I Wasn't Born Yesterday But I Was Born Today

Started my day like no other!
Good ole cleansing deeply penetrative, oatmeal pomegranate facial mask by Befine Natural Products (totally would give Burt's Bees a run for their money) pre-shower!
Gotta love it!
Gives your hands a sweet lil warming sensation before you slather it onto every inch of a dirty, rough from sleep face.

Yes, that's my own duckie towel!
Soft, adorable, and overall nice to laugh at.
It doesn't belong to a baby or toddler.
Mine! Mine! Mine!
Hahahaha! ;)

Birthday or not, no way am I posting a "before" pic.
The way I look first thing in the morning is top secret, vaulted, highly classified information!

Mrs. Rogers knows me so well!
This is why I love her.
The chocolate candle smells so deliciously sweet that I was bound to eat up that entire jar of wax, but thank heavens for those two Reese Cups stopping me from inflicting bodily harm on myself.
I doubt anyone would want to spend their birthday in an emergency room due to candle consumption....
The card is of an organic, minimalistic design, and created by a very dear organization- UNICEF, a non-profit organization committed to the rights and lives of children.
If I had a million dollars, I would give more than half of it to them- the things that they're striving for touches every single day all over the entire world.
By my friend buying this card, and millions of others too, they're all making a positive difference for not just the card receiver but for someone else in another part of the globe!
It's such a wonderful thing to cherish, to feel further inspired by.
Makes me feel so darn happy!
Oh, sorry for the sentimentality, but you know.... that's how I feel.
Amazing, AH-MAZING organization!
As for the $50, well, that will be put to some highly good use!
The kitten bag.... be still my heart! It's too darling for words!

Ahhh, the things I have planned for the day!
The lacy black dress with satin bow was a recent purchase from last week's huge clearance blow out sale at Mod Cloth, a wonderful vintage-chic online shop and the sheer polka dot shirt (a Forever 21 brand too!) was bought for only $1.50 at the Village Discount Outlet!

Brunch at Butter Cafe on Brown St. included a plate of tofu scramble, vegan sausage, seasoned potatoes, whole wheat toast, and vegan butter. Yummy, savory, and delightfully fulfilling, the special birthday gal meal was absolutely divine!
Took my almond joy pancakes- (chocolate chips, crushed coconut, and crunchy almond pieces) and tasty maple syrup to the next door neighbor- Starbucks where I had my usual soy chai latte alongside my dessert!
Completely delicious goodness!

Not an actual picture of the bus I was on, but still....
I spent the early evening with my favorite person on his route!
Must say that I had such a fun time, enjoying the sweet compliments on my dress and the shoes and the "happy birthday" cheers.
We always talk about a variety of things- books, art, culture, fitness, healthy eating, and various events going on in our respective lives.
Outside, I showed him my hand drawn tattoo design- the afro chick girl surrounded by silhouettes and chai tea in a rubber duck mug, and with a lion in the center of her massive hair.
He thinks it to be very ambitious and too detailed for a first tattoo, which might be very true, considering the pain (I hear it hurts like the devil!).
In describing his tattoo, inwardly curious, I asked to see his.
He showed me- a growling panther covering a hefty portion of his upper left arm! *gasps*
I would have taken a picture, but apparently he is camera shy.
Wish I could have stayed longer, but alas he was garage bound and I was eager to see the art of First Friday!
Might have to see him again soon seeing as I have so much time on my hands!

I stopped by Clash, a very cool, upscale, artier, consignment/hands on version of Hot Topic shop and I purchased some very cute flats!
Upon telling one of the store associates that it was my birthday, immediately she searched the drawers for a candle to place on top of one of these tiny Halloween themed chocolate cupcakes. With pick, green, yellow or blue to chose from, I picked pink, figuring it was very close to purple- then again, ideally it would be in fact blue since blue + red make the purple, but I chose pink. Haha!
There seemed to be some bravo at the name, "Janyce," pronounced "Janis," lol!
Needless to say, they called me Joplin all night!

My older brother, Robert, (well, technically my twin for four weeks!) gave me such endearingly pleasant gifts.
I was touched by the sentimentality of the beautiful card, one about sisters, a Mahogany (another great brand of cards with African-American figures/objects), and the emotionally stirring message conveyed to me.
I'm one of those who easily sheds tears at the littlest of things, but this truly meant the world!

This is epic!
Well, in my opinion.
Could this be any more creative, more unique? Any more for me?
A little duck on a chain inside of a velvet duck jewelry box?
I will not ever take this off! (well, except to shower!)
Rob even told me about stories of his mall trip, how he went to varieties of stores asking for ducks and many said no, but eventually fate intervened, revealing to him this charming, lovable duck necklace that was made for ME! Hahaha!
In my humble opinion, it's sooooo amazing that brothers truly do know their sisters so well, especially "twins."
One of the best brothers a girl could ask for!

Due to unfortunate event of my friends canceling out on me and missing the last bus, First Friday was canceled.
So I ended my night with one of my favorite movies- "Penelope"- a sheltered, smart, beautiful,, vintage styled, future horticulturalist pig nosed girl who finds love and joy in the outside world! The story is about morally accepting and loving who you are as an individual and finding someone who feels exactly the same way regardless of appearance, status of wealth, etc.
I just love, love, LOVE this movie! The sets, the clothing, the angsty romance!
James McAvoy and Christina Ricci have immense, totally believable chemistry!
It's a darn shame that many have missed out on such a gem, that it wasn't released as widely as it should have! Plus, I'm watching the better un-American version- the one that has all of the uncut scenes! :)

And here's my last treat- another lovely gesture courtesy of my older twin brother!
Strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, red and golden raspberries, and kiwi on top of rich, fluffy whipped cream inside of a crisp, thinly layered white and dark chocolate shell! (And no, duck was not edible! Just wanted to be on the plate!)
So yummy!
The day was absolutely splendid! Enjoyed all of my friends, the Twitter pals, and the sent emails. It truly meant a lot to be spoiled by folks new and old.
28 is here and for 365 days, I'm proudly making the most of it!


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