Pre-Birthday Treasures

Visited my former high school art teacher and best friend of 14 years (gasps! it's been a while, eh?) Carol Rogers at Belmont High School today.
Look at these amazing prints from her creative high school students!
Fun! Wildly funky! So impressive!
They're using materials Mrs. Rogers got from the local recycling center, a place that always has discarded items that seem useless, but make for some very unique art!
She's so great at eyeing objects and knowing that spark of magic!
It's a trait of hers that's so profoundly influential to me.
Isn't any wonder why I love her?
And I'm not the only one! Heehee! :)

Feeling a little inspired already and cannot wait to get to my drawing board!
I so do miss printmaking!

Mrs. Rogers and I had shared birthday lunch at Joe's Pizzeria with brilliant and awesome, James Pate, a man who is always filled with influential ideas and great insight.
Such an honor that he took time of his schedule to follow us there! (We lost him a couple of time on the road there! Haha!)
Ah, being made fun for not being gung ho about banana, green, and red peppers or olives of any kind.
These folks are sooo mean!
Just kidding!
As for what I would love on my pizza- spinach, broccoli, red roasted tomatoes, soy ground, and pesto come to mind.
"Janyce, they don't have fancy ingredients like that here!" Mrs. Rogers said jokingly.
I am a picky vegetarian, but that mushroom pizza was divine!
Slightly sweet, tangy, and a bit of savory that was one of the best tomato sauces ever.
Amongst the eating, it was so lovely to hear James sketch out all of these concepts he had for the students who signed up for his very special last period drawing class (not surprised to hear that he has a vast waiting list! He's an out of this world artist!)
Very much looking forward to his show reception on Sunday, October 23rd.
He assures me that he will send my friends and I invitations to the grand opening at Willis Bing Davis's Ebonia Gallery!
How can one think of leaving town with so much going on right now?
Philly will have to wait a bit longer....
After talking with these cats for what seemed like hours of pleasantry, it had to come to an end.
So hugs to James and to my sweet Mrs. Rogers for giving me the gift of their time and words!
Nothing can be better than good friends!
Of course then there's ummm.... well....
Obsession with Starbucks continues.
After all, it was dessert!
Hot chai tea and a sweet chocolate chip coffee cake sweeten that pizza interlude! Yummy!

27 was grand.
Learned a heck of a lot- about people and myself.
What will 28 offer me?
Well here's one thing!
A tattoo!!!
I designed a little something to commemorate my artist/bookloving/rubber ducky/chai tea addictive ways! Heehee! <3


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