End of The Weekend

It was a lovely day to end the weekend.
Why not end birthday weekend with Dayton Mall, Target, and larabar shopping?
Glad that my friend Asia H. was completely free- after all, she's traveling all over the country listening to refreshing upcoming bands and meeting new inspirational people every weekend! Ha ha! :)
I thank her immensely for spending time with me. Much obliged!

First stop- Auntie Anne's- easily one of the best pretzels, I've ever had the honor of tasting!
Not surprised at all at the long line.
But it's well worth the wait.
Today, I'm not getting the 69 cent cheese sauce that comes in that tiny plastic sealed container.
No way Jose!
I'm eating my warm pretzel- hot from the oven, no gimmicks allowed.

They're sooooo right!
I couldn't handle myself at all!
Buttery, unsalted, hot, and delightfully fresh from the oven, my mouth nearly swooned with every bite of this decadent heaven.
There is nothing like a freshly made pretzel!

Looked around at all of the cuteness at Claire's, a fashionably, very trendy jewelry/accessory boutique targeting little girls and blossoming teenagers.
This owl bag caught my eye, costing only $22.
I have a coupon to use for it, but didn't have it on hand!
Inconvenient right?
I mean, the bag even had compartments!

Hello Kitty Madness!
Isn't this character so absolutely adorable? *bows at Sanrio's feet*
I felt like a kid at Christmas being surrounded by the glamour and allure of one of the most famous, friendliest kitty divas on earth.

This is what I'm talking about!
Hello Kitty is totally representing what kind of lady I am, looking so fashionably cute in her retro black rimmed frames on all sorts of back to school products!

After the mall was Target!
I pleaded with Asia to take a pic and that she did- with this adorable owl printed canvas!
Success! Ha ha!

Owl lamp anyone?
Too cute!
The chipper green and cheerful palette reminds me so much of springtime.

And who's going to be buying all of these bathroom duck goodies once they go on sale?
I would never ever leave my bathroom if I saw all of these products.
Sounds strange, but I just adore the rubber ducky inspired! Seems like this idea of utilizing the yellow beauties as a source of design has really taken off!

Towels, toothbrush holder, and soap pumps? This is just too much for a rubber ducky fan to handle! This is just totally beyond the coolness of cool!

Dessert pure and simplified!
Cherry pie Larabar and a hot chai tea at Starbucks!

Best birthday surprise of all is Olivia, a sweet little calico kitten, whom someone at Rob's job at the animal clinic rescued after she was hit by a car.
Her mouth currently has stitches and they'll be removed in three weeks.
For now, she is pleasantly adorable, curious, a frequent meow-er and seems not to be in pain, but enjoying her new surroundings with infectious fun and effervescent joy!
She has such strength in surviving such a near tragedy and overcame odds.
Thankfully enough, she has suffered no further injury.
I cannot help but love and admire her.


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