Lives."
Cheerios is pushed aside, slamming to the ground as the box of "Days of Our Lives Bites" is brought into focus.
"Oh, the studio is my home away from home! Yeah! I eat my breakfast here as well as make art," exclaims the lonely artist, hungry for breakfast.
The camera pans towards the decorated desk that contains an odd bowl of cereal that contains marshmallow hourglasses, a plate of toast, and a glass of orange juice.
The woman looks at the box, exclaiming her excitement over the new cereal, "Days of Our Lives Bites," a non-nutritional cereal high in sugar and calories. The slogan says, "it can be your best friend or your worst enemy that you've ever poured into a bowl." It even comes with a free cardboard, shirtless hunk guaranteed to make anyone's day even more pleasant than the rest of their lives. The box also features fun filled Days facts on the back! Enough to make the biggest Days fan feel empowered in the morning.
She reads out some of the fun facts about Days.
After one bite of cereal, the empty studio transforms into a "Days of Our Lives" shrine. Our woman is suddenly munching on her cereal while proudly showing off her Days watching from her laptop!!!!
"Darn baby switch!" She keeps screaming, obviously amped on a sugar high from her cereal.
She starts going through hallways, bouncing up and down in complete induced joy.
And then she interviews faculty at random, discussing the cereal and asking them how would they feel if she made art about her love for the TV Show.
The woman is back in her studio screaming in delight as she finds the shirtless cardboard hunk. "Another James!" She beams excitedly.
She puts her new "toy" next to to other five cutouts of James.
The announcer says, "Days of Our Lives Bites is almost as good as sands through the hourglass...."


  1. Oh my God!!!!!! Hahahahahahaha!!

    That is too funny!!! I love the "Another James!"!

    At some point you've GOTTA zoom in on his pecs on the cutout or something and point at it and say, "enlarged to show....*texture*" and say it with your eyes big and a nod of approvement! Hahahahaha!


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